April 23 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Let us talk about the planets and celestial bodies that make our Solar system and affect life on Earth; science had long time ago proved that the Earth is under the influence of the Universe (at least the closest Universe, our Solar system), and the next logical question is: What is happening to a man, as a small organism that is living on its surface, does planets affect them too? And if they do, in which way, to what extent, and for how long, and more importantly does that influence affect fate? Is that affect long-term or short-term? There are numerous questions and the same amount of answers, and we are just beginning to scratch the surface; since the matter of Astrology is complex and ongoing.

Is it known to that the Earth’s daily rotation around its axis, and other planets, as well as the Suns,  appear in the east, then lightly climb the celestial vault until it reaches its highest position – the culmination point and then softly descend back and “sigh” in the west. We are speaking of their daily movement and that means that we have not only Sun and the Moon that certainly affect us, but we have Mercury, Venus, Mars and other planets as well – they all affect us in a certain way, and more importantly they are in a specific position at the time of birth.

A few years ago, complex research was conducted on 25,000 respondents in Europe, and those results show that the position of the planets at the time of our birth determines our choices – that is, the choice of profession or a lover, or a general life path that we will take.

So, our Zodiac sign and the time of our birth can determine a lot of things about us, and it is something that we will examine further in this article, specifically we will speak of birthdate April 23 and the connection to the Zodiac sign Taurus.

Personality and Character

People born on April 23 possess a variety of talents, but they are the people who can spend days, months and years looking for the ideal conditions that will suit them in their life or work; they are demanding in this way. People of this date sometimes look for the perfection in things they do, or they choose to do and can have so many lost opportunities in life.

As all Taurus people, April 23 people find that being successful in their businesses is the essential thing in life, a top priority – most often they take leading positions of some well-known or influential organisation. They work by their principles, they are hard-working and can stand for what they believe until the end, or being more specific the moment when they achieved their intentions.

Emotionally, people of the April 23 are often incredible dependent to a family that protects them and provides a sense of security, and they try to impose that kind of attitude on their families and personal relationships. This is a trait that is common for all Taurus people, and this feature didn’t skip people of the April 23. Financial success and security are the most significant things in the lives of people born on April 23 – as all people who belong to Taurus sign in the Zodiac system.

Even artists that are born on this day will strive to find their work for the clientele who will buy their work from year to year, they need to feel safe and secure, and the biggest problem is to understand that in life there is no definite security in life, love and work. And we will add, that there is a particular beauty in uncertainty in the uncertainty and different situations. These people do not like an isolated life, and it is necessary for them to show their power to the broad masses. Those engaged in service activities who work as doctors, lawyers will very carefully protect their clientele knowing that they have; they are in good general keepers of secrets. People who are in close connection with them have a trust in them, and it is something that is a great virtue.

However, these individuals are more concerned with family and business individuality but choose less direct access because they could pose a risk of losing support to the group they belong to. These people will be more than happy if they would only deal with one type of work for the rest of their lives, but not for many people who are born on April 23 this becomes a reality.

The main thing for these people is to remain a certain amount of individuality in their business, or they may lose interest in not just work they do, but in the life, they are leading.

Love Compatibility

People who are born on the 23rd day of April need to have more freedom in life than other people, no matter how they like to belong to someone and are very emotional (connection Taurus and the ruling planet Venus). This type of emotional freedom is necessary since it is more comfortable and more enjoyable for them then to be suppressed and under someone’s total control. Their environment generally love them, and they don’t have any problem in finding lovers; people say that these people are after everything remembered for good, love and success. Also, they are those lovers who can show you that intimacy is something that requires complete trust, and trust is something that they have. Human beings who belong to this date are supportive lovers who can give the best advice and comfort, and they expect the same thing in return.

Those who are born on April 23 love security in love, as in other matters in life; they are faithful and honest people who know how to show emotions, they are not closed and unapproachable lovers. Because of this need to be safe and secure in love life, people of this often have a few long-term and meaningful relationships, and since they are often afraid of being betrayed, they don’t get involved into many affairs.

Purpose and Career

High status, a famous name and everlasting glory is something that these people strive to have regarding their careers; and they focus their work towards these goals, no matter what they do. Sometimes, people of the April 23 are those who have to have autonomy in their work; and in extreme cases, it can be transformed into rebellion, which can come as a surprise to their co-workers and bosses.

