April 28 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Many essential roots of the astrology go back to the old world, to the Tibetan civilisation for example and their system of beliefs and they were, as we know very developed civilisation, progressive in fact, and they had their own system of Zodiac signs. Their Astrology is based on the belief in twelve – “paths to wisdom” (categories, homes, or fields, depending on the interpretations), and each of us depending on the karma it gains at birth has its own “path of wisdom,” a goal and a karmic task will have to realize it in their lives.

The date of birth always determines the horoscope we belong to, as well as our “path of wisdom” or the karma we carry and our destiny or what is expected in our present life. This is the fantastic point of view, and it is incorporated in many other sciences, including modern Astrology, numerology and many other “popular” methods connected to divination, so to speak.

Again, we can see the date of birth, and this just proves the significance of the birthdate, and it is something that needs to be discussed, and by understanding what date of birth really signifies, we can learn more about people’s characters.

Now you can understand why we mentioned in the first place Tibetan Astrology; we just wanted to show how the human connection with the “stars” and birthdates” and all in between carry, for every culture and civilisation, a particular significance. In this piece, we will thoroughly examine date April 28, people who are born on this date, their characteristics, along with some exciting events that are connected to this date.

Personality and character

These are compelling people who use their physical, emotional or psychological power in a very intrusive way; people who are born on April 28 are incredibly decisive people who will not give up on their ideas and the ways they act once. Persistent and no matter how opposed to their opponents, these people will stick to their decisions no matter how much harm they can produce for them or for anyone else that is in their close environment. Because of their negotiating abilities, in everyday life of this person, they leave the impression of the sensible and affectionate persons; and people of this date are sensible, but it is the feeling that is under their stubbornness, so it can’t be seen instantly.

But those who work with them will quickly realise that there is only one way to compromise with them, and that is to respect the wishes of the people born on April 28 – they are individuals who will stick to their guts, and only friends of theirs can be those who will act as they play.

People who are born on April 28 are the people who take care of themselves; they carefully observe their appearance and like to make an impact. They instinctively know that the first impression is the most important and will try to pull as best a first move as possible in every social situation. What carries even greater importance is the need for respect from others and the ability to follow the laws that they have brought.

Developed persons born this day establish good friendly, loving and family relationships due to their reliability and persistence. They are well positioned in the position of authority because they remain in touch with the feelings of their subordinates. But the main, and the most important lesson that people who are born on April 28 should learn, as fast as possible, is to accept the fact that some people in their lives want to move the way they choose and to make decisions on their own. So it is the best to become more relaxed.

Love compatibility

You could see at least a part of the whole picture of the people who are born on April 28 -they like to be the leaders in everything, and also in love, but more importantly their lovers need to follow them in every sense of that way. This is the only way that these people can be content in the relationship. As all Taurus people, a Zodiac sign that they belong, they hate superficial relationships in love.

They accept everything for granted, so if you do not mean anything serious with people of the April, do not use phrases such as “pause” in connection or “open relationship”. These words do not exist in their dictionary, what they want is dedication and commitment, nothing else.

Since their ruling planet is the Venus, a planet connected to everything with the sign of love, these people show a surprising dose of romance when in a relationship, although their form of romance is simple. They expect from partners to be their best friend, a good-for-good and evil lover, and a lover for the rest of their life. Promises are an inexhaustible oath for these people of the April 28 and will give up to the maximum in marriage and family life.

Reliable as these people are in fact, be sure that they will never promise something he will not be able to fulfil.

They are a consistent partner in every aspect and seek closeness in relation, and they are not someone who understands the connection or is a missing lover in the sense of cheating and having too many partners. When they once choose a partner in love, they became very possessive and caring and dedicated to the end -here we can see their stubbornness and persistence in everything they do, and also in love area of their life. But they must learn, during life, that not everything in love can be so calculated and “on force”. Some things in life cannot be done with the use of force and persuasion, and the romance is one of these things.

Purpose and Career

If the stubbornness and persistence are the main lines of these people, who celebrate their birthdays on April 28, in their work and professional achievement we can add one more characteristic – their attitude towards money.

Yes you heard it well, these people love money, as in fact all Taurus people, and they are not different. It represents certain stability and comfort in which they like to enjoy in life, and they always try to prolong that comfort, so they focus their activities in that direction.

People of the April 28 can be called real materialists; they love success and money and do not hide it. And in their work, they like to give that dosage of luxury and quality, so they often find their life occupation is something that is related to these features -like an interior designer, for example. They are so fond of luxury items that they feel that its part of their style -and it is, so every job that is well paid and connected to the luxury is right for them. But also any job that requires competitive spirit and money – like a stock market.


