April 18 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Maters of our life in the context of astrology are often connected with the maters of fate, and the fact do we believe in it, or we feel like free will and nothing more exists,

If we would like to respond to this dilemma, we should return to the beginning of the story, that is, to the “first” elemental dilemma, i.e., the original or “biblical question” – should we believe in fate, or should we believe that only thing that should lead us in life is our free will? This dilemma is very complex, and not many people can give you the right answer to it, no matter how knowledgeable they are. But, this is the question that needs to be taken into consideration, since astrology in its core is connected to this issue, so we will try to resolve this problem in the easiest way.

This dilemma is the true essence and the basis of everything because the answer to it follows every one of us, globally and individually. At the same time, in response to our personal or individual destiny.

It is faith or unbelief that is the basis for everything that is created in our lives that can become something or evolve into something else.  So, this dilemma, like everything else, should be simultaneously viewed on a spiritual and practical level. Because each of us in our minds and on the basis of the experience gained through life forms its own scale of values – we all believe in something and live our lives accordingly to this system. Of course, this scale of values always consists of those common or collective, but also those individual or personal categories.

We feel that astrology and birthdate information should be taken into consideration as a helper, guidance and the look to some things that have a potential to happen. And like in the creation of human being, genes, as well as environment play a significant role – we are born with certain traits, and we cannot escape from them.

Personality and Character

People born on the April 18 have a clear awareness of how they are presenting themselves to their surroundings and how they see themselves in everyday life – it is a picture that they created, it could be called a perfect picture. What these people cherish most in life, and put in the highest place in their lives is respect and love for all things that surround them.

People of the April 18 try to convince others that are in their surroundings that their point of view is good and that they have a reasonable observation of things. In addition to love, they are searching for respect in their family – for these individuals, it is very important that their environment accepts them for who they are, or otherwise, they will be unhappy. Because of this nature, all persons born on April 18th leave the impression that they are something else, something bad; they can be ruthless in their search for the acceptance.

If people of this date enter the state, they may deeply suffer but will fight all forces to re-establish the control over their life. During this period they may fall into severe depression, which takes time to restore balance and turn to action; and we will say right now people who are born on April 18 can take years before they take their life on the right track. But, on the brighter side of their character, they are great protectors of their own and others’ interests – as all Aries sign people, they too are fighters for others, and can impose themselves as leaders in this way.

It often happens that they set themselves to target something far ahead of the time in which they are, so some experts call people who are born on April 18 futuristic souls who can see the future. In this approach, they are very traditional and try to apply their knowledge, and experiences from others from the past to the current situation, with the projection on the future.

When we look at their emotional side, these people are often deeply emotional, and incredibly attached to their families; they depend on the moral support of their parents as well as their approval. In any interpersonal relationship, people of this date are deeply loyal – they build attitudes on morality and on social behavior that sit well in their system of values.

Love Compatibility

We have said that these people primarily understand love in their families, and they are incredibly attached to their families, and often depend on their approval and support.

In romantic love, they are very passionate, and people of April 18 show their affection warmly and openly; they know how to love and to show that they care for their partners, and it is not something that they share with their ruling sign – Aries.  One more thing that sets them apart from many others is that they are not afraid of love disappointments, and they are ready to go in search of a partner with whom they would be happy. Of course, this process can take time, even some longer period, but they will make it; people of this date will find love happiness again.

Although loyalty is something that they believe is the basis for a successful love relationship (besides strong emotions and respect), the virtue that they expect their partner to have is absolute commitment.

In some cases, with certain (temperamental) partners people who are born on April 18 are jealous, temperamental, and erotic, want to dominate, and they cannot always succeed in this intention.

In seducing games, they like to play hard to get; and when they find what they are looking for in love, they try to make a close family connection, like the one that they had with their parents.

Purpose and Career

People of the April 18 can face man obstacles in their work life since they are the people who tend do everything, including their jobs in accordance with their values and beliefs, and that can be hard for them, as well as for their environment.


These people spend their work energy on dealing with challenges because they want the best possible results for themselves and their team. Sometimes, no matter if they want to avoid those situations and behave in a way to skip them, they end up in many unwanted situations. In the pursuit of success people of this date forget about the consequences, and lose a lot. They are known to be solid fighters, which is a prerequisite for surviving difficult circumstances in high profile jobs that they do.

