April 19 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Before you start reading this article, we will ask you a simple question, and you try to look into your mind and heart and provide us with an as honest answer as possible. And that further means this question: should you believe in astrology? Can it bring something good in our life, even as a fun thing that you use for time to time?

Maybe one of the reasons why we should believe in astrology and the power of Zodiac signs is that astrology exists for all these years (it existed as early as the 6th centuries B.C). It is clear to everyone that enough “proof” is that something has been preserved for centuries, it is the evidence of belief and duration.

Of course, contemplating in some real way about the power of Zodiac signs is more complicated than it seems, because in that process we need to think both abstractly and concretely, and to find a healthy boundary between the two.

Where is the boundary between our own influence on the quality of life (or fate) and the influence of the “stars”? Well, probably somewhere in the middle, but the influence of the “stars” on us, as well as the numerological influence of our birthdate, is undeniable. In this particular article, we will speak of birthdate April 19.

Personality and Character

People born on the April 19 are striving to establish a good and successful career, and they are the people who are ambitious and dedicated to their jobs entirely, other things can fall on the list of priorities. These people are attracted to all forms of power, and for this reason, they are critical in the production of objects, ideas or even children – they are those who want to be on the best and highest places in the society and the best possible results in everything they do(produce). They attach importance to the actual things and the fruits of their own work, people of the April 19 are those who like to enjoy in their success along with the recognition from the society that they desperately want.

These individuals try to maintain control over all the things they do, and they set themselves goals that others most often think are unachievable, while they think that the whole thing is approachable and that they are the ones that can make it better than anyone in the world. And since they are blessed with strong intellect and persistence, they usually make the right place at the right time.

They are part of the interest of the world since these they are influential people with compelling ideas, and what they attract are similar people, so there is a danger of jeopardising their position – they would never allow this to happen, at least not deliberately.

If they decide in their early years what they want to do in life and focus their energy on that, these people are waiting for a glittering future that is filled with recognition and fame. One of the main advantages of these people is learning from their mistakes of and the ability to let colleagues and generally their environment to push them forward.

What can also be said about this people is that those who are born on April 19 can have a turning point in their lives, a moment when they need to be ready for a change where a glittering future awaits them. On this path, it is only essential for these people that the splendor and luxury, as well as the smaller financial success, do not overtake them, and consume them so that they forget about their ultimate goals. For people born on the April 19, it is especially important not to project their controlling and demanding needs to their surroundings, because they should not be deprived of their own choices and inevitable mistakes.

The best possible advice to people of this date is to lower their aggression and tendency to rule.

Love Compatibility

People who are born on the April 19 are eminently great lovers who deserve all the attention that they could have in a relationship; also they are passionate and able to be active, devoted and warm partners who dedicate their whole being to their partners. Because of that, people of the April 19 have one major problem in their love life – they don’t have any understanding of people who are cold and non-emotional. This is ultimate sin for them, and they could never find happiness with such people; and even more, it is for the better to stay away from such people, for good. If people of the April 19 are in a relationship with inadequate partners, their negativity and conflicted, personality will re-surface and make a mess out of their lives.

Before marriage, or a long-term relationship, people who belong to the April 19, tend to change sympathies, but when they choose a lasting partner, they are very attached to him; there is no secret agenda if they are genuinely in love. Only emotions and harmony is on their minds in those moments, and it is their goal and their purpose; people of the April 19 are in their prime – they give the best of them in those moments.

Purpose and Career

If the love life of these characters is so great, what are they like in their work environment, in their jobs and the pursuit of their careers?

People who are born on April 19 have a rather complex character – they hate others’ influences and domination regarding their work. But this is not the most critical feature of people born on this date, because they have a lot of luck in life (and work also), along with the strength and excellent ability to deal with serious challenges.

They are precious people, with the desire to change, to be independent – which will ultimately lead to success, but also loneliness – because there is only one place at the top! They need to be careful not to overcome their personal preference for material accumulation, wealth, high positions in society, honors, because they could unfairly of these things, or even worse to get in a wrong way.

