6767 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

Sometimes you can find the instruction regarding communication with Angelical beings, and it is highly recommended to relax, meditate and in this process to use candles abundantly, especially the white ones.

It is very relevant to reach the state in which you do not have thoughts, and you can reach the Universe or the Source.

How to do it in the best way? You should close your eyes and relax completely, and while being in that state, you should focus your attention on breathing and clear your mind. When you feel your mind is at rest, visualize your desire or a resolution of a problem, you are having in your life.

Then, it is advised that you start slowly lowering it and feeling it protect around every part of your body, from the scalp to the feet; and it is ok to take as much time as you want, never rush this process.

When you have sent in the Universe whatever is that you needed to say to your Angelical Guardians, then you should patiently wait for the answer that will come to you sooner than you have expected, but the time does not matter, the answer is relevant, and it will come in the form of Angelical message in the form of number.

Today the numerical sequence that we are looking at is 6767.

6767 Angel Number – what does it mean?

This Angelical information is dedicated to all those who are in a negative state of mind, who derailed from the previous path, and who lived their lives thinking something bad about someone or are jealous of someone. This is toxic because you have become the Source of negative vibration, and this is the reason why you have fallen down so that Angels have to interfere.

Apart from the fact that such energy badly affects the energy field of the person we are thinking about, it also has a negative impact on your life – every idea, thought that you have is not dedicated to the outside world, or someone else, but on you. This is the reason why it is toxic.

What Angels are trying to tell you is this – any negative and toxic vibration can only hit you if you have low consciousness or low energy vibration. Then you cannot grow or go in some good, positive, spiritual direction – Angels are sending you the vibration of the numbers 6 and 7, as they are directing you toward spiritual realms (6) and are making your path fortunate (7).

If you understand what you have been doing wrong, you will be able to change your life in some real manner – the fact is that anything you do or say, whether positive or negative, will come back to you.

Remember that every time you get caught in the trap of negativity, and there are going to be struggles along the way, but you have Divine Guardians on your side.

Secret meaning and symbolism

In the previous section, you start to understand how much negativity can affect you, and this is the reason why Angels approach you.

6767 is directing you toward the realization that when you have a low energy vibration or nurture fears, you may become a magnet for negative vibration. This is how the Universe works, and how you can fail in life miserably, and derail yourself from the path that is meant for you.

The vibration of 6767 will help you get rid of collected negativity you are exposed to every day. The bad mood of people in the environment, aggressive drivers, bickering on public targets, gloomy views, all these can bring negative elements into your aura without being aware of it at any given moment.

Angels are helping you get rid of all of these aspects in life and directing you toward a new and more fortunate direction in life (the pronounced vibration of number 7).

The symbolical value is hidden in the vibration six that invites you to come closer to the Source – close your eyes and imagine that you are surrounded by beautiful white Light. Let that Light surround your whole body and imagine it shining in your heart.


It is also highly recommended for the recipients of this message to try to have a clear vision of the Light that surrounds, visualize the negative vibrations as a cloud approaching – then try to envision the bright Light deleting such a cloud and leaving Light and joy after it goes away.

6767 is inviting you to visualize the dark cloud of negative vibrations (or person, whatever is the cause of the negativity in your life, the demonic temptations that are always close to us, but we have to try to avoid it) in front of you and touch it with your hands.

Watch as the wonderful Angel light expands and the cloud of darkness also becomes part of the Light, ending this amazing process with you becoming the part of that Light.

 Angel Number 6767 and Love

The Divine ritual that you have seen introduces in the previous section can help you get rid of any negativity that you might have in life, and by doing so, you are making some room for the positivity, and the most positive aspect of this 6767 ritual is the room that you are creating for Love.

6767 invites you to observe this Divine Light, repeat what you want from life, and what Love for you represent and why you deserve it. You will be safe and protected cause the Divine energy is constantly surrounding you.

By using the wisdom that comes from the numerical sequence 6767, you should consider yourself a lucky one – you protect yourself from bad energy vibrations and purify your energy. There is no reason to be afraid because no one can compromise your energy if you do not allow it. So pray, meditate, focus on spiritual development and

Angels suggest spending some time alone in any place where you feel that is comfortable for you so that ideas and energy from the Source could come to you.

This Divine message reminds you that Love energy needs to be restored and purified, and you cannot do this on your own – you have lost your way because you were very negative. Negativity in any of its shapes and forms, could not allow good vibes come to you, and therefore you cannot feel Love that comes from the Source – it is simple as that.

Angel message 6767 comes as a Divine tool to fight this battle against negativity, and the goal is Love.

Interesting Facts about number 6767

The sum number 26, in this case, brings another tool in this numerical row and an important lesson to learn – it will help you raise your energy vibration to a higher level, and you begin to look at the world with other eyes and create an energy shield that cannot destroy the strongest negative vibrations. 26 is the number that is dedicated to putting an order in things that brings us chaos just like negative people, for example.

Accepting this vibration (6, 7 and 26) you can win battles on a daily basis – any negative source that is constantly sending you negative energy vibrations or distorting your mood on a daily basis will be defeated.

The best way is to let go of silence, listen only to the inner voice and spend time in nature or alone in your favorite place where you can feel the Universal energy (those who are capable should meditate as much as they can).

Use this amazing information to fulfill your personal desires and hopes- ask Angels to help you have a positive perspective on things, because it is the first step on this journey that could last longer than you expected, but it is worth it, for sure.

What to do when you see number 6767?

6767 speaks to you, using language that you can understand and accept; maybe these are the words that you already know, somewhere in your heart.

It is just the fact that you were under the bad impact, caused by the serious negativity on a daily basis so that you could not practice what you know is right.

In the numerical sequence 6767, Light Beings remind you that you have so many options in life, and the right ones are those that give you a positive feeling in life, the ones that your heart beats at the same rhythm as the rhythm of the Universe.

You will know when that time has come, you will feel fulfilled and strong, which is why it is important that you entrust yourself with Divine love at every difficult moment in life.

Angels are there for you, and with them, you can share fears, failures, and counsel and a heartfelt hug will heal emotional wounds and give you the strength to move forward. This amazing idea is so comforting that you will never feel alone again – Angelical beings are giving you all that you need to know, do and create from now on, and be certain that they are giving you the best possible solution.

Don’t lose your positivity because of the dark challenges of life, but keep them safe, nurture that magical energy connection, because love is the engine of the whole world – they are speaking to you, using the message with the number 6767.

In the end, life is too short of using it on negative things – look at things from a brighter side, and you will see how your life changes.