April 27 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

From a global standpoint of view, Western astrology as we know it today has many “roots” such as Astrology of Hebrew Astrology, Kabbalah, and others perhaps less significant and familiar to the common reader, but still there, present and meaningful in a certain way. All of these influences gave a special touch to the science of Astrology and our understanding of fate and impact of the stars on people.

And by western Astrology, we mean Astrology that most of us feel like defines what astrology and Zodiac signs are in its core, it is the knowledge that we feel IS Astrology. This astrology functions on the basis of the division of the Zodiac into the twelve fields (houses) and the horoscope signs through which the Sun, the Moon and all the other planets that create the known Solar System.

This “western” Astrology is based on the movement of the Sun through the Zodiac, so that each of us based on its date of birth (the data necessary for the precise creation of the Natal horoscope are: day, month, year, hour, minute and place of birth), with the exact position of the planets in that specific time.

The essence of this is that every person at its birth has his own “personal card” – that represents “the image of the sky” at the time of one’s birth. Amazing, right? Well, in this article we are speaking of birthdate April 27 and Zodiac sign Taurus. You could see that date of birth is very important and inseparable part of an astrological analyse, and extra attention is mandatory to it.

Personality and character

People born on April 27 leave a substantial impact on their environment, they are influencers, people who have something meaningful to say, they are those charming individual who others like to follow. They have great projective power, and their ideas are respected so their presence can be felt even when they are not there – people of the April 27 are those people who have a strong energetic field that attracts everything that is around it. In principle, these persons like to be on the side, and the position of the leader is not very tempting for them, even if it is very clear that these people are born to be the leaders and society’s greatest humans.

Sometimes they are not aware of this fact, and they can spend their lives in neglecting their primary need – to lead and to make changes in society.

It is rare that they are preoccupied with social life so that these people usually get into relationships within an organisation they work with; people who are born on the April 27 don’t have time to look for social partners outside their work environment in which they spend a lot of time. If they work alone at work, they are not lonely; they are occupied with their work. They are neither jealous of those who are more prosperous and more popular than they are – we could even say that these people are entirely deprived of these feelings, and sometimes their environment can underestimate them. They do not need to admit others because they know exactly whether they have succeeded or not. They have the ability to stick with their own flaws and to turn very quickly to other projects. In essence, these are people who are enough for themselves, but we could not say that these people are loners, because they are not; they are always surrounded with many people, close and distant.

When personal relationships are concerned, these people from their love partners seek great understanding of their privacy; and more importantly, they need to be left alone while they are working especially.

Some representatives of this date have to bear in mind that such behavior can lead to overwhelming isolation as well as intolerance towards others, but this situation rarely happens.

Love compatibility

We have already said that people who are born on April 27 often find their love partners in the work environment since they can develop close ties to their co-workers. But in their case, this is a right thing and maybe the best possible love solution for them.

In their core, these people belong to the Taurus Zodiac sign that is an earthly sign, and as such, they love everything that is tangible and material. They are the people who in love like obvious demonstrations of passion, they like to be adored, and they give the same treatment back to their lovers. Of course, what is mandatory for their partners is to be aware that people of the April 27 need to have a free space, even in a long-term relationship.

They are very tactical but pleasing to their lovers and like to treat them with things like quality and delicious food, good wines, luxurious furnishings, artwork, good cars and tangible goods. They like to be surrounded by comfort and luxury, and it is the perfect environment for them and their lovers.

Deep inside, those who are born on April 27 are incredibly sensible and responsive to subtle touches rather than roughness, and even if they can seem like they are the people who enjoy roughness, they don’t.

When these people are in love, can forget about their wisdom, and in certain situations can sink into some madness. They love being in love and having someone next to him, and it is a strong motive in everything [it works. His temperament is, in fact, the result of a deeply-based passion.

Purpose and Career

As all Taurus people, those individuals who celebrate their birthdays on April 27 dedicate themselves to their work, wholly and entirely; if they have a specific idea, they will pursue that dream until their make it their own reality.

In work and business environment people of the April 27 are traditional and wise. As we have said, these people are adorned with a certain charisma, and they are those who are followed; they are the leaders of any team, even if that part is not the basic idea and their primary goal in their work.  On the contrary, these things are far from what these people want but are also something that regularly happens to them. They are excellent in any job that requires reliable and effective presentation of a particular idea or a business plan that is why they are excellent public relations people, managers, etc. Careful in their lives and work also, they like to plan things, and if something does not go as they expected, they will make things better with their charm.   His goal in life is to have a comfortable home, a warm fireplace, a real partner and a good life. It loves safety in every sense, both in work and in love, in career and in other lifespan.


Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

The time has come for the symbolical analyses of this date, and part of that process is an examination of the numerological influence of a ruling number that is, in this case, a numeral 9. It is a significant number in numerology, and also in the astrological sense, and it is the number that gives people who are under its impact a strong influence on people in your environment. Passing through the experience of all other numbers that is the number 9; it gives wisdom and tolerance. They often know what’s best for everyone, and they often play each other’s father and everybody’s mother.

Their ruling planets are Venus, that is responsible for all Taurus people, and under the government of the planet Mars. Under the great influence of the energetic Mars who is ruling this day as well as the feminine Venus who dominates the Taurus, these people have a well-constructed male-female principle and are very easy to function both in male and female society.

From this, all of that charm and attraction comes, even if it is an attraction that they don’t want, or is not their primary goal.

Their number is 9, and their color is magenta – purplish-red, reddish-purple color.

Historical events on April 27

These are events that happen in the past and made a permanent impact on humans, so these occurrences were recorded, and they all happened on the April 27.

1521-  Archbishops from the Philippine island Maktan killed Portuguese sailor Ferdinand Magellan, who led the expedition on the first voyage around the world.

1810 – Ludwig van Beethoven composed a miniature For Elizabeth, a birthday gift for a girl because he had forgotten to buy her a gift.

1813 – The US military, under the command of General Price, occupied by Toronto during the Anglo-American War.

1908 – Fourth Summer Olympic Games opened in London.

1909 – The group “Young Turks” fell back to the rule of Turkish Sultan Abdul Hamid.

1941 – The World War II: German troops entered Athens.

1950 – The United Kingdom acknowledged Israel.

1960 -Independence of the African state of Togo, a former French colony, was declared.

1978- The Afghan military forces took power in the country and established a government based on Islamic principles.

1992 – The Zambian military aircraft, that carry a football team of the African country, fell into the Atlantic Ocean. All 30 passengers died.

1993 – Eritrea gained independence from Ethiopia after three decades of prolonged civil war and a referendum in which its citizens voted for independence.

1994 -The African National Congress won the first black election in South Africa’s history.

1997 – Hong Kong, officially opened the longest floating railroad bridge in the world, connecting the city with a new aerodrome.

2005 – Airbus A380 had its first trip as the world’s largest passenger plane.

Famous people born on April 27

In the section below take a look at the people who rise from anonymity and made something out of their lives, and what they all share is their birthday – April 27. See who they are and what did they do in their lives, or still do.

1737 – Edward Gibbon, an English historian.

1759 – Mary Wollstonecraft, an English writer of Irish origin and a woman rights fighter.

1791 -Samuel Finley Breese Morse, an American painter and inventor of the telegraph.

1820 -Herbert Spencer, a British philosopher and one of the founders of sociology.

1878 – Mary Guadalupe Garcia Zavala, a Mexican saint.

1891 – Sergei Prokofiev, a Russian composer and pianist.

1935 – Theodoros Angelopoulos, a Greek filmmaker, and screenwriter.

1952 -George Gervin, an American basketball player.

1963 -Russell T. Davies, a British screenwriter and producer.

1971 – Arturas Karnishovas, a Lithuanian basketball player.

1976 – Walter Pandiani, an Uruguayan football player.

1986 – Dinara Safina, a Russian tennis player.

1995 -Nick Kyrgios, an Australian tennis player.

There are many words, phrases and attributes that we could use to describe people who are born on April 27, and they can be in a first place described as typical Taurus people. They like security, comfort, and are dedicated to their work.

What is different in their lives, is that they are incredibly charming people who can make their success just by using their charm; they are the people who others gladly follow in whatever they do or say.

But as all Taurus, these people like to have safety and security in their life (work and love), they are true hedonists, they like to indulge in all the blessings. Often they find their perfect lover in their work environment, but it is out of great importance that their long-term partner follows them in everything they do, simultaneously giving them freedom and independence.

Some people say that those who are born on the April 27 are people who seek the attention, that can sometimes be counterproductive, but we will not agree to this statement, we think that these people don’t seek the attention, it finds them, and they successfully use it for their own benefit.

In the end, we can maybe conclude that their goal in life is to have a comfortable home, a warm lover, a real partner and a good life. It loves safety in every sense, both in work and in love, in career and different lifespan, and they direct their actions in this direction.