April 21 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Believe or not to believe, to let go or to hold back, the question is now? Astrology is a science with all elements that science has or a bunch of guessing and funny predictions that no one could take seriously into consideration? Many questions impose themselves as important when we talk about Astrology and all of its “content”, but we must admit that

Astrology is often disputed its scientific status that others believe it deserves without a doubt. However, some other branches of science confirm that astrologers have one thing right (we will add, more than one thing) – the date of birth can really affect our character, choice of life path, and everything in between.

Did you know that even one real study; a scientific experiment confirmed this claim? Yes, you have heard it well actual scientist in Hungary conducted research to see do people who share birthdays have something in common. This research, or maybe the better term is study or experiment, was conducted at the University in Budapest and it confirms that the date of birth (the date on which you were born) affects your habits, mood, personality, interpersonal relationships, fate, etc. And that influence continues throughout life and can be affected with careful insight in natal chart and Zodiac sign.

In this article, we will examine and try to determine what are like people who are born on April 21.

Personality and Character

These are very specific people who put their professional success in the foreground; people of the April 21 are focused internally towards emotional happiness and joy. They are people who can lead a vivacious life, have more marriages, or have many love affairs since they belong to the Taurus Zodiac sign, and they are under significant influence from the planet Venus, so-called “love planet”.

Their integrity is above all else, and they are the people who live under their own principles, and they try not to ruin them – but it is also a trap, and because of it, they seem to others as cold and career oriented people. They love freedom and move freely for their many delightful pleasures, but they never neglect their careers and love to have security in life, both financial and emotional. They are attracted to food, vacations, travel, and luxury, all that has to do with the sense of pleasure (here we can see an evident influence from the planet Venus that is in charge for people of the April).

Their values ​​are geared toward lifestyles and harmony while their love is turned to pretty things and is hugely developed since they are under the influence of the planet Venus.

Some members of this date can neglect their other obligations when they are in love, but this state doesn’t last long, and they try to pull themselves out of this “toxic” state. Advice to the people of the April 21 is to spend Women who were born on 21 April need more time to find themselves in the professional world, so due to their obligations (family or educational obligations), this may take place between the thirties and forties.

They are Tauruses, and as such, they are incredibly stubborn human beings who will push and push until they reach their wanted destination; and their journey is even harder than with average people – people of this date will never do something that is against their principles.

They are undoubtedly talented people, not in some artistic way, but they know to get some job since they invest all their resources into the project they believe. One more thing is interesting here, they are people who quickly fall in love, and can lose their head, metaphorically speaking, but still, they will never do anything to jeopardize their principles and integral upbringing.

Love Compatibility

Here we encounter one fascinating story; as you may or may not know, people who are born on April 21 belong to the Zodiac sign Taurus that is under the government of the planet Venus. This planet is connected to the femininity, fertility and all things related to love and beauty. So, you could imagine that those who are born on April 21 radiate a lot of female energy. This doesn’t mean that male representatives of this date are wussies, or that women of this date are weak – this means that these people have a specific relation to love.

People born on April 21 have a very pronounced need to love and to be loved in the particular way that is the only way they accept and know; nothing else can come in that place. They are the people who are focused on their families and lovers and being in a long-term relationship or stable marriage is a must in the list of their priorities.

During that path of love self-discovery, people who are born on April 21 may be indecisive at some point until they have chosen a future partner to be with a full heart (with the assurance of retaining their independence, cause people of this date don like to lose their freedom, one part needs to be only their own).

They need to choose their lovers wisely, but we are not particularly worried about them, they will rarely endanger their principles and life goals. And maybe they are aware of this fact – that the perfect match for them is someone who will love them and support them but will know when to give them freedom and don’t ask too many questions.

Purpose and Career

People who are born on the 21st day of April will, work-wise, get much more in life than they can take. Every their step regarding career can be hard and overwhelming; they get much more experience in life than you would receive – it can lead to confusion and derail from their primary goal. They leave such impression that their environment expected from them to be communicative, to be in the company, and not to be seduced by the glamour of high places, they are supposed to stay on the ground, firmly. Only in that way will people of April 21 could succeed in their jobs, and they are aware of this, so they can quickly enter into new acquaintances that will put them in right places.

At work, they are prone to be locked up, and it often happens to break through deadlines for a deal, but the job is always coming to an end.


Their business plan for the desired position is hard to come, and even more difficult to maintain at the same intensity all the time. However, people of the April 21 are adorned, as all Taurus people blessed with many amazing qualities, like thick skin so that they can overcome various obstacles.

