April 3 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

People born on April 3 are born under the Zodiac sign of Aries. A powerful, charismatic and true star, Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and a true emperor. The Aries is aggressive. Specifically, he is a living fire. In love or business, the Aries always wants to be the best. He is an urgent force and a great negotiator, with a natural gift to organize things. People are gravitating towards him because they are never bored with him.

Unfortunately, many Aries never come to the point where they are actually satisfied with their work. Somehow it is always affects by their love situation. True, it’s really not just about money, but it’s always a nice boost to be secure. This has more to do with recognition and status. Yes, work is very important for Aries, no matter if it is a man or a woman. And there is a very good reason for that.

The rams are Zodiac children. However, the mature Aries will want something out of reach. Unfortunately, it affects his love life. When the Aries is not happy with the job, there is nothing the partner can do to make him happy. It can become idle and lose sense of humor. When this happens, beware. The Aries can be stubborn like Cancer or Scorpio.

There is one difference: Aries is practical in terms of its capabilities. He will intuitively know what he can and cannot and what he is capable of achieving. That’s why the Aries will attack the problem in full force. If he does not win, his ego will be hard to bear. He can move his head through the wall because his partner will be completely impressed. The Aries will eventually catch up and forcefully move forward, regardless of the outcome. If he fails, he will turn and go, without looking back.

In its best features, Aries is romantic, exciting and fun. Although it is more prone to bump into great romance and then pull back at a crucial moment, it can be a loyal partner for long runs – in his own way. True, the Aries is not the most trusted sign of the zodiac, although you can expect it to be loyal.

Another thing that describes the Aries is that he is a serious idealist. Although the Aries is pragmatic with goals, he wants more than anything to achieve. When it comes to love and family, Aries will look for an ideal partner. But, Aries is not critical and full of prejudice like Taurus and Scorpio. He is too concerned with what he is doing to see clearly what is happening around him.

Characteristics and Personality

People born on April 3 have a strong desire to emphasize everything they do. Being at the center of attention is something that these individuals are striving to achieve by virtue of their talents, knowledge or ability in a particular situation of social survival.

The basics of the task that set them up are to arrange and control the environment. For this reason they impose their opinions on their friends and associates and direct their verbal power in the desired direction. Even when it happens that others ignore them (which is unbearable for people born on April 3) they succeed in gaining their charm. They have a strong intuitive understanding of the functioning of human relationships. Though sometimes simplified to observe the problems of this person they manage to always perceive the core of the problem and solve it.

Their tendency to behave in accordance with their own principles and independent behavior may be partly impeded by their relationships with certain social groups. Their need for other people’s opinions and respect for them takes up a lot of energy. Their action in social groups is favored by the ability to unite different or even contradictory costs.

People born on April 3 are ruled by the number three and planet Jupiter. Three does tend to rise to the highest heights in the business they are dealing with. People are gravitating towards him because they are never bored with him. Unfortunately, many Aries never come to the point where they are actually satisfied with their work. Somehow it is always affects by their love situation. True, it’s really not just about money, but it’s always a nice boost to be secure. They are inclined to dictatorial behavior, but it is alleviated by the people born on April 3 because of their need for things to go smoothly and without issuing any orders. They have great power of non-verbal communication as well as the power of suggestion. Jupiter and the planet Mars, which has a sign of the Aries, bring impartial thinking and action.

These people can have very good health. They have a good appetite and in rare cases can have weight problems. In this case they should control their diet, reduce the carbohydrate intake and fat in their body. These people also need to understand that they cannot help others if they fully heal their health. Despite the fact that they have predispositions that they never get sick, the long-term neglect of the signals sent by their body can still cause health problems.

Love Compatibility

Controversial as he is, Aries wants a relaxed partner, but he also needs good hunting in its life. The perfect partner that corresponds to Aries is someone who does not hold them too high up and yet is not quite available. This is a cunning combination, but who is worthy of it, the Aries will know how to recognize him. As a child, Aries is convinced of his innocence, and later, if he is afraid or cheating, he expects to be forgiven. Do not bother him by reminding him that you were right. For Aries, there is only one correct way, and that’s his way.

Do not try to make Aries say that he is fascinating. He knows it and will start thinking about how fascinating it is, and therefore, you are going to fall in his eyes. Aries does not want exaggerated and inexperienced compliments. Instead, he wants to earn your admiration.

If you’ve ever been with Aries for a longer period, at some point, there will be no suspicion in the strength of the relationship at some point. The Aries invariably attract situations that require a larger picture. This means that his unquenchable wisdom will eventually gain importance. He must feel useful and confident that his way is the best way. If it is too challenging, he will give several signs to say that it is enough. Then I’ll just leave without warning. When that happens, it’s a sure sign that it’s over for him.