They are hard working people, who know what they want from their jobs, and they are just maybe a too idealistic, and they need to learn self-control. But, we must say, that their life can have a harmonious variant, so many of these people can expect success in life. If these characters are keen and take advantage of man talents and good life opportunities, success will also come from popularity. On that journey, they will undoubtedly have a helping hand; people are willing to help them and to assist them. They make great workers as well as authorities and people in positions- there is no difference in their devotion to a specific project.

What they can learn in their work journey is to turn their flaws into wins, they should not focus so much on their weaknesses and everything that they haven’t do good, they should focus on the positive side.

More active social life and a solid education are winning combination for them – their contribution to the world will be greater, more they activate talents they will be more satisfied. It is a cause and reaction model of behavior, the more they are pushed to produce they are more effective.


All in all, people of this date cannot complain because often they are provided with freedom, abilities and excellent opportunities in life; they just need to use them and never to idealize any job.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

People who were born on 23 April are ruled by the number 5 and the planet Mercury. What this does symbolically mean is that people who are under the influence of numeral 5 are great adventurers and recover very quickly from all the major disappointments and life problems that they may have in life. Mercury represents the speed of thought, and the ability to change things, but also strong temperament. For people born this day, it is very important that they try to stabilise this energy because of the need for security. Mercury combined with Venus, which is dominated by the Taurus and the powerful Mars, can lead to unobtrusive practices and undermine their reputation.

Their numbers are 5 and 25, and their color is golden yellow.

Historical Events on April 23

Today, the time has come to see what are essential events took place on the 23rd day of month April, and leave such trail that we remembered.

1014 – The Battle of Clontarf, where the great king of Ireland Brian Boru was killed.

1343 – The Jurjevski nocturn uprising, the rebellion of Estonian peasants against the foreign powers of their German feudal lords.

1660 – – By a Peace Agreement from Olive, Poland has handed over Sweden Livonia to Riga.

1685 – In London’s Westminster Abbey James II was crowned as King of England and Ireland.

1728 – A large part of Copenhagen was destroyed in the fire.

1938 – Sudetic Germans sought, with the support of Hitler, full autonomy within Czechoslovakia.

1941 – The World War II: The Greek army capitulated in front of the troops of Nazi Germany.

1945 – The World War II: The Red Army liberated the Nazi camps “Sachsenhausen” and “Ravensbrik”.

1975 – The US President Gerald Ford admitted defeat in the Vietnam War.

1982 – The Conch Republic, which includes part of the city of Key West, Florida, “declared” independence from the United States.

1997-  Chinese leader Jiang Zemin and Russian President Boris Yeltsin signed a decree opposing the domination of a super-force in post-Cold War era.

2003 – In Beijing, the first direct negotiations between the United States and North Korea were held after the recognition of North Korea that it secretly worked on the promotion of nuclear weapons.

2007 – The first terrestrial planet discovered in the settling zone, it was called Gliese 581 c.

2009 – The farthest known astronomical object inspired the flash of GRB 090423 rays.

Famous people born on April 23

You will notice that there are so many amazing people that are born on the April 23; they are all successful in what they do. Take a look at who they are and we will say just one thing, among them there is one of the most famous writers of all time.

1564 – William Shakespeare, an English drama writer.

1775 – Joseph Mallord William Turner, an English painter.

1858 -Max Planck, a German physicist and winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics.

1891- Sergei Prokofiev, a Ukrainian composer.

1897 – Lester Bouls, a Canadian politician and statesman.

1901 – Edmund Brisco Ford, a British ecological geneticist.

1911 – Simone Thérèse Fernande Simon, a French film actress.

1928 –  Shirley Temple, an American actress and diplomat.

1936 – Roy Orbison, an American singer.

1939 – Stanisław Wielgus, the Archbishop of Warsaw.

1940 – Dietrich Schwanitz, a German writer.

1954 -Michael Moore, an American filmmaker.

1968 – Timothy McVeigh, an American terrorist who perpetrated the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

1983 -Daniela Hantuchova, a Slovakian tennis player.

1983 – Taio Cruz, a British singer.

1987 -Boaz Mauda, ​​an Israeli pop singer.

Let us sum up all information about people of April 23 – they are the people who have an excellent understanding of human character and can easily understand the virtues and weaknesses of their interlocutors. This power of insight into the nature of others can be exploited constructively, especially if they are engaged in parenting or teaching.

They are people who know how to love but are mainly focused on their careers, and need to learn that real life is not like in their imagination.