Even if things are great, and people of this date show their abilities and strength and succeed in their goals, there is one trait of their character. If they are not on the top, in high positions, then people who are born on April 19 are very valuable associates; full of enthusiasm, which is not unconstructive and negative, but full of inspiration, life force, and who will perform every task assigned to them. Of course, there is one catch here -these people need to believe in that job, and it has to be something that completes them and the idea that they believe (or can see themselves making serious cash that can eventually lead them to the job they want). Friends and associates will respect them, but there are times when they will neglect their family life since they are so actively invested in that business idea. All in all: a lot of instability and obstacles in life and many hard choices between the work and private life, regardless of what they do. Their main problem is vindictiveness in job-related issues.


Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons born on April 19 are ruled Number 1 and the celestial body – the Sun. What this symbolical and numerological combination does is that Sun and number one are incredibly strong “subjects” that affect them in a way that people of the April 19 are potent humans that want to be the first, have competitive debt and are full of energy. When added to the great influence of the Sun specifically affecting people born on April 19, these individuals may be prone to abuse of power that may have negative consequences for them and their family. In addition to the Sun that is ruled by this day and Mars, which has the sign in which they are located (Aries), there is also a great influence on Venus’ planet because these people were born on the first day of the cross-section of Aries – Taurus, and it is something that is incredibly interesting to observe. These persons should, if possible, reduce the impact of fire on Mars and increase the influence of the beauty, harmony and social stability brought about by Venus.

Their number is 1, and their color is undoubtedly bloody red (influence of the ruling planet Mars), with the hint of bright yellow (influence of the Sun).

Historical Events on April 19

Again, in today’s history lesson, we cannot escape from the power of war, and it seems like all dates that are under the certain influence of planet Mars, a war-like planet, are connected to war, fights, and conflicts.

531 – The superior Eastern Army led by Velizor defeated by the Sasanid Persians in the Battle of Kalinik at Eufrat.

797 – In Constantinople, the Byzantine Emperor Constantine VI was thrown and blinded by order of his mother.

1587 – Admiral Francis Drake entered the port of Cádiz and sank the Spanish fleet.

1713 – Roman-German Emperor Charles VI published the statute of the Habsburg family, the “pragmatic sanction” to secure the throne for Maria Theresa’s daughter.

1839 – London Agreement was signed by which European countries recognised the independence of the Kingdom of Belgium.

1898 – The US gave an ultimatum to Spain to leave Cuba.

1911 – A church separated from the state in Portugal.

1920 – The Peace Conference in San Remo began, on the division of the Ottoman Empire

1921 – The law on the division of Ireland into the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland (it remained a part of the United Kingdom), came into force.

1943 – World War II: The uprising of the Jew began in Warsaw.

1945 – World War II: American troops captured the German city of Leipzig.

1951 – In London the first contest for The Miss Beauty pageant. Sweden took the victory.

1960 – First South Korean President Syngman Ri withdrew from power under pressure from student protests across the country over electoral fraud.

1975 – India launched the first satellite.

1984 – The first Chinese telecommunication satellite was launched.

1993 – More than 80 members of the Davidian Church, including David Koresh, were killed by federal agents when, after 51 days of siege.

1995 – A car bomb explosion in a building of federal institutions in Oklahoma City killed 168, and more than 400 people were injured.

2003 – Somali President Dahir Riyale Kahin was named the winner of the first multi-party presidential elections in that country.

2005 – German Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was elected as a new Pope. He took the name, Benedict XVI.

Famous people born on April 19

Emperor, architect, commander and actor, along with a few sports personalities find out place on our list of famous people who are born on the April 19, from 1793 till the 1987 year; they all did something extraordinary in their lives, and they are remembered and will be remembered in the future.

1793 – Ferdinand I, an Austrian emperor and Hungarian-Croatian king.

1801 – Gustav Fechner, a German physicist, philosopher, and writer.

1847 – Ferdinand Fellner, an Austrian architect.

1850 – Louis Theodor Richard von Schubert, a German general and military commander.

1912 – Glenn Theodore Seaborg, an American chemist.

1930 – Richard Stanford Cox ( Dick Sargent), an American actor.

1949 – Paloma Picasso, a Spanish-French fashion designer.

1960 – Nicoletta Braschi, an Italian actress and producer.

1968 – Ashley Judd, an American film actress.

1975 – Tilmann Otto, a German reggae musician.

1979 – Kate Hudson, an American actress.

1987 – Maria Jurjevna Sharapova, a Russian tennis player.

1987 – Joe Hart, an English, football goalkeeper.

People who are born on April 19 are complex personalities who are determined to achieve greatness in their lives and are career oriented people. But, they are not deprived of emotions and also strive for the harmonious relationship.