Aries love control. Call it the desire for power, but the Aries will not let you manipulate it. Power has a key impact on relationships, though it affects this sign in a rather weird way. The rams are independent and need a lot of space. Although he loves love, honesty and unconditional loyalties, he always wants freedom. This is a very delicate balance that needs to be achieved. No one can keep Aries tied completely. The only real way to conquer Aries is to give him space and freedom. If he really is for you, he will come back. They best get along with people born on 6th, 9th, 15th, 27th and 24th. Zodiac signs that best suit them are Leo and Sagittarius but also Gemini and Libra. These sings are going to give them the necessary freedom, but also enough chasing and passion to keep them holding on.

Purpose and Career

People who are born on April 3 need to have a creative career option and they hate jobs where their creative nature can’t come to light. The rams are Zodiac children. However, the mature Aries will want something out of reach. Unfortunately, it affects his love life. When the Aries is not happy with the job, there is nothing the partner can do to make him happy. They are very ambitious and expressive people who need to have an opportunity to express their deep emotions and thoughts. Jobs that are too restrictive and full of details are difficult for them, since they love giving tasks like this to people who are more detail-oriented so they can concentrate on roader ideas.


Aries people enjoy spending time thinking and focusing on short term goals. Ideas simply pop into their head easily which allows them to always be the first ones to come up with something new and exciting to move things along. The only problem is their inability to finish things and make things complete.

Symbols, Lucky Number and Colors

People who were born on April 3 have something in common. They all have one birthstone and that is Diamond which is a symbol of elegance and strength. Their birthstone is also Emerald which is a symbol of regeneration and harmony. Their lucky color is red which symbolizes power, aggression, attention and love.

Their lucky flower is honeysuckle which is a symbol of sweetness and their lucky metal is Iron. Iron is a symbol of strength and power. Their lucky numbers are 11, 17, 24, 9 and 5. Their lucky day is Tuesday and their motto is “I am, I do”.

Historical Events on April 3

  • 1512 – Turkish sultan Bajazit II abdicated in favor of his son, Selim I.
  • 1682 – Spanish painter Bartolomeo Esteban Murillo, one of the most important representatives of the high baroque in painting, died.
  • 1897 – The famous German composer and pianist Johannes Brams died in Vienna, the author of numerous symphonies, piano concerts, choir and solo songs. The glory of the world was brought to him by the work of the “German decoration” written in 1868. He was born in Hamburg, May 7, 1833 in a family of musicians.
  • 1930 – Ras Tafari became Emperor of Haile of Selassia and Abisina (Ethiopia).
  • 1930 – Born German statesman Helmut Kohl of Western Germany from 1982 and first German chancellor after the unification of West and East Germany in 1990. He remained in that position for 16 years, to electoral defeat in 1998.
  • 1936 – Bruno Hauptman, the hijacker and murderer of the son of the American pilot Charles Lindberg, was executed, who first crossed the Atlantic Ocean. This event was the reason that the United States passed a law on abduction by which capital punishment was imposed for kidnapping.
  • 1948 – US President Harry Truman signed Marshall’s economic assistance plan for post-war Europe.
  • 1975 – Russian grandmaster Anatoly Karpov became world champion in chess, since former US champion Bobby Fischer refused to defend his title.
  • 1979 – Former Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, who was ousted by the military coup in 1977, was executed in Pakistan.
  • 1991 – The UN Security Council voted a resolution on the cease-fire in the Gulf War, ordered the deployment of peacekeepers in the region, and asked Iraq to destroy weapons of mass destruction.
  • 1991 – In English, the English writer Graham Grin – “The Third Man”, “The Essence of Things”, “Ministry of Fear”, “Power and Glory”, “End of Love”, “Our Man in Havana” died in Switzerland.
  • 1995 – At least 150 members of the Hut tribe, mostly women and children, were massacred in a village in the northeast of Burundi.

Famous People Born on April 3

  • 1245 – Born Philip III, king of France.
  • 1367 – Born Henrik IV English, English King.
  • 1783 – Born Washington Irving, American writer and diplomat.
  • 1895 – Born Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Italian composer.
  • 1896 – Born Nikolay Sejmonov, a Russian physicist and chemist.
  • 1898 – Born Michel de Ghelderode, a Belgian writer.
  • 1924 – Born Doris Day, American actress and singer.
  • 1924 – Born Marlon Brando, an American actor.
  • 1930 – Born Helmut Kohl, a German politician and statesman.
  • 1945 – Born Gary Sprake, English football goalkeeper.
  • 1958 – Born Alec Baldwin, American actor.
  • 1959 – Born David Hyde Pierce, an American actor.
  • 1961 – Born Edward Eddie Regan Marphy (Edward “Regan Murphy”), an American actor.
  • 1979 – Born Najef Al-Qadi, Saudi Arabian footballer.
  • 1985 – Born Leona Lewis, a British singer.