Airplane – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

It is said, and since it has been accepted that our dream world is an expression of our unconscious desires and complex passions – in fact, there is a definition that dreams are the representation of random signs from the brain and body in the process of sleep.

While we are in the process of dreaming, we are editing and processing information that we gathered during some time, or on that day. Or, in some cases, we are not aware that we are thinking of something or we are not aware that something got our attention.

Later we process what we have seen in our sleep, or to be more specific, while we dream.

Some other explanations say that dreams have some other explanations – like the one that speaks of dreams in a sense that they are a cognitive simulation of real life, and that dreams are really important for our unconscious mental activity.

Dreams of airplanes are very common, and there is one statistic that says that people very often have dreams that are related to airplanes, or flying with them, in them in general.

What is also really important is that you must know that dreams of airplanes have so many different meanings. So, for example, they can be an indication of the disappearance of worries, changes for the better in life, the need for advice of the elderly or the experienced, and so on.

 Meaning of a Dream about Airplane

Dreaming of an airplane, in the majority of cases, of course, not in all of them, means that you will overcome some of the obstacles you currently encounter in your life.

This is a dream that carries some form of positive meanings – it suggests you rise above the situation and overcome the current status and position in society.

Especially the one dream where you are the pilot means that you will be in a moment to reach a higher level of awareness, discover a new form of freedom and greater awareness. You probably need to change the viewing angle of things in your life, by taking risks and being brave.

It may mean that in the next period of your life, you will solve all the problems that have been gathering for years. If you are in a relationship that does not make you happy, you will most likely be bothered and end the torture. You will want more and better for yourself, and you will begin to work towards achieving your goals.

Another meaning in one widespread airplane dream where the aircraft falls – is that you have set too high and unrealistic goals for yourself.

You risked the frustration and failure, and this will likely occur to you if it is not already!

On the other hand, the loss of confidence, self-defeating beliefs, doubt of yourself and your experiences are presumably the leading causes for the collapse of the plane in your dream.

The Symbolism of a Dream about Airplane

If in a dream, you see an airplane, but that plane is not in the air, but on the ground, it could be an indication that changes in your life will be for the better. There is a significant possibility that you can receive a proposition to travel or to change your work.

This type of dream can also be connected to documents and their importance in your life, like education, or something that you need for your personal progress.

On the other hand, if your dream is connected to an airplane that is flying, this may be a sign that your worries will disappear and that you will be able to let loose and relax.


If you are dreaming that you are a passenger in an airplane, it is a single sign that your risks in life, will pay off. Only your faith in your success will be sustained. You will not have the support of others who will foresee your downfall – but this is a sure indication that you will be able to look at them in spite of their misunderstanding and disdain.

If you are late or by any chance miss a flight and you see that airplane is taking off, this dream signifies that you are a precise person but also overly concerned about everyday problems that surround you. Things are not as mattering as they seem to be and you should unwind.

If you had a dream that you are the person who is jumping out of a plane, it is a sure warning that you are about to have some accident – not in the most obvious way, but you will have it. This can also be the symbol that soon you will enter the world of grown people, and will have to act maturely.

If in your dream, you are the witness of others who are jumping out of an airplane; it means that you will give up something that you long wanted. It is possible that this is a relationship that you only invested and wanted to succeed. You will realize the hopelessness of this situation, and you will let the beloved person fight for you or go. You will be very surprised at how much this decision will make you feel relieved and more peaceful.

If you had a dream that depicts you jumping out of a plane, it symbolizes that you will benefit from someone who has not given you the confidence. Things happen to you when you least hope or when you completely give up. It’s most likely that you will even get your hands off work or love relationship this time when you get an offer from someone who at first glance made you silly.

If in a dream you see an airplane that is an army jet – it means that you are a courageous person in real life, or in some way that decisions you make are courageous, but risky.

If you, by any chance had a dream in which you are the pilot of the airplane, it means that you have to take in your hands some situation that occurs in your life, and this includes your family also.  Alternatively, this can mean that there is a period in which you will take over the situation of your destiny and life.

If in a dream, you see an airplane that is fallen or destroyed, it means you will experience a problem shortly because of something you have done. If you see an airplane that has just fallen, it indicates that the problem will come to billing much earlier.

Do I have to be worried?

People can dream of an airplane and be in a variety of situations differently associated with this symbol – and this should not be the reason for you to be worried if, for example, you are the one person that fears flying. It is interesting that many people who never travelled by plane also dream of themselves on the plane or dream of experiencing an airplane accident.

Because you see, flying is associated with an airplane, and many people are extremely scared of flying, so this can be the first (negative) association to this dream.

All of this does not have to do anything with what will happen to you in real life, and even if something bad happens, it certainly will not be connected to an airplane accident.

Lately, you are negligent and often get into problems, you feel lost and do not find another way to report it to the environment that expects you to make crucial decisions – this is the dream that is speaking to you.

As we have said in one case, this dream can be connected to courage, and in this sense, you need to deal with your fear and accept the risks, and almost always, your chances are paying off.

What should I do if I had this dream?

Depending on the context of a dream, it can have so many different meanings – but one thing is really important for you to do. You need to remember how emotional you were when you had this dream about an airplane.

Whether you were happy or scared has the greatest role in interpreting the meaning of this dream.

So, your focus should definitely be on that, and looking for the deeper meaning; in some cases, this may be a good opportunity to find the roots of some irrational fears that you may have, but do not want to admit, or are not aware of them.

Sometimes this is a dream that is connected to courage, so you should wake up this feeling inside you and freely take risks, and also this is the dream that can carry the symbolism of control (in a sense that you should take it in your hands).


This is the dream that certainly shows many incredible opportunities for change in the life of the person who had this dream. It can be even a sign that a new relationship is on sight, or maybe a change of work or some discoveries in everyday life.

But, as you were able to see, this is the dream that has symbolizes things that may be wrong in your life, it can point to a mistake or some form of inability to complete a project or solve a problem.

Airplane seen in a dream can point to problems that may exist in your personal connection; it can be a sign of delays, unexpected risks and threats, and a possible tragedy and loss that you can face in the near future. Depending on what happened in the dream with the plane and what you did about it, this dream can be interpreted in so many different ways.

Sometimes this could be a dream that will show you something significant and meaningful about yourself, and it can be precognition of good luck. But on the other side of this story, it could be a dream that is connected to changes, and not all of them are turned to better things.

In some, more extreme cases, this is the dream that speaks of fears that are disabling you in some ways, and are by rule – irrational.

The good thing is that analyses of this dream can help you find the root of that fear.