7878 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

What kind of person are you? Do you belong to those human beings that believe that Universe got their back, or you belong to those who find it very difficult to come to terms with the idea that what is conceived is not immediately realized?

It does not change the fact that you should be open to this idea – Universe got your back, and you should only become person open to the fact that you can learn so much if you become open. Even if in your there is a feeling of anger, anxiety and nervousness.

The fact is that accomplishing the goal would cause some other problems because there is real timing for everything in life, as we have said the subject of timing carries such relevance in the process of understanding the Universe.

One of the ways you can understand the Universe is by knowing what is that that our Angelical beings are saying to us, and they often to it by giving us their magical information – numbers.

Today we are discussing Angel number 7878, and we are trying to see what is its true meaning that you could use in your life, from the moment you have seen it, and then further.

7878 Angel Number- What does it mean?

7878 is the message that is taking you back on the amazing path of the spirituality, finding spiritual guides and developing intuition – of course, the vibration of 78, in this case, is speaking of the change.

Angels are saying to you that if you succeed in changing your daily behavior, start deep rethinking, and coping with past thought patterns (that were no good for you), you reconnect with your inner being. This is a goal that you want to achieve in your life and listening to the Angels speaking though the message 7878 is the way to go.

During this change, various chemical reactions in the body are possible as well as outbursts of locked emotions for too long – this a waste of energy and Angels are saying that you need to direct it (energy that is connected to number 8) into a better direction, and to show your emotions openly.

Instead of chasing after something you are not ready for right now, it is better to be patient and trust in God, everything is in its place and just as it should be, even if you are not aware of it all time.

In the end 78, as in a vibrational combination, have a message for you – impatience and rush are the main enemies. Be patient, and you will see what life has in store for you next – and if you continue this path, that “something” is Divine.

Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Angels are aware that every kind of a spiritual withdrawal and any personal change can affect the person both mentally and physically, but this is a good thing, you should change, and your environment should notice such an alteration.

The message that you see as 7878 is offering you a way to find our own hidden potentials and plunge into our inner world, becoming acquainted with our true ego-purified self, while at the physical level we become purified by a new energy that renews the organism.

Once again, we emphasize this – 7 give you good opportunities and eight is giving you energy to success and change. Since these two vibrations are connected in the Divine message, it can affect you in a different way, for some, it can be an intimate act by a person who seeks to deepen their insights and increase the power of concentration.

For others, it can be everything but that – it can be an act that connects you to the other human beings.

7878 Angel Number and Love

Its human nature to want everything right away but look at it this way, putting off some things actually protects us from the bad. What is destined to happen sooner or later, and what is not written in fate is better never to be realized – but it seems that human beings could hardly deal with this idea, especially if the subject matter is Love (or the lack of it, maybe not the actual one, but our inner feeling that it is the case).

When the universal Love enters your life, a new Divine portal is opening for you, with the tendency to help you integrate the high vibrations that come to us from the heart of the Universe.


With this Angelical message, 7878 Angelical beings want you to bond more firmly with the Universe and help us surrender our prayers to our fellow human beings. With this process, you are truly getting closer to the place of Love – 7 and 8 in this combination are assuring you that such a process is possible, and why not, easy.

The problem occurs in times when humans make it hard, and let themselves be under the boundaries of the toxic environment, and in this sense, they are becoming more and more drowned into the world without Divinity. You should not be that person; at least you do not have anymore.

Interesting Facts about number 7878

The message of this type may represent a time that you devote solely to yourself, alone, or try to go through the experience of being in community with people, socializing. Each situation is ok, as long as you know what your goal is, and what is taking you towards it (not forgetting that the aspect that is really important is the journey, not the destination.)

The sum number, in this case, is 30 – or double vibrations of 15, both aspects are equally amazing and exciting for the person who has received it. These two vibrations are such power bombs that you when you see this message will feel the amazing amount of energy right away.

They both imply good change; spiritual awakening and true balance in life, and is there anything more to want from Angels?

Angel number 7878 is talking of a personal, individual retreat where your options are endless and can be tailored to one’s current needs.

In one sentence, everything you have imagined, you can make and create out of your life, and the main thing is not to stay in the current and common stay quiet, without any desires.

So instead of grieving over what has not happened, accept this situation and move on.

What also we should say is this – you can have the abundance of all matters that interest you in some way, because there are things that are designed just for you.

Number 30 and 15 also, as very interesting parts of this Angelical message gives you one very simple, but very powerful practice of visualizing spiritual energy lighting from the spiritual dimension to our heart.

From this place, this is the energy that is flowing towards the toxic energy it cleanses and discharges into the earth while filling the energy gaps created by trauma or any aspect in our lives that does not serve us in any way, shape or form.

What to do when you see Angel Number 7878?

The first thing that you should do is to try to release yourself from stress, competitive spirit and negative beliefs, and the Divine beings are giving you a true version of “you”.

You have a chance to become present at the moment, releasing energy and spiritual blocks that have been causing your problems.

It is important that you truly understand yourself, your essence, and the reasons for your current life in your life.

Angels are saying in this message that the next phase of your life is a truly amazing period in your life; it is a period of raising awareness and healing of ourselves, friends, our families, all living beings, seas, oceans, rivers and soil of the planet.

Once again, you will connect yourself to nature, and you will heal in all aspects that have been problematic for you, and were causing your pain.

Angel number 7878 is giving you healing in all aspects of life – mental, emotional and spiritual. It also involves reprogramming our spiritual molecules, and through that change and transformation of old programs and emotions.

From now on, you will become a person who is awakened, and you will create a fulfilling, happy and prosperous future.

Angels are saying in the message that you see as 7878 that they have a Divine message for you, and that they are also speaking of a thing that you already know, but it is the thought that you have been neglecting for a long time – life is a journey, not a destination. Remember this and live life by this rule.

On it, you are blessed, and the only thing to do is to create your own oasis at any given moment. It doesn’t seem easy, but spiritual retreat can happen when you least expect it.