April 7 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

No one in this world can tell you who you are and what you can be in life; no one has that right, and we should all develop as we see fit. No one in this world can help you with that task but yourself, you are the one that should see its true potentials and use them to benefit its life – we are blessed with so many talents and skill, but sometimes it is hard to discover them, and we need assistance. Astrology and observation of the Zodiac signs can be a useful tool and can be used as a helping hand in the self-discovery and development.

Zodiac sign can become an amazing assistant in the search for the truth about our lives, about who we can (potentially) become in the future. Astrology information is one of a kind, an easy helper that is always available for assistance.

And it is true, astrology often deals with the things that will sometimes come in the future, what we can expect in the next period; but the science of the Astrology also deals with the things that happened in the time of our birth, on that specific date when we were born, when we first take a look at this world as a newborns. Now we had come to that thing that we want to discuss – our birth date, a moment in time when certain things were in specific correlations, like celestial bodies.

We can learn so much from it, and combining that information with the information that we extract from the belonging Zodiac sign we can have a complete picture of ourselves, with the most hidden aspects of our minds. This is maybe, the most effective way in the process of self-discovery, and in this article, we will speak about the people who are born on the April 7 and all of the features that are unique for those who are born on this date.

Personality and Character

People born on April 7 have enormous energy and enthusiasm in their lives, no situation can (for real) derail them from their true path; their motto is “everything will be good in the end, and if it is not good, it is not the end”. They not just say this, they live by this motto.  And they have something going on; maybe this healthy attitude is the thing that can help us all to succeed in life. In their nature, the inclination to rebellion can be seen since the early age, so these people who are born on the April 7 are often struggling with their aggressiveness in their lives – they want to do things their own way, they are incredibly stubborn when they want something, or feel like they deserve something. Even though with age they become wiser, this is one of the problems that can accompany them all off their lives – hard work is in front of them if they want to change this trait. One of the grand lessons that people of this date of birth should learn is to think twice before they act and to stop thinking that they know everything (better than everyone else). This kind of ignorance can cost them a lot in their lives, and it should not.

It’s not uncommon for these people to turn completely in the opposite direction when they are in the mid-thirties and bring incredible changes to their lives –yes you have heard it well, people of the April 7 can learn indeed, and can listen to their wiser side and make something out of their lives. Something that will benefit many other people, not just them.

In interpersonal relationships, people of this date can feel the positive energy of the people from the environment and to always respond to it with the positiveness, and it is one of the ways how their enrich their lives. It also happens that the people of the April 7 can turn to be very religious and spiritual human beings – they channel that energy into a social or religious world. Persons born on April 7 are highly spiritually oriented, whether they have active religious practice or not, spiritual life plays a major role in their relationship to the world – their every relation in life has to have this spiritual aspect. This is the great ability, and it can become their ticket to overall well-being, an expansion of their lives to the level that only a few people can achieve in life.

Some representatives of this date of birth, combined with the influence of the Aries sign, regardless of the impression of reliable individuals, often ignore promises, and become highly unresponsive people with the aggressive factor of aggression. They manage well in public positions and often entice their enthusiastic others to achieve greater results.

Love compatibility

You have probably noticed that people who are born on the April 7 are those people who have very complex and unique personality so you can imagine how their love life can be complicated. They are the people who seek a trusted and patient partner who will be able to cope with their uncontrolled reactions and will not try to change them in any way.

Any obvious attempt to change them in any way can become disastrous, and all of the potential partners should be aware of this fact – every chance of being truly intimate with them is lost in this way. The one who can deal with it is their perfect match and will have everything good that these people carry in their souls.

On the other side of this love story, people of the April 7 are, in a way, hunters of the soul, so those who are married will gladly engage in flirting. When they fall in love, the other side is drawn to the attention and compliments, and they want to be in their company- these people are very attractive and can seduce whoever they want. Sex is important, so if there is no physical attraction, they will find pleasure in another place –yes, people of this date of birth are cheaters, and their partner should know that it needs to fulfill their desires and needs, it is just the way they are functioning.

But, in the end, people of the April 7 are generous humans are have a good hearts, and nothing will be difficult for them to make for the people they care about, including their lovers, and long-term partners. So, maybe the price to be with them is not so high after all.

