Apocalyptic Dreams – Meaning and Symbolism

In a dream world, we experience a unique coincidence condition, and this is because, in it, everything is possible. This is because we dream in three dimensions – we can dream about the present, the processing of past experiences, and the preparation for the future.

In dreams, we can process all activities that take place while we are awake, and many say that the process of dreaming has triggered the need for a psychological balance.

But, after we had a certain dream, we can use the data that we collected from of psychotherapy, we can make our lives better based on a change and our realization of our mistakes.

But one of the biggest questions in the realm of dreams and their connection to our everyday life is this – what about the dreams that are related to something disturbing, or scary? Are they precognition that something terrible is going to happen to you in real life after you wake up after a scary bad dream?

It is true that dreams can be scary, terrible, sometimes beautiful, and sometimes extremely unusual, but each has its own meaning that does not have to be in correlation with our reality.

Nightmares are dreams that cause a lot of disturbing and negative feelings during sleep, and no one can deny this, and claim that he feels great after a nightmare.

Causes for such dreams can be stress, fear, emotional problems, or illnesses – this is very true especially in the cases where such dreams repeat themselves several times in a row, and every next time they are worse and worse.

We assure you that occasional nightmares are not a cause for concern; however, if you are experiencing disturbing dreams several times a week, maybe you should discover what that dreams means.

If you find out what that dream means you may be on track to solve the problem by focusing on fixing issues that overwhelm you during the day.

Today we are looking for a true meaning that is behind an apocalyptic dream; this is really important to speak of, since this is the dream that the majority of us has, it is just the other factors in a dream that are different.

You often wondered what this dream means for you and is it, maybe precognition of something terrible that is about to happen?

Meaning of Apocalyptic Dreams

This is the dream connected to the one of the worst of all religious terms (we relate this to religion cause this is the origin spot for the term) means literally “raising the veil” – the evil is about to come on our door.

But there is something that we must add here  –  we use this word every time we want to describe a catastrophe, an asteroid that threatens our beautiful planet, or events similar to it, this the event that is connected to the Judgment Day we all fear, believers of non-believers.

But the apocalypse does not mean Judgment Day, and in its underlying meaning, there is, in fact, nothing terrible is about to happen to you if you had such dream, cause even in real life, this term does not have such horrible meaning.

What is more, the word apocalypse has acquired this meaning indirectly, and gradually, thanks to the side effect of what it means.

So, if you had experienced such a dream, that you see that apocalypse has come and that you are in the center of that occurrences – maybe the world has ended, it means that these unpleasant moments in which you will have to make some crucial decisions.


A life-changing decision that will decide where your life will go from now on and it means that your life has to change its purpose; you do not have to be bothered because of this since this should be seen as a normal change in life.

Also, such a dream means that you may have to behave unusually, and your environment does not tolerate that – this may be the wake-up call to change yourself to the extent that you will fit into your environment.

It is not about what is right what is wrong for you to do, but with your inner desire to fit in, but you cannot.

This kind of dream may also mean that you do not pay attention to the disadvantages that your environment creates.

The main thing is to make a decision, stick to it – you will live a lot more peacefully!

This dream also could be connected to your ignorance of the events that are surrounding you, and you are about to be surprised by the events that are going to fall on you.

The symbolism of Apocalyptic Dreams

If you had a dream that you have woken up in an apocalyptic world, and this may be the bad news for you, but not in some dramatic way, it is the dream where the apocalyptic world is the symbol of your environment, and it is the representation of their expectation from you, that you seemingly cannot fulfill.

If in a dream you see some creatures that are a part of that apocalyptic world, it is the symbol of many things that you need to change in your life and can be the representation of your fears that even you know are not rational.

Sometimes such a dream can be a symbol of your unawareness that you are making some stupid decisions and that your life can be focused more on the nonsense rather than on true purpose.

If in a dream, you are trying to escape the apocalypse that you see that it is coming – this means that you are trying to avoid a situation that you think is irrelevant. It’s a metaphor for some kind of uncertainty that you feel in your everyday life; it does not have to be something that is utterly important. It can be something that is causing you to feel uncomfortable, and it is making you feel low or miserable.

If you are dreaming that apocalypse is about to come on your world, but it has not yet come, then you suppress it, and you do not recognize the rage in you.

Otherwise, run away from basic instincts or fears.

If the apocalypse has come, and certain entities are chasing you, and you feel that you are in some kind of a trap, it means that you are limited in your job, career, or that you are in a relationship or health.

If in a dream you are the survivor of the apocalypse it is the symbol there is a bad period of life in front of you, in which nothing good will happen, but you need to find the strength in yourself.

If in a dream you feel that you are the cause for the apocalypse it can be a sign that you will be in company with guilty persons who can bring you bad habits.

Do I have to be worried?

The dream of the apocalypse is not good for you, because you can expect your environment to be hard on you for your actions that they do not approve in some way.

So, in this sense, you have to be worried, since it is obvious that you have not realized yet that how you have been acting toward your surroundings.

You are caught in a riot, and you are tired of the monotony of everyday life – and you are far from the growth that you have expected or wanted in some way.

To dream of a post-apocalypse implies that you will overcome the difficulties that arise in your current life.

Alternatively, sleep means you have to take care of yourself. You need to be independent and resourceful instead of relying on others to the enormous extent – this may be the thing that your environment criticizes you for, and the reason for your discomfort.

What should I do if I had this dream?

Do not think about your actions, and then just finally decide what you will and how. You will realize that nobody is so valuable to tolerate inappropriate behavior, not even people who you call your friends.

It is truly essential to pay attention to these dreams because your subconscious and the universe tell you some significant things.

What is also recommended for those who continuously have these dreams is to check is anxious to some extent.

The dream of the apocalypse or the end of the world can be to deal with the significant events in transition or changing life.

Your life, as you know it now, ends, and some new ones begin – there is no guarantee that you are about to found happiness when you start it, but the main thing is to try.

Although things never end, a significant change in life can make you anxious, but sometimes that step is mandatory, even if it is very hard (the reason why you consciousness represent it in a dream as something as dramatic as the apocalypse), you must do it.


The dream of the end of the world or the apocalypse indicates that you are under enormous stress. You probably feel vulnerable and helpless in some situation.

But in some other ways, this is the dream that can symbolize something opposite from such devastating events – it means the discovery of what is hidden, someone or something will show earthly reality in their real sense or form.

Apocalypse in dreams does not mean that the end of the world or your life will soon be. It’s a warning that indicates that you need to change something in your life, relationship, work or friendship with someone, because otherwise, you may be in a catastrophic situation. You will not die, but today, unhappiness can grow bigger each day.

If you have dreamed of the end of the world, you need to focus more on important things in life – as we spoke in a previous section of this piece. It is mandatory to make a certain change from whatever reason, because the state that you are in the present moment (in the moment of your dream of the apocalypse) is causing you to be anxious.