April 2 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

People who are born on April 2 are born under the Zodiac sign of Aries. Aries is a fire sign and people born under this sign have an adventurous spirit, are active and friendly. It does not matter where you are traveling, near or far, but you can be sure that Aries was already been there before you. Or you will at least meet one Aries on that road. Also, Aries is the most real of all signs. Although independent, sociable and persistent, they can be surprisingly gullible and even naive and enter a dangerous territory.

No matter what challenge, climb or fall, Aries has the perfect ability to safely land. Their faith in life and the bright future remains unchanged even in difficult times. Many well-known athletes are born under this sign. Aries are considered to be the most active and strongest signs, which spring from strong energy and flight. No wonder the women born under this sign are strong, dynamic, and even sometimes aggressive, and as a result they often find themselves in a situation where they have problems in a romantic relationship.

For them, a man should be able to find a common language with them otherwise, she will scare him. So for an Aries Man, a woman should be the right woman to have a harmonious relationship, because such qualities are necessary for balance (to find a balance and a woman’s side in it).

Because of this, Aries is often the best friend, a real friend, and yet she should never oppose him. Besides knowing the general characteristics of a Zodiac sign, you also need to know the date of birth because this number has its own significance as well.

Today we are going to see what the characteristics of people born on April 2 are and which jobs or partners suit them best.

Characteristics and Personality

Aries is often a confusing sign because it represents a combination of a very strong male and female element that is combined together. Because of the strong male energy that accompanies this sign, in the woman Aries this energy will create some of the most interesting people in the world – which are an adventurous and competitive spirit, independent and strong. It also makes them very sincere and open.

Whether they are male or female, Aries is the one who does things, and not the one who speaks of them. They are very impulsive; they react immediately, with no time for explanation. That’s why their lives are filled with drama and sometimes unnecessary incidents. When Aries speaks of something, it is usually a story from personal experience, about things they did or where they were, and not about something they learned from books or from television. Since they are extremely active, they do not suffer from constraints or possessive relationships. Because of this, they often travel, so as not to feel trapped or stuck in the circle of everyday life.

No doubt you have a striking literary talent and a remarkable perception of everything around you. You are well assessing and analyzing someone else’s characters and you can make the person fall for you quickly. Sometimes you are witty and shy, and you even go so far to say out loud things others do not like. Remember that human skin is not as firm as the rhinoceros’s.

You have an acting talent, and this particularly applies to women born on this day. You love reading and learning, so grab every opportunity to do it; simply “swallow” books. Although you are a dreamer from time to time, the type of logician and thinker. You like spiritual and all weird stuff, so you’d like to participate in experiments and go to sessions where these things can be seen. Be careful that these interests do not overpower your life – your nature is such that it will suffer. Therefore, be alerted in time and beware.

Love Compatibility

People who were born on April 2 are very sentimental and they are simply always about romance. They love creating passionate connections with others and being involved with other people in general.

People born on April 2 are a bit eccentric and they can have a hard time falling in love and finding the right person to be with. This is because they are not looking for a person for lifetime and not just a fling.

These people can often be pretentious and conquering their heart can be hard. People who are born on the April 2 best get along with people who were born on the 2nd, 9th, 14th, 20th, 27th and 29th. These people best get along with those who were born under the Zodiac sign of Leo and Sagittarius but also with people born under the Zodiac sign of Libra. Aries and Libra is almost a perfect couple since gentle Libras need a bit of roughness from Aries people. For them, a man should be able to find a common language with them otherwise, she will scare him.

So for an Aries Man, a woman should be the right woman to have a harmonious relationship, because such qualities are necessary for balance (to find a balance and a woman’s side in it). Better combination is the one of Aries man and Libra woman.

Sometimes even Gemini can be a good match for Aries, but Gemini’s indecisiveness can be a problem for very honest and straight-forward Aries. The worst combination is the one between Aries and Pisces. Overly emotional Pisces can’t handle Aries’s free and flirty nature.

They need a partner who is going to be there when they need them, but also someone who is going to keep them grounded and not let them fly to high. They need a partner who is going to help them achieve their goals and keep them oriented to one goal and not stray away from their intentions.

Purpose and Career

People who were born on April 2 are natural born leaders. Careers that are perfect for these people are the ones where they can show their natural leader characteristics and organizational skills. Their ambition is very important and this is what leads them through life. Careers in business, entrepreneur, law and manager careers are perfect for them.


They are strong people who can organize people the right way and divide their tasks in the right way. Jobs where they can’t have the freedom to express themselves and jobs where they have many restrictions are not right for them. Aries people are very interested in building a career and having a good social status, which is most often achieved through marriage. It is a great improviser and for every problem, from business to financial, it easily and easily finds a solution. He must have a lot of money because he likes to spend it; he is generous and likes to care for others.

Symbols, Lucky Number and Colors

People who are born on April 2 have several things in common. Their birthstone is Diamond which is a symbol of elegance and strength. Besides diamonds, emerald is another birthstone for people born on April 2. Emerald is a symbol of harmony and regeneration. Lucky flower for people born on April 2 is red which is a symbol of love, passion and attention. Their lucky flower is honeysuckle, which is a symbol of sweet nature and delicacy.

