April 30 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

We could say with high confidence that saying that all roads lead to the Rome is incorrect; in fact, we are saying that all roads lead to China. Why are we mentioning this? Because all things in the world have some root from the Chinese civilisation, one of the oldest cultures in the world. Astrology is also one of the things that have roots in this country; a Chinese Astrology; in it, everything is based on the movement of the Moon or the annual cycle of the moons, which primarily represents – the lunar principle or lunar astrology.

The beginning of the year does not coincide with the beginning of the year that traditionally exists with western nations. Instead, a cycle of twelve years has been established, a period that follows the order and rhythm of twelve animals that correspond with the Zodiac signs that we know and use in our well-known Astrology.s Each of them symbolises a particular year of birth (each animal is “repeated” in the twelve-year cycle).

That animal sign is based on a precise birthday, and you could notice that is very, very similar to the Zodiac system of sings, each animal corresponds to our character. The primary categories on which to determine and analyse a person’s horoscope are a specific animal (sign), along with the matching number and element.

By combining and synthesising these categories, a complete analysis of one’s horoscope is obtained. Sounds familiar? We simplified this process here, but you can see what we are talking about here are – a birthdate is always a central element in any analyses, and this is the reason why we are focusing so much on it. Today, we are speaking of birthdate April 30, all of its characteristics and specifications.

Personality and character

These people who are born on the last day of April are very dominant personalities who often have the desire to leave their responsible positions and withdraw into their life of simplicity. These are two needs that simulations exist in their lives, they want to be strong and dominant and to serve other people, but at the same time, they want to leave everything and left alone.

On a professional level, these people are always behaving in a proper way, like everybody should act, according to their vision of the world. They behave in the way they are following the law and regulations and do not agree readily on exceptions as well as on special circumstances unless it is not for the benefit of all.

People of the April 30 are not such big fans of changes; they feel that they have a duty to carry out tasks and are very much opposed to reviewing the principles of their predecessors and there is a high risk of doing the job in a morally unacceptable manner. If they are in managerial positions one of the greatest wishes will be that their associates love and respect them. For this reason, they are trying to build friendly relationships with them, and if this happens, they will be very protective of their workers.

These people have a great deal of care and love of their family and close friends, and even some broader social group that they love in time; people of the April 30 even can reach that state in life when they are so good that others use them in many ways.

People born this day are particularly weak on the charm and love of the opposite sex; they are those people who quickly lose their head for their lovers or the people who they like.

There are many representatives of this date of birth who are protectors but should be careful not to overwhelm them with too much attention and overly caring, that they often do. These people can sometimes suffocate others with their emotions and care, especially children for example.

Love compatibility

What you know by now is that those who are born on April 30 are the people who are emotional, and can very easily attach to their loved ones, shower them with care in love, even being extreme in some way. We have also said that these people are suspectable to the charm of the opposite sex and they lose their heads for love, and when you think about it, it is very romantic. They are individuals who will do anything for their lovers, and if they only could be a little bit moderate, things would be perfect.

What they need in love relationship or marriage is a partner who can entirely devote himself and who will be wholly dedicated to them; they seek for the closeness and are utterly surrendered to love, have genuine emotions and are loyal to their lovers. Honesty, emotions and reclusive home with children is the image of perfection in love for them.

Their potential lovers can easily see when people of the April 30 are seducing, a soon as they take one step, expect another and a third. It is essential for these people to have all steps of love: getting to know a lover, romance, kissing, anticipation, and then in the end- sex. They love sensual love, but it is not something to be shared with everyone, it is something special, and people of this date are traditional in this way that may come as a surprise to their lovers.

Their flaw, so to speak is that they can be possessive in love, they expect their lovers to be theirs, and nothing else, they hate when their partners are in close relationship with others. But people of this date are not jealous and love a hundred per cent devotion. The boundary between possessiveness and dedication may be thin, but they will never admit that they pass it.

What is essential for the people who are born on the April 30 that sex is a significant aspect of love. This area of ​​love shows their genuine connection to their partner -it is intimacy and passion at the same time. They leave emotions in sex and do not have one without the other.

Purpose and Career

Characteristics of people who are born on April 30 in the business sphere are very specific and clear: they are hard workers both physically and mentally, and they are strong leaders, it is not something that they hide.