What these people have, and that is something good is a realistic view of the world around, that helps them to come to a practical solution in solving the problem. They do not care about ideas that are unmanageable, they are grounded people and sometimes it may be slowing down, but be sure that when it comes to solving the obligation, job, or problem that the job will be done perfectly.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons who are born on the April 28 are under the rule of the number 1 and the “planet” Sun. What this symbolically means is that in numerological sense number 1 is very important – people who are under its influence are trying in everything to be the first and the best, and have a competitive spirit.

They have an energetic spirit, a great deal of individuality, and have a marked aspiration to rise to the top. Because of their tendency to domination, these people have to keep in mind that sometimes they endanger others with their need to show their power continually.

When we look at the planetary influence of this date, we can say that the Sun, combined with the Venus that dominates the Taurus people, brings powerful creative energy and adoration.

Their number is number 1 that ultimately defines their nature, and their color is red.

Historical events on April 28

What are those events that happen a long time ago, centuries ago, but we still remember them? Are those events good or bad? Did they leave some unchangeable mark on humans? Read in the section below.

1789 – The rebuilt crew of the English ship “Bounty” was left in the waters of Tahiti.

1919 – At the Paris Peace Conference in Paris, 32 states, accepted the pact to establish the League of Nations.

1937 – Opened Cinecittá, Europe’s largest film studio.

1939 – Adolf Hitler dismissed the German-Polish non-abolitionist pact from January 1934 and the German-British agreement of June 1935.

1952 – Japan resumed sovereignty, which, after World War II defeat, was seized by a peace treaty from San Francisco in 1951.

1969 –  French President Charles de Gaulle resigned after a referendum on regionalisation of the country and reorganisation of the Senate, where most people voted against his proposals.

1977 – The Red Army Faction also known as the Baader-Meinhof Group or Baader-Meinhof Gang were convicted of a lifelong prisoner.

1992 – The communist government in Kabul handed over power to Islamic guerrillas, ending a fourteen-year-old civil war in Afghanistan.

1995 – At least 103 people in southwestern Taegu, South Korea had been killed in a gas explosion.

2001  – US businessman Denis Tito paid $ 20 million to travel to the International Space Station, to which he went with the Russian crew.

2002 – In the fall of the helicopter in Russia, a former adviser to President  Boris Yeltsin for security Alexander Lebed, was killed, formerly a presidential candidate.

2004 – US CBS TV clips about abusing Iraqi prisoners in the “Abu Ghraib” Iraqi Prison, under the control of the US Army, sparked a shock in the world.

Famous people born on April 28

From 1442 when King of England was born in recent years, we remember people who are born on April 28, and who made something significant in their lives, so that we speak of them.

1442 – Edward IV of England, the King.

1758 – James Monroe, the US President and Politician.

1874 – Karl Kraus, an Austrian writer, publicist and dramatist.

1878 – Lajos Barimor, an American film and actor.

1889 – António de Oliveira Salazar, a Portuguese dictator.

1908 – Oskar Schindler, a German industrialist who is credited with saving the lives of 1,200 Jews.

1916 – Ferruccio Lamborghini, an Italian designer of the same car.

1924 – Kenneth Kaunda, a Zambian statesman.

1926 – Harper Lee, an American writer known for the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird”.

1930 -James Baker, an American politician.

1937 – Saddam Hussein, an Iraqi politician and former president.

1948 -Terry Pratchett, an English writer of science fiction.

1958 – Kenny Macaskill, a Scottish Minister of Justice.

Kenneth “Kenny” Wright MacAskill, a Scottish Minister of Justice.

1960 – Walter Zenga, an Italian football coach and former footballer.

1961 – Anna Oxa, an Italian singer.

1966 – Jean-Luc Crétier, a  French Alpine skier.

1971 – Diego Simeone, a Former Argentine Footballer and Trainer.

1974 – Penelope Cruz, a Spanish actress.

1981 – Jessica Marie Alba, an American actress.

1983 – Dmitri Torbinski, a Russian footballer.

1988 – Juan Mata, a Spanish footballer.

The time for the conclusion has come – these are the essential features of the people who are born on April 28. They belong to Taurus sign in the Zodiac system of symbols and are people who have many of their characteristics, like stubbornness and persistence. But their character is determined with many other things -they are competitive people, but also beneath the surface, they are sensitive.

They are the people, who like to be right, and they expect from their environment, work or family, to listen to them and to trust them, without asking any additional questions.