9696 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

Sometimes, and this is highly recommended for all people who want to work hard on their lives, and in that process, they let Angels come into their lives. They are always spiritually present – their signs should be noticed, and those who care about you; on the other hand, who warn, predict, support.

Everything you might need they will provide, or they already gave you, but you were not ready to take it (it is a changeable category, nothing is lost).

Before talking more of a specific message 9696, we will kindly ask you to commit yourself to the process of maintaining the transmission of substance through my life by giving and receiving the most precious gifts of life – the gifts of caring, compassion, acceptance and Love.

When you know this, you also know that these are the basic elements that are a part of every Angelical message, and also this one also 9696.

Angels are talking to you with this message and are saying that you should always be open and, regardless of circumstances, you should live with happiness, joy and laughter.

9696 Angel Number- What does it mean?

It is known in science that any activity creates a force of energy that returns to us in the same or similar form – action and reaction, and this is the message that speaks of this process, you send Love, and Love will return to you (maybe not in the form you have sent it).

The message that you see 9696 has one main intention to create happiness in your life, and they are doing so, in a way that they are teaching you to sow the seeds of happiness. It should be the activity (9) of conscious choice (6) – two complementary actions necessary for every change, and the biggest and more progressive change, the stronger activity.

9696, in its totality, speaks of a moment – at every given moment of our lives, we find ourselves in a field of all possibilities where there is infinity of choices (but if we look at things from the perspective of only logical point of view we could not see it).

Some choices are made consciously and others unconsciously – our lives are as successful and happy as the conscious choices we make in life. But they need to be guided, cause Angels teach is that everything that is happening to you at the moment is the result of decisions we have made in the past, whether we like it or not.

Secret Meaning and Symbolism

You could see that this is the message that revolves around the mind, one very powerful tool; in a negative way, it means that we have “nurtured” negative thoughts about ourselves and others.

The problems are that negative thoughts are wasteful because they steal our energy, and information 9696 wants that your life must be connected to nurturing energy, that is positive.

9696, you can create peace, pleasure, joy and clarity of mind – ask what thoughts you have, whether you have an influence on our thoughts, or allow them to run wild without our control.

This is the primary process that will start with the acceptance of 9696-positive energy, regardless of circumstances in life, and it will return to you. Just never say that you do not have time, you do, and you must have it for this “alteration”.

9696 Angel Number and Love

For example, if you neglect your body, and if you neglect the needs of the body or force it, it can make you sick. And if you ask yourself what kind of energy we bring into our body, how much we recreate and keep it in good shape, how much we listen to our body’s signals and have we developed any addictive habits? What are we trying to say here?

The same case is with the internal state of us; if we do not feed ourselves with loving energy, we will see germ emotionally and physically ill.

Now, we have come to the message 9696 and its correlation to Love – the natural state is health, and every disease indicates that we have broken the spiritual law and its balance. This is one topic to think of, and this is the same with Love energy, as the most important power.


And the same thing is with any relationship in life. They can be the causes of the most beautiful moments in life, but also bondage and deep suffering – we cannot give Love if we do not receive Love, but we have to found the source of it, in our bones, in our core. It is not the case in which family the child is born.

Angels teach you that this capacity is for some hard to find, for example, for those who come from the dysfunctional families, so any suffering or bondage is making this process hard, but not impossible. Always have in mind, that when you are connected to the High Realm, the possibilities are endless.

Interesting Facts about number 9696

We all know, and if you do not know, now you will find out – the most famous scientists in the world, claimed that everything in the Universe is energy and that we are all vibrational beings who can create their reality. They specifically claim that numbers such as 3, 6, and 9 have the highest energy possible, with the strong transformative power.

So, if Angels have sent you this message, it means that you are currently settling your spiritual account, by knowing the “law” that we spoke before, the law of receiving and giving (the energy of attraction).

9696, in some other way, teach you that you cannot turn back time, and make some other decisions in life, the fact is that the only moment we have is this one now.

But, if you follow your inner voice, your feelings, you can consciously decide what kind of life you will lead, and what kind of choices you will make. Angels advise you to make conscious choices at all times so that you are fully aware of the present moment.

One more thing – 9696 is saying that your present moment, should not be focused on any material possession, for example – if money was the purpose of your lives is not a good choice. It should be used as a tool, not as a tool.

Ask yourself what your current spiritual state is and start changing it from now on by changing your relationship to the spiritual realm.

When choosing an action, ask yourself two questions: what are the consequences of my choice? Will that choice brings happiness and fulfillment to me and all who will be influenced by it?

Seek guidance from your heart through managing your sense of comfort or discomfort.

What to do when you see Angel Number 9696?

This Angelical message is connected, everything that is relevant to the all-important questions for one human being.

And what you should do is focus your attention to forgiveness – to anyone who makes you hurt or suffering; and if there is, forgive.

In this sense, you should try to give support to a person who causes us suffering or injustice; and the next logical step is to do good to other people, looking at them positively.

Such actions lead you to the desired balance, cause and effect, action and reaction.

Angels are suggesting you that you should dedicate your life to the spiritual service; led by the faith in God (whatever it may be the Universe, Nature, etc.).

Angel message 9696 means that you maintain a sense of spirit, and this is achieved through regular spiritual practice, and it takes great dedication and faith.

By doing so, you will know to recognize this moment, as the perfect moment for inspired action. Angels are asking you to look for the doors, and when they appear and open and we walk through them. Don’t delay and hesitate because everything is ripe for a positive outcome, and everyone is supportive and happy.

Do not try to speed things up, and you can make the wrong choice: we can impulsively choose the wrong job, get into a toxic relationship, and move to a bad place – all because we do not believe in divine timing. Here, we will end this piece with one sentence – the Universe (Angelical beings) is having your back at all times.