April 14 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

People who were born on April 14 are born under the Zodiac sign of Aries. Aries people are highly independent and confident people who have a strong fighting spirit and desire to always be first.

Their will to succeed is stronger than in any other sign so they have a very strong potential to succeed and make a great success in their lives. Being born on a specific day is important because it carries a special significance that shapes your character. Certain date of birth gives you a special kind of character flaws and traits that makes you unique and special. In today’s article we are going to see what are the character flaws and traits of people born on the April 14th and what makes them special. We are also going to see which jobs, careers and partners suit them best.

So, if you are born on this date or you know someone who is, this is a chance to find out more about yourself or that other person.

The Aries can change from today to tomorrow, and you can hear incredible stories from him, but do not ever think he is lying. What you see is what you get. There is not one characteristic about him that is sneaky or malicious. They are simply the way they normally are and they never pretend to be something they are not.

Characteristics and Personality

People born on April 14 are very interested in studying history. Whether they are studying a particular area or story of their family, these people are trying to find their place in a series of people who have done something for this world. Seeking their place in the company of this person are most often found in social groups although they do not have strong leadership abilities.

People born April 14 are good enough to be respected in society. Less developed people need to be worshiped. It often happens that the way their behavior or the image that they leave behind is a source of appreciation and admiration, and even fear. When the family is concerned most of the people born this day want their family to understand their commitment to careers.

Men are very interesting and exciting people who give themselves and others great control. Women have a highly developed family feel, and people can not say that these types of women are call “housewives”. Essentially, both genders of those born this day want to impose their dictatorship in their field of action.

People born on April 14 are ruled by number 5 and the planet Mercury. The pet are great adventurers and freelancers. Mercury suggests change and impatience. Combined with Mars, which is dominated by Aries, it also brings powerful impulsive behavior. Because of these characteristics of this person, especially when their job is in question, they may be dissatisfied with what they are doing. Even when everything is fine and when jobs work well these people can feel anxiety and disappointment.

People born on April 14 are preoccupied with their appearance and are therefore prone to overworked physical activities, cosmetic treatments and various types of diets. For these people, health is not a problem besides the overwhelming attention they devote themselves to. The big problem is that the elixir of youth is still not available to a wide population. If you would accept aging and everything that comes with it especially when it comes to appearance, these people would be happier and happier.

Love Compatibility

People born on April 14th are very passionate and sometimes they rush into things without thinking. They often rush into things and make hasty decisions when it comes to their love life. Being in relationship with this person is everything but boring, and you should buckle up because it is never dull being around them. If you want to win the heart of a person born on this day then you need to keep some mystery about you because they like to chase. Just don’t be too hesitant or they might lose their interest quickly.

They love enjoying life and exploring new things so it might be hard for them to find a partner and tie the knot. People who best suit them are the ones with free spirit like Leo, Sagittarius or Gemini. They form strong relationships with Libras because they give them what they lack and those are patience and balance in life. They get along with people born on 19th, 11th, 8th, 2nd and 29th.

Purpose and Career

People who were born on April 14th are very strong and feisty and they are always ready to make the first step towards something new. The devil is a dynamic and impatient, loving action, and possibly the one in which he takes the lead. Optimism, impulsiveness, pole, and impatience correspond to the fire element of this sign. His attitude is “I first” and it is just as referring to the very fact that the Zodiac begins with this sign. The devil is busy with her, so she sometimes does not even take care of her own. What he wants, he has to get it and that price does not play any part, especially if someone else is paying for it.

The world around him interests him if it has anything to do with him. However, besides all this we cannot say that Aries is a selfish person. The innocence around him is relieved of his aggression and selfishness. There is no evil in his character, so he can easily forgive him for no reason. The sobriety that disarms is what makes Aunt Awesome. As a child, he does not scare anyone or anything until he’s up. He is not tricky or tedious, and he remains alive throughout his life. He always believes with all his heart, struggling and growing, to try again all over again. They are not afraid of anything and they are always the first ones to take on a challenge and make a strong impact with their work. They are hard-working and prepared to make a difference no matter what life throws a them. Their life motto is “I am, I do” which perfectly describes them. Jobs or careers that best suit them are firefighter, policeman, lawyer and sportsmen.

Symbols, Lucky Number and Colors

People who are born on April 14th have several things in common. Their birthstone is Diamond which is a symbol of elegance and strength. This birthstone should always be gifted to people born on April 14th since it is going to give them exactly these two things.

Their lucky day is Tuesday and their motto is “I am, I do”. Their characteristic flower is Honeysuckle which is a symbol of delicacy and sweetness. Their characteristic and lucky color is red and dark red, which are symbols of strength, love and passion. Their lucky numbers are 1, 8, 18, 20 and 12. Their lucky metal is Iron which is a symbol of strength and perseverance.

