April 1 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

How the Astrology in reality does works; it is the question you probably asked yourself a thousand times, and you still don’t know how? It is difficult to say how the planet controls human body and life on Earth, in some understandable, and not an overly scientific way. No matter if it has been established that astrology in fact works, but it is not yet known the whole of the hidden things that are still undiscovered. Astrology still contains a lot of mystical shadows in itself, and it is only inevitable that there are influences on human life – similar to the Moon affects tide in the oceans, planets affect our lives. No matter how to search for final answers, realistic and scientific, they disappear into the last definition of the Astrology and Zodiac signs.

A detailed answer to the question of what are the effects of astrology cannot yet be given, even if we accept that planets impact human life (they do), that the Sun determines the sensation and purpose, and that Pluto defines the questions of mystical aspects in our life, along with the evolution. It is impossible to explain precisely how these mythical symbols and archetypes determine personality and character and who stands behind all this.

Zodiac is a grand illusion, but at the same time, it represents the most precise picture of the secret trials and the connection that people have with the Universe in general. For a man, it is one of the forms of nature, such pattern, in essence, has causes and consequences and who looks for its origin as well as the meaning of its existence.

And the existence of the human soul, its passage through the lives (past, present and future), can also be the subject of the astrology.

And in the end, we all deal with this issue, each of us, in his own way; and maybe Astrology and Zodiac signs come here as a tool for discovering that path.

We suggest that you start this journey by examining your birth date, along with the equal Zodiac sign. In this case, we are considering the date of birth April 1st and Zodiac sign Aries.

Personality and Character

People born on April 1st are very hard-working and devoted to their work, whatever that work might be – if they are stay- at- home parents, they will dedicate themselves to that task entirely and without any compromise. They want to be at the centre of attention in life, but they have much more in them than they want to show to the world, in the moments when they are in the centre of the event -people of the April 1 always keep something to themselves, something hidden. Even as a child, this person seriously accepts a savage attitude towards everyday life by accepting many obligations and negativity that exists. They are those people who accept all commitments with the smile on their faces, and even in early age, these people are acting older, and have no problem in being like that. What hides inside of them, a pain, maybe they will

All they want is to devote themselves to their work entirely, no doubt about it – people who belong to the April 1 are ready to sacrifice themselves and to accept all those negative things that hard work could potentially bring. That dedication is so deep that during a long time it can happen to them that they are so occupied that they forgot about all other essential things in their lives, and to lose their focus and the real reason why they do what they do.

They have a lot of talents, but they do not rely too much on them, people who celebrate their birthdays on the April 1 are those who are counting on hard work and dedication. Improving technical abilities can be something that will be overwhelmed. For them, it is pacing when they ask for help with the job they are dealing with.

They are very original but do not overlook their unusual work, before they say their work is somewhat conservative. In order to be satisfied with these people, the job must be completed satisfactorily no matter how much energy it needs to do it. It cannot be said that these people are surrounded by friends because their pleasure does not require a great circle of friends – a few loyal friends are all that they could ever need in their life. They will cherish them, and be faithful to them in all situations, and they expect the same thing in return.

Their excellent sense of humor and the ability to not be overly emotional is what keeps them functioning in life; they can avoid stress in this way, and preserve their health.

Love Compatibility

When we are examining love relationships in the life of the people who are born on the April 1, we will start by explaining their general attitude towards love, because all other aspect come from it. These people are practical and will always start something and finish it correctly- if they are in a bad relationship, they will end it in the most dignified manner, they are not prone to drama, unlike some other Aries people.

They know what they want from their lovers – and in the first place is that it is someone who will be full of understanding about their dedication to work.

They are people who are mentally vivid, who are naturally enduring,  have a good memory, and humans who never seem tired or exhausted – they also need a partner who is not dark and depressive, maybe even someone who is too serious is also out of the question.

People of the April 1st are those partners who don’t have so much energy when they are talking about emotions.

Again, they are practical; they like to manage lives and have a lot of internal quality. They can never be overcome by difficulties, which, it seems, only have the urge to be more persistent.


Sometimes they can be very critical to their partners because they know where the weak point is in people and can use it to hurt their lovers during fight or argument.

Purpose and Career

In work-related issues, people who are born on the April 1st are natural leaders, so the role of boss in the job is the most appropriate for them. Even if they are not in such position, these people are acting like they are; they will impose their ideas, opinions and behave like they know everything, preferably better than anyone else. But no one can deny that these people are the hardest working people there is and that they will dedicate themselves to any job/career goal they impose on themselves.

