April 20 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

A person who is curious about the world and people in general; who wants to find out more about his personality, abilities and fate; a someone who has a developed mental profile, who has wide range of thinking, and a certain level of education, and, what is especially important, has a “positive experience” based on belief in astrology, will regularly look his horoscope.

We are speaking of a person who believes, that at least there is something truthful in the Zodiac signs and horoscopic prognosis; and we are telling you right now if that person finds any information of his birthdate he will read it, no doubt about it.

The reason or cause why we look at the horoscope can be a question, a dilemma, or a problem that requires an answer, but this is not a rule, because there are many other reasons, such as curiosity or the need to improve some things, events and life events. And we will add this is something that all people share; these dilemmas are universal; in every culture and nation, some problems require answers.

And finally, we will always have to say that any type of zodiac related advice requires a respect of the free will and the right to choose what he will do in his life, and with his life.

Personality and Character

People born on April 20 have outstanding leadership abilities, they are people who are born on the edge between two very powerful Zodiac signs -Aries and Taurus, and they are very specific in this sense.

They can be described as very dynamic people, and their nature is energetic and even a little bit rough; they are driven by an inner sense of advancement. People of this date very easily achieve great success and power and successfully deal with all negativity that this kind of lifestyle carries with it. However, these people will not be happy, unless they are accompanied by close people on those paths to success; people of the April 20 need the support no matter how strong they are. The family, friends or love partner is most often involved in their business, since that need for support is constant and necessary in a life of the people who belong to the April 20.

Sensitive nature deep inside is something that defines these people also, and this is also one of the reasons why they need support from their close environment – no matter how they are strong and don’t show their emotions and fight all the “demons”, they need comfort. Their sensitivity can make them vulnerable, but they can also bring them the quality of an open and sincere person who will fascinate associates – it all depends how their focus their emotionality. They also have a very powerful power to instill emotions of others with their feelings.

But when we speak of their purpose and career in life, people of the April 20 are imaginative, their visions and ideas help them achieve greatness in whatever they do.

Facing the challenges, these people do not generally avoid problems and conflicts. It is clear that this way of life can be an obstacle in a relaxed and peaceful life, but people born on April 20th find their peace in this intense everyday excitement and situations that they have to solve.

Love Compatibility

You probably could imagine people who are born on April 20 – strong from the outside, filled with many fragile and tender emotions from the inside; and they are like that for sure.

They are very sensible and emotional, and their mentality has an incomparably greater role than eroticism – a perfect partner for them is someone who can relate to them on this mental level, not so physical. We are not saying that they don’t like physical enjoyment, on the contrary; but for the real connection psychological connection is mandatory.

But being with them in a love relationship is everything but not easy; they can be involved in their work, and their lover needs to accept that sometimes they will not be 100 per cent at home, dealing with all those everyday chores. The burden of family life will fall on their partner’s lap, and it is not something that everyone will accept gladly. It takes a non-ordinary person who can be with an emotionally burdened and uber-successful partner.

But, when they find a solid and dedicated partner, people of the April 20 don’t stop there -their love imagination requires constant “food”, and as they are highly adaptable and committed, they often have emotional problems and stress; expecting from a partner to help them deal with these issues is a must. It is good for them to be married since that kind of community will give them a sense of stability.

Purpose and Career

We will remind you that people who are born on April 20 are those who are born in the border between two strong and ambitious Zodiac signs, Aries and Taurus and that this ambition is translated in their lives.

Imaginative, competitive, durable, reliable – they are all of this in every job they do, amazing in any managerial, marketing positions, outstanding leaders, etc.

They are such workers who are expected to have increased responsibilities and obligations – which sometimes bother them. They are very sensitive, and not having proper support in their work can affect the development of artistic talents. In the best possible scenario, where these people find a perfect job, and a harmonious work environment, they are delighted, courteous, and caring, and are expected to create or secure harmony around them.


Some of the representatives of this date develop a great love for people so that they could become important peacemakers in their environment, and why not in the world.

They can show kindness and courtesy to their co-workers, but if they are not rewarded enough for work efforts, they will have to fight for material security. Sometimes they can neglect their families in search for material security and success in business; so it is advised for them to devote themselves to the spiritual development.

One more thing needs to be added – people who are born on April 20 should never choose shortcuts towards success, because if there is no obstacle, there is nothing to master, nor can success be achieved! And they want to make permanent success, a result that will be remembered forever, and the goal that is for many unimaginable.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

The number 2 and the Moon are the symbolical rulers of the persons who are born on April 20. How is this symbolical influence translated? The Moon and the numeral two ensure that these people are very gentle and imaginative personalities that can be easily hurt by others’ neglect.

