April 29 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

To simplify things we could say that Astrology and the system of Zodiac signs represent people in all their imperfections; because you know, being imperfect is the most prominent characteristic of every human being on this planet. Each of us by the date of birth belongs to a zodiac sign, one out of twelve which then marks our character and destiny. The zodiac sign represents the essential characteristics of us, with all negative and functional traits, with all potentials and possible “bumps” in the road that can occur.

Along with the possibilities to overcome them in the best possible ways, and above all, our sign and horoscope can reveal to us our potentials, and we think here on our hidden potentials; those that can take us as far as we are meant to go. To put things on the different, higher level, astrology and the insight into the Zodiac sign can show us the past, like karma or the influence of some distant relative or event on us, in the present moment.

When we dif even more profound into the astrology and all of its elements, we could state that it is based on the tradition of belief in the influence of the stars on us, people of the Earth.

But what every horoscope analyses require is our birth date, and we could say right now, with certainty, that it can reveal so many about one’s personality and potentials.

Even better, if that information and data are gathered and make one whole, a critical observation of one person than we could have a real insight into the world of a particular individual. In this case, we are speaking about date April 29, people who are born on this day, their characteristics in love, work, and family life. And to round up the story, we are speaking of famous people who are born on this date, and of all historical events that occurred on this day and that are worth mentioning.

Personality and character

People born on 29 April are incredibly receptive to the opinions of the people that are in their close environment, friends and family. They are hypersensitive people who can suck up all that those other people can give, whether those people “give” emotions or opinions; people of the April 29 will accept that, and those new found “information” or “sentiments” will become a part of their character.

This does not mean that these people of the April 29 are insecure but know very well what they are and what they want to get out of a particular situation, and, in fact, they use this information and new knowledge to realise their goal. When you think about it, this kind of behaviour is not bad at all; they are using others to make something out of their lives, something better that is at least a couple of steps ahead from the previous state.

These people are extremely conscious of the images that remain in their environment; and because of their abilities, they can use that image, or alternate it for their benefit if needed. People who are born on April 29 tend to dominate, but they do not make an issue if they need to exclude a particular position of an idea or attitude. This domination is subtle; it is not apparent or too rough; it comes from behind, and people who are dominated by them usually don’t realise that. These individuals look like they are under the influence of others; but in fact, they are those who subtly make an impact on others.

On the other side of this story, people born on April 29 may have difficulty with others who change their image too often, because they are not always ready to accept a new “image”. They are rigid in this sense, and Taurus stubbornness and inability to accept difference can be seen here clearly. In life, those who are born on April 29 can acquire great knowledge, they are usually very well educated, and love to learn; as a consequence, they often find themselves in positions of great responsibility. They don’t have a problem with this role, on the contrary, they enjoy it, right until the moment when the expectation from others become a grand burden and unbearable. Then, people of the April 29 become someone else; they take a new image from, maybe some other environment.

Love compatibility

Those who celebrate their birthday on April 29 are maybe not typical Taurus Zodiac sign, to which they belong, and it can be seen when you look at their characteristics.

In love area, they are not as stable as you may expect from them to be; they have a wide range of his lovers. These people can go through so many different phases in life, and also in love, they are not the people who right away know what they want from partnership relations; they can wander from time to time.

People of the April 29 can, at a particular moment, enjoy love with a long-term partner with old-fashioned manners and traditions and all that is associated with this type of romance. But, in others, they can be involved in affairs with many no so adequate partners for them, but this is also a part of their experience and their personal “built” as they see it.

What they are always in love, no matter what partner is in question, is needy in love, and powerful and sensual in the bedroom -this is what you will call a constant in character, it is something that never changes.

Another aspect that these people see as important is sensual love, and for people of the April 29 it symbolises art and is inclined to bring it to perfection. There is no hurry when you are in bed with representatives of this date; they are excellent lovers, as a virtuoso on his musical instrument (some like to describe them in this poetic way).

Purpose and Career

Besides two aspects of their personality that we know already – they are smart, well-educated and acquire knowledge from their environment, all to gain the advantage and to succeed in their goals. You can imagine how much this characteristic can be seen in their work, whatever that works might be; and they can be found in so many different occupations.

The concept of their work is that it is always based on something that people should believe; they know what they want and believe in achievable goals, they don’t contemplate some large and futuristic plans. The only thing they can do on the road to success is to be as flexible as they can, while stubbornly defending their primary idea.