However, people of this date may have a problem when working for someone because they are nervous about limitations and rules that someone else will impose on them, this makes them angry.

They usually start a lot of different tasks, but they focus on one that seems to them as most beneficial. And they are generally right; they are wise enough to see what the best job is for them, and what the most rewarding one is. Ideal Career for people who are born on April 1 is everything that has to do with competition, and physical education will be excellent. Just a few examples as a guide -they can become a personal trainer, athletes, and can do well in managerial and leadership positions.

They never give up their agenda; they can only make short breaks in their conquests.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

People born on April 1st are ruled by the number 1 and the planet (celestial body) Sun. What this symbolical combination makes in the life of these people is that it makes their character fighting and enduring in every situation.

They are big fighters and life winners who hardly accept the second or third place. Their nature always leads them to the top. It may happen that the units do not choose the way of the leader but will certainly choose the job they will work independently.

The Sun brings the positive energy that this person radiates to his surroundings, and in combination with Mars the ruler of the Aries sign people, this energy is even more prominent.

Their lucky number is 5, and their color is golden-yellow the brightest possible kind.

Historical Events on April 1

Some Historical events are great and inspiring, and others we want to forget, but sometimes it is good to remind ourselves of the terrible things that once happened so that we never make them again.

1572 – With the rise of the Protestants against the Spanish King Philip the II, the Netherlands began fighting for independence.

1918 – In the UK, Royal Aircraft was established.

1924 – The German court convicted Adolf Hitler of five years in prison for attempting a shooting in November 1923, but this was already amnestied on December 20th.

1939 – The three-year civil war ended in Spain, where more than a million people were killed, and more than half a million was forced to leave.

1945- With the unloading of American troops on the Okinawa Japanese Island, the last stage of penetrating the allied forces towards Japan in the World War II began.

1948 – The Soviet blockade of Berlin began.

1975- Cambodia’s President Lon Nol fled to Indonesia as his opponents circled the capital of Phnom Pen.

1976 – A German painter Max Ernst died in Paris; He was one of the founders of the Dada Movement in Cologne.

1983- In the earthquake in Colombia, more than 500 people lost their lives, and more than 1,500 were injured.

1996 – By joining “Mitsubishi” and “Tokyo” banks in Japan, the most significant World Bank was created.

2001- The American spy plane collided with a Chinese over the South China Sea, after which the American aircraft was forced to land in the Chinese military base Hainan.

2002- Israeli tanks and bulldozers hit Palestinian cities in the West Bank.

Famous people born on April 1

It seems to us, like people who are born on the April 1 can find their success in almost any profession, and by looking into their biographies, we could say that their work and life are fantastic and inspiring. Take a look who are these people.

1220 – Go-Saga, 88th Japanese emperor.

1809 – Nikolay Gogol, a Russian writer.

1815 -Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck-Schönhausen, a German statesman and politician.

1858 – Agnes Repplier, an American writer.

1868 – Edmon Rostand, a French poet and playwright.

1873 – Sergei Rachmaninoff, a Russian composer and pianist.

1875 – Edgar Wallace, an English author of crime-romance.

1887 – Leonard Bloomfield, an American linguist.

1908 – Abraham Maslow, an American psychologist.

1924 – Hovhannes Samuel Donabedian, an Armenian architect and painter.

1929 – Milan Kundera, a Czech writer.

1938 – Ali MacGraw, an American actress.

1940 – Wangari Maathai, a Kenyan activist.

1953 –  Barry Sonnenfeld, an American film producer, director and filmmaker.

1955 – Annette O’Toole, an American dancer and actress, was born.

1958 -Toni Innauer, an Austrian ski jumper.

1973 – Rachel Maddow, an American political commentator.

1986 – Kid Ink, an American rapper, singer, songwriter and music producer.

We could call people of the April 1st developed individuals, who are in peace with themselves; they are those who accepted themselves for who they are.

They are practical people, who are optimists; they can be methodical in their lives so that they can achieve all their goals, regardless of the area in life. Some people call them natural-born winners because they are able to make their dreams come true.

Maybe they should learn to be, a little more spontaneous and more open. All in all, they have a compelling character that people can envy you. They are destined to achieve great things only if you don’t abandon their ideals and ambitions.