The best career for them is to see what their talents are and to use them to take the right position in a business situation.

One advice needs to suggest to these people, and it is advice that is connected to their life work – they can be nervous, selfish, and suspectable workers, often falling into the “overwhelm state of mind”. Much more patience and everything will be fine in their business; they need to learn one valuable lesson – happiness is in us, as well as everything else we produce. This also applies to success in work.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

People born on the April 21 are under the rule of number 3 and planet Jupiter. This is a symbolical aspect that we need to examine an attempt to learn more about April 22 and its influence on the people who are born on this day.

They are usually very abysmal people who are pushing for their dreams, and this dream driven behavior is a direct consequence of the Jupiter influence, but also as an indirect consequence of the planet Venus that is responsible for all Taurus sign people (that they belong).

If we look at their character from the numerological point of view, as number four they are very responsible but tend towards dictatorial behavior that can lead to intolerance of the environment, especially subordinated. Thanks to the planet Jupiter, which gives an optimistic attitude to everyone, these people can easily face the troubled situations, since they rely on that luck factor. They can resort to debts and serious financial problems, but also too suspicious financial malversations that can make them quick and easy-made money.

Their number is 4, and their color is emerald purple.

Historical Events on April 21

On April 21 we lost some fantastic artists and creative souls who enrich our world with their work, both literal and musical. These were and still are extraordinary people who left a mark and will always be remembered; at least until their life work is present. Read who they are, among other historical events that took place on the April 21.

753 B.C- Romulus, according to the historian Mark Terence of Varon, he founded Rome.

1142 – The French philosopher and theologian Peter Abelard died.

1509 – King Henry VIII, the founder of the Tudor dynasty, died.

1836 – Texans defeated Mexicans at a battle at San Hasin, which allowed the independence of Texas, which became a part of the United States in 1845.

1856 – Australia was the first in the world to introduce an eighth hour work day.

1910 – The American writer Mark Twain died, known for his novel ” The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”.

1945 – The last German troupe withdrew from Bologne. On the same day, the Soviet army entered the suburbs of Berlin.

1946 – The English economist John Maynard Keynes died, known for “The general theory of employment, interest and money” that has brought about a radical turnaround in economic theory.

1960 – A Brazilian capital was transferred from Rio de Janeiro to Brasilia.

1967 – A military coup in Athens established a regime of “Greek colonels” who had been implementing military dictatorship in Greece for the next seven years

1993 – The Supreme Court of Bolivia convicted 30 years of imprisonment of former dictator Luis García Meza for mass murders and constitutional violations.

1996 – Coalition of the centre-left  “Olive Tree” won in the Italian elections. This was the first wave of relevance in Italy since the World War II.

1997 – The first Chinese soldiers entered Hong Kong as part of preparations for the transition of the British colony on July 1, under Chinese sovereignty.

2000 – Parliament of Russia ratified the Russian-US nuclear-weapons-limiting treaty.

2003 – In her home in southern France, Nina Simon, the American jazz singer died.

2004 – Former Israeli nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu escaped from Ashkelon prison in the south of Israel, where he spent 18 years, out of which 11 in solitary confinement, for betrayal and espionage.

Famous people born on April 21

As on this date, we lost so many influential artists; some other important personalities were born on this day; they are musicians, actors and even Kings and Queens.

1555 – Lodovico Carracci, an Italian early-Baroque painter.

1816 – Charlotte Brontë, a British novelist and poet.

1837 – Fredrik Bajer, a Danish politician and writer

1864 – Max Weber, a German sociologist.

1915 – Anthony Quinn, an American actor.

1922 – Nazim Adil el-Haqqani, a Turkish Cypriot Sufi Muslim sheikh

1926 – Elizabeth II, a British Queen.

1930 – Silvana Mangano, an Italian actress

1947 – Iggy Pop, an American rocker.

1958 – Andie MacDowell, a Canadian-American actress.

1959 – Robert Smith, a British musician.

1970 – Nicole Sullivan, an American actress and comedian.

Let us sum up, what we know about people who are born on the April 21. First, they are the people who are under the significant influence of planet Venus, since they belong to the Taurus zodiac sign, and they are people who are “rough” from the outside, they seem cold and ambitious, but in fact, they have one main desire – to be loved and to love back.

This emotional side of them doesn’t deprive them of being persistent in their pursuit of goals; they don’t “sell” their beliefs, but at the same time they are those who love the luxurious and comfortable lifestyle.