What these people of the April 18 secretly want is to have a lot of money, but they don’t always succeed, because they are disabled with their “system of values” and cannot do everything that certain situations make them do. But, these persons will never do anything in a dishonest way, and if they truly live harmoniously, you will be remembered for great results and loyalty.

Advice for these people is to direct their money-making skills to a wider plan, to focus on the needs of people – they can achieve a lot and gain a high position in society. They can be an example to many people with your ability to manage the situation, lead people, guide them, and advice.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons born on April 18 are ruled by the number 9 and the planet Mars – take a deep breath, because here we have the double influence of the planet Mars since that is the ruling planet for all Aries sign that they belong.

From a symbolical point of view, people who are under these influences have a strong impact on their environment; they are those who want to impose their values into the world. The influence of Mars has been dramatically enhanced, and it brings aggravated aggression, and the disputes they enter lead to hostility and intolerance. For this reason, these persons should avoid conflicts whenever such thing is possible.

These people are also prone to the exhaustion and loss of energy that can sometimes lead them in the wrong direction. For this reason, only, it is very crucial for these people to control their impulsive states without compromising their powerful energy.

Their number is 22, and their colors are red and white.

Historical Events on April 18

In this section, we tried to make a list of all important events that took place exactly on the April 18, so that we could have a wider picture of this date and all its features.

1506 – The foundation of the Church of St. Peter and Paul in Rome, the largest church in the world, and the centre of the Christian Church and the Vatican State is laid.

1775 – The American War of Independence began.

1906 – More than a thousand people died in the San Francisco earthquake, and about 200,000 were left homeless.

1909 – In the Vatican, French heroine from the 15th century Jean D’Arc was beatified.

1942 – World War II: American planes bombed Tokyo, Yokohama and Nagoya for the first time.

1946 – League of Nations officially stops to exist, and its assets were transferred to the newly established United Nations.

1951 – In Paris, Belgium, Western Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, France and the Netherlands signed an agreement establishing the European Coal and Steel Community.

1954 – Gamal Abdel Nasser, one of the leaders of the coup that overthrew King Faulk I in 1953, became prime minister and military governor of Egypt.

1955 – In the Indonesian city of Bandung, an African conference of 29 countries began, outlining the principles of the “non-aligned movement” as an alternative to military blocs – NATO and the Warsaw Treaty.

1956 – Informbiro, an advisory and coordination body of nine European Communist and Workers’ parties, dominated by Soviet Communists, was disbanded.

1980 – Zimbabwe became the 50th independent country of Africa.

1983 – A suicide bomber caused the explosion in the US Embassy in Beirut. At least 63 people were killed, and more than a hundred were wounded in the explosion.

1994 – Civil War started in Rwanda.

1996 – 18 Greek tourists were killed in Cairo when Islamic terrorists opened fire on a tourist bus.

1996 – More than 100 Lebanese refugees were killed when Israeli artillery opened fire on a refugee camp.

Famous people born on April 18

These are famous people who deserve a place on our list; they fulfilled two conditions, they are all successful in their life occupations, and they all are born on April 18.

1480 – Lucrezia Borgia, an Italian Renaissance Countess.

1590 – Ahmed I, the sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

1819 – Franz von Suppé, an Austrian composer.

1882 – Leopold Stokowski, an American conductor of Polish origin.

1927 – Tadeusz Mazowiecki, a Polish politician and statesman.

1947 – Kathy Acker, an American writer.

1956 – Eric Roberts, an American actor.

1973 – Haile Gebrselassie, an Ethiopian athlete, a long-distance runner.

1985 – Elena Temnikova, a Russian singer.

1987 – Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, a British actress and model.

The time has come to say a verdict, to sum up, all information of the people who are born on the 18th day of April. They are the people who like to present themselves in a certain way in a society; they have a clear vision of what is wrong and right in the world, and they try to impose those beliefs to their surroundings.

People of this date are intimately connected to their families, and that family nucleus is the centre of their power. In their work, they are honest, energetic and loyal, and try to do everything aligned with their principles, and they can be targets because of this. Since they are under the strong influence from war-like planet Mars, they have “killer” energy, and they should avoid conflicts by all costs.