People born on April 29 so much believe in the correctness of their ideas that they will be slow and stubborn to go purely to their own goal, without obeying objections, warnings or warnings around them.

They are incredibly stable people who are patient, and once they commit to something, they rarely change their mind. Even when they change – they will not admit it.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons born on the April 29 are ruled by the number 2 and the planet, or in this case with the celestial body the Moon. If you look at the numerical symbolism that is behind number 2, you will notice that the Moon and numeral 2 are always connected.

So, those who are under any influence of the number 2 are often better associates than leaders, and for this reason, the quality of the persons born on April 29 can be utilised within the family or working group; they work the best in smaller environments. But this can generally be an obstacle to their indivisibility and initiative in doing business. Additional passivity can be given to them by the Moon that has strong reflexive and passive tendencies. They turn to the concrete plan because of the influence of Venus, which dominates all Taurus sign -it is their salvation, and their “fuel” to make something out of their lives.

Historical events on April 29

There are no small an insignificant Historical events in the human history, they are all equally important, just counting the fact that they occur and that some historians recorded. Only that is reason enough to remind ourselves on some of them; today we are speaking of date April 29.

1429 -Joan of Arc liberated the city of Orleans, a city that was occupied by British troops for seven months.

1661 – Chinese Dynasty Ming Occupied Taiwan.

1770 – British explorer James Cook has reached the Botany Bay in today’s Sydney.

1862 – The powers of the Union led by David G. Farragut have been won, New Orleans.

1945 – In the World War II, American troops liberated the German concentration camp Dachau.

1945 – The forces of Nazi Germany in the World War II capitulated in northern Italy, Austria, Styria and Carinthia.

1945 – Adolf Hitler exhumed the last will and will of his secretary in the Führerbunker and married Eve Braun at a short ceremony.

1975 – The Vietnam War: The last US soldiers were evacuated from Saigon, the day before the entry into Vietnam by the northern forces.

1991 – More than 140 people died in the Soviet republic of Georgia in inter-ethnic and international conflicts.

1994 – The Commodore company declared bankruptcy.

1995 – In Sri Lanka, Tamil rebels shoot down a military plane killing 52 people.

2011- Wedding Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William, and Kate Middleton took place.

Famous people born on April 29

You will notice that today’s list is longer than usual, and there is a good reason behind it – all of these individuals left a significant mark in the time of their life, they were(or still are) successful and extraordinary people who are born on April 29. Among them – one of the most successful tennis player of all time, along with the best living actor of modern cinema.

1818 – Alexander II Nikolayevich Romanov, a Russian Tsar.

1842 – Karl Millöcker, an Austrian composer.

1854 – Henri Poincaré, a French mathematician.

1863 -Constantine P. Cavafy, a Greek poet.

1899 -Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington, an American jazz musician.

1901 -Hirohito, 124th Emperor of Japan.

1907 – Fred Zinnemann, an American film director of Austrian origin.

1923 – Irvin Kershner, an American Director.

1936 -Zubin Mehta, an Indian conductor and violinist.

1952 – David Icke, a British journalist.

1954 – Jerry Seinfeld, an American stand-up comedian and actor.

1957 – Daniel Day-Lewis, a British actor, was born.

1958 – Michelle Pfeiffer, an American actress.

1970 – Andre Kirk Agassi, an American tennis player.

1970 – Uma Karuna Thurman, an American actress.

1973 – Miguel Ángel Falasca, a Spanish volleyball player.

1976 – Fabio Liverani, an Italian footballer and coach.

1978 – Bob and Mike Bryan, American tennis players.

1984 – Paulius Jankūnas, a Lithuanian basketball player.

1987 – Sara Errani, an Italian tennis player.

2003 – Maud Angelica Behn, a Norwegian princess.

Now, the words of truth – how can we describe people who are born on the 29th day of April, who belong to the Zodiac sign Taurus, but have so many of their own characteristics, which make them unique human beings.

They are smart, stubborn and persistent people who can fit into any society of their choice and to accept some attitudes from that environment, for the purpose of using it for their own cause. They can alter their image as they see fit, all for developing their personal agendas, but in that process, they can become burdened by the fact that in situations where they want to relax, they cannot, they are under a great stress that is something that is very negatively for them, since their primary need is to remain stable. In any case, these persons who are born on April 29 should avoid contradictory goals, as this may result in their personality being cleansed.

The part of their life where they show all the amazing traits is the love department, they are amazing lovers, as well as partners – they love sensual pleasures, and are very in good in satisfying their lovers.