They can be great and dedicated bosses, who are ready to help their employers and work the best in some close, and small, almost family firm. But, they are also the people who are prepared to do things that bring material satisfaction and security. Even the jobs they do not like they can do with pleasure if they are satisfied with it; if it is worth, they are motivated. They are good economists and entrepreneurs. They are valuable, they come up with money, but they do not like pretending to risk, their business decisions always play for safety. The best thing to do is to build a career of architects, builders, gastronomists, caterers, farmers, economists, painters, singers, TV directors.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons born on the April 30 are ruled by the number 3 and the planet Jupiter. Those who are governed by the number 3, in a numerological and symbolic way, tend to ascend to the highest altitudes in the area they are dealing with; they always try to give their best in every situation. They want independence and jobs that require great social engagement are not recommended to these people because they may feel frustrated because they cannot be relieved of certain obligations. Jupiter combined with the Venus that dominates all Taurus sign people brings an optimistic and expansive perspective, which is a good thing, so these people even if they fall in their reclusiveness, they leave their optimism.

Their number is 7, and their color is blue.

Historical events on April 30

We searched for the most interesting events that occurred on the April 30, and that were significant for any reason. Our research goes to the year 311.

311 – The Roman Emperor Galerius, the great persecutor of the Christians, issued the Edict of Serdica, officially ending the persecution of Christianity.

313 – The Roman Emperor Constantine and the Great issued a Milan edict which has legalised Christianity in the Roman Empire.

711 – A troops led by Tariq ibn-Ziyad disembarked at Gibraltar, commencing the Mauritian invasion of Iberia.

1006 – In the constellation Wolf, supernova SN 1006 was discovered.

1789 – George Washington swore an oath and became the first US president, the new state on the North American continent.

1803 -The United States bought Louisiana from Napoleon Bonaparte, for $ 15 million, who on the same day in 1812 and formally entered the US state as its 18th member.

1804 – In the fighting in Suriname, the British army used the shrapnel for the first time, named after the inventor Henry Shrapnel.

1838 – Nicaragua proclaimed independence from the Central American Federation.

1895 – The first international exhibition in Venice that later become the most significant contemporary art scene in the world known as the Venice Biennale was opened.

1900 – Hawaii has become an integral part of the United States.

1934 – Austria has adopted a new constitution that was, in fact, a dictatorship of Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss.

1938 – The first appearance of an animated character Bugs Bunny appeared.

1945 – Adolf Hitler and his mistress Eva Braun committed suicide in the underground bunker in Berlin.

1948 – The Organization of American States was established in Bogota, Colombia.

1973 – US President Richard Nixon accepted the responsibility for Watergate in 1972, which led to his resignation in August 1974.

1975 – The fall of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh), ended Vietnam War.

1991 – At least 125,000 people died in the cyclone in Bangladesh.

1995 -US President Bill Clinton stopped trade with Iran and banned investments in that country, accusing Tehran of supporting international terrorism.

2002 – Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe declared a state of emergency in the country because of the food shortages that led to thousands of people on the edge of hunger.

2003 – The United States, Russia, the European Union and the UN have officially announced a “map” for the peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine, which should lead to the creation of an independent Palestinian state in 2005.

Famous people born on April 30

Who are those Tauruses people, who belong to date April 30? There are Kings and scientists, historian and actors. Read all about them.

1310 – Casimir III the Great, a Polish King.

1777 –  Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss, a German mathematician and scientist.

1865 -Max Heinrich Hermann Reinhardt Nettlau, a German-Austrian historian and a biographer.

1870 – Franz Lehar, an Austrian composer of Hungarian origin.

1883 – Jaroslav Hašek, a Czech writer.

1909- Juliana von Oranien-Nassau, the Dutch Queen.

1916 – Claude E. Shannon, an American inventor.

1929 – Klausjürgen Wussow, a German actor.

1933 – Willie Nelson, an American singer, songwriter and actor.

1944 – Jill Clayburgh, an American actress.

1946 – Carl XVI Gustaf, the Swedish King.

1956 – Lars von Trier, a Danish director.

1975 -John “Johnny” Mark Galecki, an American actor.

1981 – Kunal Nayyar, a British-Indian actor and writer known for “The Big Bang Theory” TV series.

This is the final answer to the question -who are the people who celebrate their birthday on the last day of month April? Are they typical Taurus people, who are defined with the safety and emotional and sharp minds? Well, yes and no; they are like that, but much more.

They are strong and dedicated people, who love their environment, but in their business are oriented toward profit.

In love sense, you can win them if you are honest, and pay a lot of attention on atmosphere and make it intimate. Contact with eyes, and relationships one by one is something that the people who are born on April 30 love the most. They do not want intimate moments to be shared with others.

The problem may lie in their firmness and unwillingness to change and adjust the relationship.