April 6 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Have you ever noticed how every New Year, astrologers come out with the predictions about the next year – this year will be great, fantastic, filled with many amazing things, and the planet Earth will become a better place for all of us….

We all read it, and we all try to believe it, at least a little bit, why not, why we should not try to be positive. January passes, and with it, we look at all the predictions of the astrologer for this year: new love, money, new work, friendship, fateful moments, and even astrological tips for hairstyles. Of course, every respectful astrologer will tell you that you should not believe that those who share same sign (one of the 12 zodiac signs) can have the same fates or traits. This is completely untrue, and things are not as simple – we are all individuals, and even if two people share sign and ascendant, even if they share a same date of birth, things cannot be identical.

We all have our own path; our own way of living, our own potentials and trait, and no one is the same, so our natal charts cannot be the same. What horoscope can do, is to give us guidance on how to find our life path, how to achieve all potentials that we have, to live the best life that we can. And no one could deny that method, science, whatever you like to call it, that has this primary goal, can be bad or negative in any way.

In this particular article, we will speak of birthdate April 6, along with the matching Zodiac sign Aries.

Personality and character

People born on April 6th are very prone to a variety of experiments with everything that surrounds them – they are the people who like to see, feel and touch everything that gets in contact with, no matter if we are talking about people or jobs. Their attention and childish curiosity cannot be missed; these are the people who can get in some trouble thanks to their need to experiment and try everything. We are not saying that being curious is bad, but these people need to find the balance between searching for the truth and just beings stupid.

Also, it is very important that people of the April 6 are surrounded with reasonable people who will escort them in such adventures, and provide them with the necessary break. They will do everything they need to reconsider and discover the truth about something or find out how something works, even from an early age people who are born on the April 6 behave like this, and it can be irritating for their parents. Many people born this day have the ability to achieve very large and original results in what they do – their curiosity is something that sets them apart from everyone else; they leave all the others behind.

When they suspect something, these people are ready to discuss this logically and judge it; they can scientifically analyse the thing. If it is necessary to perform experiments to find out, in the role of the guinea pig, these persons will not only put their acquaintances, friends and love partners but themselves. However, the problem arises when they come up with results that they did not expect from their logic of things –people of the April 6 are those who will experience challenges if situations are not going in the direction that they imagined. In these situations, people of this birthdate will behave so erratically and angry, that all of their surroundings would be surprised.

The developed individuals that these people who belong to the Aries sign, will accept these results by realising that their initial hypothesis was not well placed – but this situation is only possible when they reach maturity. And we have to mention one more thing – there are still few stubborn representatives of this date, that will refuse to reconsider their starting point. Their stubbornness and blindness can disturb many people from their environment, and above all, they will lose so much in their lives if they don’t reconsider their beliefs. However, the ability to see beyond the specific problem and to see the complete picture, and then to visualise the possibility and solution is something that is adorned by persons born this day.

General advice to these people is to try, at least sometimes to accept that they are wrong, at that, it would be better to take a different path.

Love Compatibility

There is no doubt about it – people of the April 6 are people who are passionate and curious and can love like a child, unconditionally. They don’t have a specific type of their partners, how that partner should look or behave, their tendency towards experimenting will lead them to many different love relationships, that will end in different ways, but they will bring so much need experience.

The passionate Aries, as these people in fact are, always go to everything or nothing and never complies with half-solutions- if they want someone they will go directly to that person, without any hesitation.

Open and direct, as people of the April 6 are, are not ashamed to take the initiative and approach the person they like – this can take them into the stubbornness and the situation that they don’t know how to give up a certain person. Some representatives don’t know when it is time to give up and are stubbornly sticking to their lover, even if the time is up for that story.

One more thing that often happens is that they often experience love at first glance, and their attention is usually pointed to the people who have a distinct attitude, and are different from the crowd in some way. In their youth, they often have many sexual experiences, but as they are older, there is a growing desire to calm and build a family, a stable home filled with joy and many children. And, believe us, the best parents and spouses are those who have a lot of experience, and who come into the marriage as developed personalities. If not, these people will enjoy beautiful friendship with someone who is special to them, and who is loyal to them for many years.

Purpose and Career

Aries, and also people of the April 6 are those people who are ambitious and entrepreneurial, and who feel the best in the role of superiors – in this particular case these individuals love jobs that will use their pronounced curiosity and need to research. Of course, they are very smart and knowledgeable humans who are good at giving directions and orders and less good at executing others. This is because these people think that they have the best possible ideas, and they have a problem with realising someone else’s ideas, especially when they feel that they know the best.