Their lucky day is Tuesday and their symbolic metal is Iron. Iron is a symbol of aggression and strength. Their lucky days are 8, 13, 7, 26 and 20. Their motto through life is “I am, I do”.

Historical Events on April 2

  • 742 – Born the French King Charles the Great, who from the time of his arrival to the throne of 768 to the death in 814, expanded the Frankish empire from the North Sea to Italy and from the Atlantic to the Czech Republic. He was crowned king of the year 800.
  • 1758 – James Monroe, one of the most active politicians in American history, was born. He was President of the United States between 1817 and 1825. Together with J.Q. Adams formulated Monroe’s doctrine that proclaimed the American isolationist policy. By participating in two world wars and entering the UN, the United States abandoned Monroe’s doctrine.
  • 1792 – The dollar is legalized as a monetary unit of the United States.
  • 1805 – Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen (Christian) was born. World fame brought him stories for children, fairy tales among which are the most famous “Emperor’s new suit”, “Ugly duck”, “Snow Queen”, “Girl with matches”.
  • 1840 – French writer Emil Zola (Emile) was born, the leader of the naturalist movement in French literature, the author of “Teresa Raken”, “Germinal”, “Nane”. Zola had a significant role in discovering the machinations of the highest military circles in the Dreyfus Affair. With an open letter in 1898 to the French president under the title “I’m indicted” in the L’Orror newspaper, he contributed to the release of Captain Alfred Dreyfus, falsely accused of betrayal and sentenced to life imprisonment.
  • 1860 – The first Italian parliament met in Turin.
  • 1872 – American inventor and painter Samuel Morse, the creator of telegraph and Morse code, died.
  • 1914 – English actor Alek Ginis (Alec Guinness) was born. He celebrated the films “Gentle Heart”, “Great Expectation”, “Our Man in Havana”, “Lawrence of Arabia”, “Fall of the Roman Empire”, “Doctor Zhivago”, and for his role in the movie “Bridge on the River Kwai” Oscars.
  • 1905 – A railway tunnel beneath the Alps “Simplon” was opened, linking Switzerland to Italy.
  • 1917 – The US Congress announced war on imperial Germany.
  • 1940 – German army occupied Denmark and attacked Norway.
  • 1944 – Soviet troops crossed the Prut River in World War II and entered Romania.
  • 1960 – France signed an agreement with Madagascar that Madagascar became an independent state after 64 years of French colonial rule.
  • 1974 – French politician and statesman Georges Pompidou died in Paris. He was Prime Minister from 1962 to 1968. In June 1969, he was elected president of France, after Charles de Gaulle resigned.
  • 1979 – By closing the British military base, Malta gained full independence, ending an almost 80-year-long British presence on that island.
  • 1982 – Argentine military forces landed on the Falkland Islands, a British colony in the South Pacific, guarded by 84 British Marines. In mid-June, Britain’s military intervention again took over the Falkland Islands.
  • 2005 – The head of the Roman Catholic Church Pope John Paul II passed away in the Vatican. German Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who took the name Benedict of the Sixteenth, was elected as the new head of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • 2010 – Died American actor John Forsythe, who celebrated the role of Bake Carrington in the “Dynasty” series.

Famous People Born on April 2

  • 747 – Born Carlo Veliki (Latin Carolus Magnus, French Charlemagne, German Karl der Große), King of France and Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.
  • – Born Maria Sibyl Merian, a Swiss scientist, studied metamorphosis of insects and plants and sketched them.
  • 1725 – Born Giacomo Casanova, an Italian adventurer, a lover and a writer.
  • 1758 – Born James Monroe, American politician.
  • 1805 – Born Hans Christian Andersen (Danish Christian Andersen), a Danish writer, known as a fairy tale writer.
  • 1838 – Born Léon Gambetta, a French statesman and politician.
  • 1840 – Born Emil Zola (French Emile Zola), French novelist and founder and representative of the naturalistic direction.
  • 1863 – Henry van de Velde, a Belgian architect and painter, was born.
  • 1879 – Born Alexander Moisiu, an Albanian-Austrian theater actor.
  • 1884 – Born Gösta Adrian-Nilsson, Swedish painter.
  • 1889 – Born He Yingqin, a Chinese politician.
  • 1891 – Born Nils Dahlgren, Swedish actor.
  • 1891 – Born Max Ernst, a German artist.
  • 1902 – Born Mary Miles Minter, American actress.
  • 1904 – Born Karl-Ragnar Gierow, Swedish director and actor.
  • 1914 – Born Ser Alek Ginis (British actor), British actor.
  • 1920 – Born Jack Webb, American actor and TV producer
  • 1927 – Born Ferenc Puskas, Hungarian footballer.
  • 1928 – Born Serge Gainsbourg, French co-author.
  • 1929 – Born Hans Koschnick, a German politician.
  • 1933 – Born Gyorgy Konrad, Hungarian bookkeeper.
  • 1939 – Born Marvin Gaye, American singer.
  • 1941 – Born Penelope Keith, a British actress.
  • 1947 – Born Emmylou Harris, an American country singer.
  • 1966 – Born Teddy Sheringham, English footballer.