8989 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

One of the best news that you will hear today is that you are the responsible creator of your life, and in that sense, you are responsible for everything that happens to you, but this also does not mean that you should just turn off the light and signal to the beings of light to surround us.

They are still present and regardless if you take responsibility for your actions, it does not mean that you will make a good choice.

This is the place where Angels, as the beings of light that share frequency of Love, progress, health, step in your life.

Often times, they communicate with people using numerical sequences and today we are looking into one in particular number – 8989.

We will try to discover what is that “something” that will help you sees that miracle right now.

Read all about this numerical sequence.

8989 Angel Number- What does it mean?

Angel number 8989 speaks of that “something” that is connected to a miracle, and that miracle that is brought to you by 8989 is, in fact, a change in frequency or vibration occurs at Divine level.

Angels are saying in this message that your inner potential confronts the darkness because God has given us creative potential, everything we create with our hands, God will bless. Angels teach us that He rejoices when we create, and there is a connection that is proven – our inspiration comes directly from God.

In some cases, we are not aware that we have a talent for something, but our desire to succeed must involve, some form of persistent training because talent and desire would be in vain without a segment of will that drives action.

And 8989 shows you that direction, 8 is the talent, and 9 is the direction, so you can keep away the forces of darkness that strive to keep us out of the way.

8989 is helping your cross that gap that is between inspiration and inertia, and in which we stagnate, we have the desire but not the will because “something” distracts us and does not allow us to move forward. 8989 is the Angelical way to overcome such a gap.

Secret Meaning and Symbolism

But here is one interesting aspect regarding message 8989 – it speaks of the great expanse of our mind, along with the room for some painful feelings; and just as a storm does not have the power to destroy the sky, so also feelings of embarrassment do not have the power to destroy our mind.

And the fact that you have received such a message means that you are about to overcome those “bad” feelings of pain in your mind.

Angels are saying to you that you should not panic; you can patiently accept them, experience them, and explore their nature and where they come from.

Or, if you want to connect this idea with the previous one (energy and direction) and the process of overcoming those feelings that have been enabling you from progress.

If you succeed in accepting this message and Angelical wisdom, you will discover that painful feelings do not come to us from the outside, but occur from the inside of our mind.


Circumstances or other people do not have that power to make us feel bad; the most they can do is to nurture the potential for pain that already exists within our mind – and according to the message 8989, your potential is huge.

8989 Angel Number and Love

One of the major potentials that you should unlock is the guidance toward Universal Love.

8989 is helping you unlock it, as the Divine imprint, and it means that you will precipitate in Divine acts that we have created in the present; and you should avoid the negativity that has been controlled by delusions, all of which branch out from our own ignorance.

By patiently accepting painful emotions, without uniting with them, the Love potentials from which they have arisen have been purified, and we will never have to relive the negativity (or in this case, the absence of Love) again.

The power of Love that you will eventually feel let you toward others that have similar vibration – it will draw people and what you want, like a magnet.

This is also called support for the laws of nature – when you Love, Love will come back to you.

8989 speaks of this power that is such that you can enjoy relationships with people, and people enjoy relationships with you.

Your power is the power of connection – the connection that comes from pure and Universal Love. Reaching it you can make that connection very firm, and long-lasting.

Interesting Facts about number 8989

The interesting part here is this – 8989 is such a complementary vibration that comes from the Divine Realm, and the sole purpose is that you are about to receive help the individual discover of deeper self (soul, self or Being).

8989 is directing you to expose and get to know the higher personality, ego and everything that prevents you on the path to your own depth.

Message number 8989 has the strong vibration of the number 9 – and here it implies on the Divine aspect, the nine possibilities of expulsion, and nine different ways of separation from the Divine whole.

Angelical beings are teaching you that you have to go through the next phase, in a way that you are going by carrying a little of all energies, dominantly belongs to the human all to the spiritual one.

In the end, you can reach the desired destination, and make you final leap into the world of well-being and success (in whatever sphere of life you want to have, and here we are talking once again about the potential and talents, that you have, and now you can develop them to the higher possible forms).

What to do when you see Angel Number 8989?

First of all, you should be aware that human beings, and you, as the recipient of this message, are not created from the true mindfulness, that is, eternal and immense ability and opportunity to create in life everything you want, regardless if we are conscious of it or not. 

So, the message 8989 that speaks of the potentials that you have, and all others, means that it is our true strength, true ability.

And here we come to the main element here – this is the moment when you can create your energy and learn who you really are, in that understanding of yourself you shall gain the capacity to accomplish the purposes you have because you are the infinite potentiality, the limitless potential that is created for you.

In the end, the message that you see as 8989 means that you should experience yourself first; that is, your inner point of support is your own spirit.

Angels are saying in this message is that you should find the point of support in objects outside of us (seeking other people’s approval is not the best way possible, and you should follow your idea, and your path, not wanting or needing the acceptance of others). In that case, our thinking and behavior are always in anticipation of our reaction.

Therefore they are based on fear, and you should always act in the opposite direction.

In the end, Angels are saying that when you enter, the desired goal and that is a firm spiritual relationship, you experience your true being as fearless in the face of any challenge, you respect every person, and you do not feel submissive to anything and anyone.

So the power of the self is real and lasting Divine power because it is based on knowledge of the self, you know who you are, what are your talents and strengths, along with the ability to use them in this way.

You should always avoid the object-relational power because it is truly false and it is based just on your ego (that is an integral part of your personality, but it should not be the main focus in your life).

Angelic beings are with you, and you should receive the high vibration that comes with the message 8989 – they are with you,

Love and success are with you, only if you should look inside of you, where the true potentials live, and it should be awakened.