They have a handful of interesting and truly promising ideas, but they lack their persistence to turn them into reality, but more in a way that people who belong to the April 6 stick to their beliefs even if everything shows that that idea is bad and unrealistic. The realisation of this is difficult for all those who work on that idea, for their co-workers, etc. – people find them difficult and sometimes overbearing.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons who are born on the April 6 are ruled by the number 6 and the planet Venus, and these people have an incredible magnetic attraction for the opposite sex, as well as the ability to cause great love and even worship in others. Venus is strongly linked to social iterations, so people born this day will try to use their inventiveness in this plan. These people enjoy working with others and are very sociable. The powerful influence of the Mars-dominated Aries (people who are born on the April 6, belong to this group) in combination with Venus makes these people even more attractive and seductive, and also prone to the experimenting.m


Their number is 5, and their color is pink-red.

Historical Events on April 6

Take a look at the past events that took place on the April 6th, and made an impact on us, so we, as human beings remembered them.

885 – Methodius Thessaloniki died, who, together with his younger brother Cyril, was the creator of the first Slovene letter.

1199 – King Richard I or the knight of the “Lionheart” died. He was the leader of the Third Crusade and a hero of medieval legends.

1490 – King of Hungary, Matthias Corvinus, the reformer of the Hungarian state, died. During the reign of 1458, he successfully fought against the Turks and the Habsburgs.

1667 – A Croatian city Dubrovnik struck a catastrophic earthquake that killed thousands of citizens. Since the earthquake and fire, which took twenty days, the city was almost completely destroyed.

1690 – Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor, instructed the Christians from Balkan to proclaim them to continue to help his army in the fight against the Turks, promising them, in return, various privileges.

1909 – American researcher Robert Perry reaches the North Pole, crossing his 1,600-kilometer-long expedition.

1917 – The United States of America entered the World War I.

1941 – German troops attacked Greece and Yugoslavia in the World War II. The attack on Yugoslavia began with the bombing of Belgrade, which was almost destroyed, and about 12,000 people were killed.

1941 – Ethiopian and British troops freed Addis Ababa that was occupied by Italian forces in the war with Ethiopia in early 1935.

1971 – Composer Igor Stravinsky died in New York, one of the beginners and main supporter of “new music” of the 20th century.

1994 – During a civil war between the Hutu and Tutsi tribes, a plane was crashed in Rwanda, in which the presidents of Rwanda and neighbouring Burundi, were killed.

1995 – In Kigali, the first tribunal for genocide was set up in Rwanda, where 30,000 Hutu members indictees for the massacre over Tutsi will be produced.

2000 – Habib Bourguiba (96), who is considered the founder of modern Tunisia, died.

2003 – The US Department of Justice has announced that the number of inmates in US prisons increased in 2002, and for the first time, it had crossed the figure of two million.

2006 – In the auction house “Christie” one landscape from Venice 1841, by J.M.W. Tarner was sold for $ 35.8 million. This is the most expensive image ever sold in this auction house.

Famous people born on April 6

These are the people who left an impact on humanity as we know it today, and they were all born on the April 6.

1483 – Raffaello Santi da Urbino, a legendary Italian painter.

1752 – Hugh Elliot, a British diplomat.

1812 – Alexander Ivanovich Herzen, a Russian writer and politician.

1849 – John William Waterhouse, a British painter.

1871 – John Millington Synge, an Irish writer.

1904 – Kurt Georg Kiesinger, a German politician and statesman.

1926 – Ian Paisley, a North American politician.

1927 – Gerry Mulligan, an American jazz musician.

1928 – James Watson, an American scientist, winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1962.

1929 – André Previn, an American conductor and composer.

1935 – Elisabeth Rehn, a Finnish politician.

1948 – Ried Jo Leinen, a German politician.

1949 – Horst Ludwig Störmer, a German physicist, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics 1998.

To conclude, people of the April 6th are those who are stubborn, smart and one of a kind people; they are those who have child-like curiosity and like to have as many experiences as possible in every aspect of their lives, they even want those terrible and painful experience that can teach them a lot.

They know what they want from love, and how to get it, but sometimes they can forget about some important things in life because they are focused on some other, less important things.