7070 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

Angel numerology is based on a belief that we can bring spiritual energy into our system by connecting to the Angels, and we can do that with the understanding their messages/numerical sequences.

Angels are the symbol of the Divine, and their energy cleanses the channel to our heart, burning everything that is not ours and not supporting us.

They are doing the opposite, Angelical beings are supporting us and giving us only things that we can use in our lives, everything that is positive and has a creational force.

With more spiritual energy (after we accept Angels and the Source and its wisdom) in our system, we will begin to notice what is often unavailable to external feelings; our intuition will intensify, and sometimes from time to time we will witness small miracles, situations in which our thoughts will materialize almost instantaneously.

Today we will speak of the message with the numerical code 7070, and just by looking at it; you can see that it is one very special message that is relevant for your personal growth.

7070 Angel Number- What does it mean?

Human beings are often confused by our own journey, and we ask why we have had to go through certain painful experiences, we all know deep inside that nothing is accidental and that everything that has happened to us or is happening to us makes a lot of sense.

And here comes the message number 7070 to help you understand what kind of a change you will experience in your life; this is the spiritual dimension of polarized experiences, we often have to first experience separation from the Divine in order to reconnect with him.

This is the message that speaks to you in a way that it is telling you that life, as you know it, until this moment, will end, and the one that is starting now is different and incredibly fortunate (this comes from the strong vibration from number 7).

7070 is telling you to look up to heaven and to speak to the Angelical beings, so it is saying that it is extremely important to open to the energy centers of the heart, which, according to the spiritual to the vibration of the empowered number 7, is the most important of all energy centers in our system.

Angels are saying that with the help of an open heart and spiritual energy, it is possible to transform every form of pain, to heal even the most severe traumas, but also to make the most spiritual progress.

This is the secret goal that you must strive for, and Angel’s assistance is with you all along, and the strong number 7 (that appears four times in the message 7070, not twice, since numeral zero enhances vibrations of the lucky number 7).

Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Secret symbolism of the message 7070 reveals that the only thing that can truly heal us and fill the gaps in the entry of new spiritual energy into our system, and the vibration of 7 ensures that you will receive it.

This could be achieved either through proper communication with the spiritual dimension, either through the experience of true love or by contact with other people who have purified energy and make you feel good.

In this sense always have in mind that all we are connected, and that other being connected to us, we are connected according to similar vibration.

And once that happens, when we finally regain the energy we lost through injury, our spiritual qualities of joy, fulfillment, love and peace will prevail in our lives, and they will, whatever the circumstances, become the dominant state from which we operate.

Angels are saying that purified energies and open hearts will be connected to the Source ourselves, so our spiritual energy will be constantly increased.


7070 is, as you can see, the tool that is helping you to gain, and keep gaining in your life, because one positive vibration is attracting other positive vibrations.

7070 Angel Number and Love

One of the biggest problems that people who have closed spiritual centers have is the fact that their heart is also close. And when such a problem occurs, when our heart closes (which does not happen by conscious will or conscious choice), spiritual energy cannot enter our system, so by closing the heart, we are actually closing in on healing as well.

When you are spiritually closed, you are also emotionally closed, and even worse, you are unable to heal, and this is the most valuable lesson that Angel number 7070.

So, to be open for Love, you must make sure that your spiritual center is not blocked – the heart will soon follow, and you will be ready to receive Love, as the heart is meant to be open.

That is why through the experience of love, spiritual energy is constantly increased, bringing us healing and spiritual growth – this is the principle of growth and expansion that we connect to the number 7 that is the dominant element in this Angel message.

This Divine info is also bringing you closer to the holy experience of true love that cannot even happen if our heart is not open. Angels point out that when you have love in your life, you are in direct contact with the higher dimensions of existence.

But, the people whose heart is closed are not only unable to truly love but most often cannot even fall in love, and this is such a waste. In order not to get hurt again, such people, after a while, unconsciously avoid emotional experiences, and often, over time, become indifferent to everything that happens to them, which is like not living at all.

This message is telling you that good things are coming your way and that you are about to love again (in this material world, it can be even connected to the sensual kind of love).

This is understandable since 7 brings expansion, and this is the process that goes like this – the opening of the spiritual “hole” and filling it with numerous blessings.

Interesting Facts about number 7070

There is no doubt that number 7 in some general sense, is one of the most beloved numbers in the world, for many people, the most favorite, and they firmly believe that brings them good fortune.

So, when it finds its place in the numerical sequence from the Divine, then you can be sure that it is the number that brings you good luck in all that you want to do in life, in the future.

To say it simply, it is the High vibration that means that Angels are with you all the way.

7070 is telling you that you have the opportunity to re-experience the joy, passion, enthusiasm and peace, or any other high-vibration quality that spiritual energy brings with it, only if you open your spiritual center. Then it becomes open for all blessings that are about to come into your life.

When the larger amounts of spiritual energy enter your life, the positive changes will most often be manifested in the external segment as well, we will be less interested materially (no one is saying that material is bad, but that you will find it less relevant), and our inner world and spiritual development will become increasingly bigger.

What to do when you see Angel Number 7070?

Smile! This is the message that should make you smile and be happy spontaneously – you will raise your vibration instantly.

This is one interesting practice of inner smile was developed. In this sense, we imagine that we bring spiritual energy into our hearts, and from there, we direct it to the places of our injuries.

Thus, the smile and joy from our hearts begin to overflow our whole being.

This is the message that invites you to connect to the people who are similar to us (in energetic sense, as you can share the similar vibration with them), especially those whose heart is open to channeling the energy of the Divine, even when they do not know any particular technique, can also help us open our heart, connect with the Source and thus heal, as the most “relevant” aspect of this Universe.

In one section we spoke of the importance of heart, and spiritual energy and then the healing will come to your life, so this could be the most important lesson of the numerical sequence 7070.

In the end, Angels are saying that in order to protect ourselves from further harm but also to attract toxic energies from the environment, our heart – the center of our being and the home of our spiritual energy – close, and this, is even more of a problem than the loss of spiritual energy due to the lived trauma and other negative manifestations that accompany it.

Do not allow this to happen, and Angels are sending you the most powerful and fortunate number of all, mixed into Angel number 7070.