Therefore, their loving partners should be ready for total devotion and understanding, no matter how tired they are. Those who belong to this date of birth, also have a weaker tolerance threshold for irritation, so they can easily attack people. Because of the great influence of the Moon, these people are open to sensory impressions and pleasures – they know how to enjoy and are great lovers.

Since it is usually difficult for people born on the 20th of April to exercise the power they have, they must pay particular attention to their sensitive side of personality and work on their own self-sufficiency.

Their number is 6, and their color is silver.

Historical Events on April 20

Some say that history is the teacher of life, and it is the truth; it teaches us about some important things that could happen in life, some bad, and some good. What we need to learn from this teacher of life is to never repeat the same mistakes as humans, and to become better in future.

These are the most important events that took place on the April 20.

491 – Eastern Byzantine Emperor Flavius Anastasius was crowned after signing a declaration of loyalty to the Orthodox Church.

1526 – In the battle of Panipat, the Mogul leader, Babur, with 2,000 fighters, defeated 10,000 Sultan Ibrahim soldiers; it began the rule of Mogul over India.

1534 – French navigator Jacques Cartier begins his journey to the island of Newfoundland. On this journey, he found areas that later would be New France (parts of Canada and the United States).

1657 – In the English-Spanish War, the English Fleet, under the command of Admiral Robert Blake, attacked and sank all 16 Spanish warships.

1775 – The siege of Boston began after the Battle of Lexington and Concord in the American War of Independence.

1792 – France declared war on Austria, Prussia and Sardinia. This was the beginning of the French revolutionary wars.

1841 – Edgar Allan Poe’s story “Murders in Morgue Street” was published, which is considered the first detective story.

1914 – The fire and an armed battle between the National Guard and the strike workers from Colorado’s coal mine led to the Ludlow massacre that killed 17 people.

1936 – Italian troops occupied Ethiopia.

1968 – Pierre Trudeau inherited Lester B. Pearson as Prime Minister of Canada.

1972 – A spacecraft “Apollo 16” landed on the Moon.

1986 – Pianist Vladimir Horowitz, who left Russia in 1925, after 61 years held a concert in the USSR.

1999 – A massacre at the Columbine High School in Colorado, Littleton happened.  Twelve students between the ages of 14 and 18 years and one teacher died.

2003 – The Ministry of Health of China announced that 339 people had been affected by atypical pneumonia in Beijing, of which 18 have been killed. Chinese authorities officially declared the SARS epidemic for the first time.

2010 – Explosion of Deepwater Horizon oil platform caused by Oil Gulf in the Gulf of Mexico 2010.

Famous people born on April 20

Where can we begin this historical lesson? Maybe it is best for you to read who are those amazing (positively and negatively) people who left the unbreakable mark on the history of humans. They are those who are born on April 20.

570 – Muhammad, the founder of Islam.

1805 – Franz Xaver Winterhalter, a German portraitist and lithograph.

1808 – Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte – Napoleon III, a French emperor.

1871 – Eduard Penkala, a Croatian inventor and engineer, inventor of the pen, anode battery and detergent.

1889 – Adolf Hitler, a German Nazi leader.

1893 – Joan Miro, a Spanish artist (‘Surrealism’).

1893 – Harold Lloyd, an American film actor.

1908 – Lionel Leo Hampton, an American jazz musician.

1923 – Tito Puente, an American musician (percussionist).

1939 – Gro Harlem Brundtland, a Norwegian politician.

1941 – Ryan O’Neal, an American actor.

1943 – John Eliot Gardiner, a British conductor.

1949 – Jessica Lange, an American actress.

1950 – Aleksandar Ivanovich Lebed, a Russian politician and general.

1951 – Luther Vandross, an American singer and songwriter.

1961 – Nicholas Simon Lyndhurst, an English actor, known for his role as Rodney Trotter in the “Only fools and horses” series.

1972 – Carmen Electra, an American actress and glamour model.

1983 – Miranda Kerr, an Australian model.

We will try to sum up all that we learn about the date April 20 and the people who celebrate their birthdays on this day.

People born on April 20 are extraordinarily intuitive and often follow their feelings through life rather than using already drawn roads -and their abilities are such that they have ambition and persistence to do so. At the same time, these people are very focused on the physical state, and they need satisfaction that brings food, drink and sensual gratification with other people as well as a stable family life. Again this doesn’t take away their need to be spiritual and want to connect to the world in such way. They can be torn between these two desires, but they are strong enough to manage it, but they definitely need a stable surrounding so that they don’t lose their focus.