Historical Events on April 14

  • 1629 – Dutch mathematician and astronomer Christian Huygens was born. He discovered the ring around Saturn and constructed a clock with a pile.
  • 1759 – German composer Friedrich Handel died in London. His great opus contains works, oratories and a large number of compositions for the orchestra, and the most famous are the “Mesia”, “Israel in Egypt” and “Saul” oratories.
  • 1849 – On the initiative of revolutionary leader Lajos Kosuth Hungary declared independence from Austria.
  • 1865 – US President Abraham Lincoln was killed in the assassination several days after the end of the civil war. Johnny Booth was shot at him in the lodge of the Johnson Theater. Lincoln died a day later, and the new president became Andrew Johnson.
  • 1900 – French President Emil Loubet opened an international exhibition in Paris which, on 315 hectares, was the largest of its kind in the history of Europe.
  • 1904 – English actor and actor Seir John Gielgud was born. She gained glory in the roles of Shakespeare’s heroes, and the Oscar-winning film was awarded in 1981 for the role of “Artur”.
  • 1907 – Born Fransoa Divalja (Francois Duvalier), who, with the nickname “Papa Dok”, was Haitian president-dictator from 1957 to 1971.
  • 1914 – The American philosopher and logic Charles Sanders Peirce, founder of pragmatism, died later, which was later developed by William James.
  • 1917 – Ludovik Lazarus Ludwig, an inventor of Esperanto, a combination of a series of world languages, died. Under the pseudonym Dr Esperanto published a textbook of the newly created language “Lingvo Internacia” in 1887.
  • 1930 – Pesnik Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovski, one of the founders of Russian futurism, the author of the lyric poems “Cloud in the Pantaloons” and “The Flute of the Spin”, committed suicide in Moscow.
  • 1931 – Spain was declared a republic after the abdication and reign of King Alfonso III abroad. The Republic, in 1939, after a three-year civil war, abolished General Francois Franko.
  • 1945 – Allied forces have arrested the German diplomat and politician Franz Papen and handed him over to the War Crimes Tribunal in the Second World War in Nirnberg. Released by guilty, he was later sentenced to eight years in prison in Germany, but was released in 1949.
  • 1975 – In Sikim, the monarchy was abolished and the republic declared. As such, he became the 22nd Indian state.
  • 1986 – Simone de Bovoar a lifelong living man named Jean Paul Sartre (Jean Paul Sartre) died. Her book “The Second Half” was the inspiration of the feminist movement.
  • 1988 – Afghanistan and Pakistan signed an agreement in Geneva in Geneva, and the USSR and the United States made allegations of non-combat. The agreement provides for the return of Afghan refugees from Pakistan and the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan.
  • 1994 – Two US combat aircraft F-15 were sunk by two US helicopters, above northern Iraq, killing all 26 people in them.
  • 1995 – The World Health Organization reported that about one million people in the former Yugoslavia needed medical attention due to psychological traumas caused by the war.
  • 1999 – At least 75 people were killed and 25 were seriously injured in Metohija in two refugee columns rocketed by NATO aircraft.
  • 1999 – Pakistan has tested a 2,000-kilometer ballistic missile, capable of carrying nuclear missiles.
  • 2003 – Abuser Abbas, a former leader of the Palestinian guerrilla movement Abu Abbas, arrested in nearby Baghdad, accused of organizing the kidnapping of the Italian passenger plane “Aile Lauro” in 1985 and for killing a Jewish Leo Klinghofer (Klinghoffer) who was thrown in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • 2006 – Berry Nelson died, the actor who first interpreted the character of the famous British agent 007 James Bond in the TV adaptation “Casino Royal” in 1954.
  • 2009 – The United States was deported to Germany by Donald Demjanjuk, a former guard in the Nazi death camp in Poland, suspected of the murder of 29,000 Jews during the Second World War.
  • 2010 – In the strong earthquake in China, the magnitude of the 7.1 degree of the Rihter scale, 2,183 people were killed, injured 12,135 and 84 were missing.
  • 2014 – Islamic organization Boko Haram (“Western education is sinful”) he body is more than 200 girls from one school in the city of Cheebok (Nigeria).

Famous People Born on April 14

  • 1578 – Born of Philip III, King of Castile, King of Spain and Portugal.
  • 1629 – Born Christiaan Huygens, Dutch astronomer, mathematician and theoretical physicist.
  • 1681 – Born Georg Philipp Telemann, a German composer.
  • – Born Friedrich von Amerling, Austrian painter.
  • 1868 – Born in Peter Behrens, a German architect.
  • 1904 – Born by John Gilgud, English actor and film actor.
  • 1935 – Born Erich von Daeniken, Swiss writer.
  • 1941 – Born Julie Christie, American actress.
  • 1945 – Born Rickard Hugh Ritchie Blackmore, English guitarist and composer, who was one of the founders of hard rock compositions Deep Purple and Rainbow.
  • 1950 – Born of Peter Esterhazy, Hungarian writer.
  • 1959 – Born Don Roos, American scriptwriter and film director.
  • 1973 – Born Adrien Brody, American actor.