Purpose and Career

What can we see about the people of the April 7 and their choice of careers or professional orientation in general? We could say that they are hard-working people who can fight for what they believe, even if all chances are against them. This could be applied to any career, job selection, etc. – people of this date can do whatever they want only if they believe in that idea, and that job can be done properly.

It is important for them to love their work and to enjoy what they do, and then they will do their best -during life they can do some jobs that don’t fit in this category, and they still manage to do it well. If they deal with something that does not interest them, they will become volatile and apathetic, and their enthusiasm and dynamic energy will rot- this is a shame and a waste of energy, and it should be avoided by any costs.

They have immense energy in work as well as enthusiasm, and it is good to have it as an associate because it will always be pleased to help you and you will never work behind your back. They are honest and open colleagues, even better bosses who encourage their team to work harder and to give their best – team building is important, and their enthusiasms never abandon them.

The only thing that needs to be in place is their belief in a particular project, and everything will fall in its position.


Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons born on April 7 are ruled by the planet Neptune and number 7. What this numerical and symbolical combination does is that makes these humans have very restless nature. What this does is that they love to travel and change. Because they are not material-oriented, these individuals should be careful not to fall into a financially-unoccupied position. Neptune is a planet of dreams and vision, so it is often a problem for people born on April 7 to fight with their own ideas and unrealism. The influence of Mars, which is a sign of the Aries and they belong to it, can make these people prone to overstretching, and it is possible, by their behavior, to cause aggression among people in the environment.

Their lucky number is 14, and their color is diamante blue.

Historical events on April 7

In this history lesson, we went to a year 451 when Attila the Hun ruled and was invading many lands, but we also revisited The World War II and the events that took place on this date.

451 – Attila the Hun captures the city of Metz and attacked other cities.

1141- Matilda of England became the first woman ruler of England.

1348 – Czech king Charles IV founded the University of Prague, Charles University, the first university in central Europe.

1919 – The Bavarian Soviet Republic was declared in Munich.

1939 – The World War II: Italy Occupied Albania.

1943 – In the laboratory in Basel, Switzerland, for the first time, the drug LSD was produced.

1945 – World War II: The American planes sank the largest Japanese warship “Yamato”.

1948 – World Health Organization was established. The organization’s statute was signed by 26 countries and April 7 declared World Health Day.

1966 – A US hydrogen bomb blew out of the Mediterranean Sea off the Spanish coast, as a result of a plane malfunction.

1980 – The US interrupted diplomatic missions with Iran.

1989 – The Soviet submarine Komsomolec sank in Barents Sea, killing 42 sailors.

1990 – A ship “Scandinavian Star” sank during a cruise in the North Sea between Norway and Denmark. 158 people died in an accident.

1994 – Genocide in Rwanda: Prime Minister Agathe Uwilingiyimana was killed in Rwanda’s capital Kigali.

2001 – Police raided anti-government demonstrations in several cities in Turkey. Workers and citizens revolted by a sharp fall in the national currency and a jump in prices demanded the resignation of Prime Minister and his government.

2004 – More than 600 Iraqis were killed and over 400 injured in a bombing of a mosque in Fallujah, an Iraqi city that has been under siege of US Marines for days.

Famous people born on April 7

Who are those who are born on the April 7 and made significant success in their lives, read in the section below.

1506 – St. Francis Xavier, a Roman Catholic missionary.

1726 – Charles Burney, a British composer.

1770 – William Wordsworth, an English poet.

1772 – Charles Fourier, a French philosopher.

1889 – Gabriel Mistral, a Chilean writer.

1912 – Harry Hay, an American gay activist.

1915 – Billie Holiday, an American jazz singer.

1920 – Ravi Shankar, an Indian musician.

1924 – Johannes Mario Simmel, writer.

1928 – James Garner, an American actor.

1939 – Francis Ford Coppola, an American director.

1941 – Gordon Fitzgerald Kaye, an English actor best known for his role in the Allo Allo! Series, where he starred René Artois.

1944 – Gerhard Fritz Kurt Schröder, a German politician and statesman

1954 – Jackie Chan, a Chinese actor, director and singer.

1964 – Russell Ira Crowe, a New Zealand actor.

1983 – Franck Ribéry, a French footballer.

Even though these people, who are born on the April 7, are complicated, at the same time they are great and carry so many amazing traits, and if they only point their dynamic energy to the right place, they can make something amazing out of their lives.