6363 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

In life, human beings always have a choice in life, and if we follow this analogy, exactly because of those free choices, the final decision about anything in our lives, is always ours, whatever we do or do not do in our lives.

But what are the point of Angelical beings in our lives? Do they still have their purpose and meaning, or they are just a myth or the comforting element so that we have an illusion that someone is taking care of us?

The truth is that Angelical beings are just trying to make it easy for us, point out the best possible solution or path that we should take for the best results helps us to become aware and express our unique talents and realize the true aspirations of our souls.

Now, if we know this, then we can learn that Angels sometimes communicate with us by sending us images, sometimes this information is literal, sometimes is very symbolical.

But the fact is that they are indicating the direction we should go and resolve the dilemmas that bother us.

Today we are looking into the message that we see numerical sequence 6363, and along the way, we are discovering its true meaning and symbolical value. Read all about this issue, and be open to Angelical wisdom.

6363 Angel Number – what does it mean?

As you know, and often feel, all beings in the Universe as connected, and Angelical wisdom is present in our lives, just like the boat belongs to the sea.

Although we are all connected, we often experience things as if we were in an isolated world. It is the field of a complete world for us, or our inner Heaven, where the lower spirits reside in the real spirits of our ancestors.

There is no past and future, only this present moment, and numerical sequence 6363 has two vibrations that tell us this – first, number 6 that speaks of this connection with the Universe or the Source, and the vibration of 3 is directed to learning (growing) in all good way, like spiritual way.

By deeply understanding message with the Divine code 6363, we can reach the higher levels are higher-order spirits that we associate with deities and, even further, with Angels.

6363 brings those light beings closer to us, and by listening to what they have to say, we can fulfill our spiritual needs and all that we already possess as our multiple capabilities.

Secret meaning and symbolism

If you look at 6363 as the perfect balance vibration – there are needs and the way to fulfill them, this message is directed to those who are out of the balance.

Now, if you are out of the balance, you will be the recipient of this message as you will feel the sense of absence, fear, as well as physical weakness even – something is very wrong then.

It is relevant to resolve this issue in some way, as you will be able to resolve a pure contrast to the first energy centre, which has the role of activating strong grounding, energy and presence in a person’s life. This is the main issue, and 6363 comes to the rescue in this way.

But the secretive part is that 6363 has the ability to come closer to the certain problem that lives as unsolved deep in the unconscious part of you, in your past.

6363 can transform (or to warn you on its opposite side) into 666 – a negative side of the same object; it will be the representation of the chaotic memories from other lives, which now reside in the foundations of your psyche as energy sources that take in the fair amount of energy needed to function normally in this life.


In some way, it is suffocating you from the inside. And you should avoid such feeling, so Angel’s message comes as a warning.

 Angel Number 6363 and Love

How can you move on in life and enjoy a Universal Love, if you are drawn into the past, you can never reach or develop easier or higher levels of Love, which will result in a better quality of life in every sense?

Accepting the Angel message with the numeral 6363 you will do this by consciously coming out of a state of discontent, like restlessness, jealousy, emotional pain that you have been having, and mixing with Love.

Each time we feel these heavier emotions, we take a deep breath (and at the peak of the breath, and let the Universal energy floats into your body, cleanse you and make room for Love.

It is not an easy task since you have been struggling with this issue for a long time, and this negative burden has been collecting for years, through lives, dragging them on back, gradually replenishing luggage.

But, you are a lucky human – Angels are sending you this message making you feel lighter instantly, and over time you will release all of those things that we’re pulling you down, and eventually become unbearable for you.

In some projection, you can become the one that is passing these lessons, and just by doing so you are the one that is passing the blessings to others, without ever expecting gratitude or reward, when the act itself violates the law of Love.

Interesting Facts about number 6363

First, we must mention once again the “negative” vibration that could be seen indirectly in this numerical sequence 6363(6 and 6 and two vibrations of 3 makes the third number 6). This number is considered a negative one, a devils number, etc.

But, we also know that there cannot be negative Angel messages, only the ones that are directing your actions toward something that is negative so that you can diminish it from your life.

One more thing that is necessary to say in this section is that Angel number 6363 makes a sum vibration 18 – the one numeral that is connected to the positive thought and activation of the control over your life. With it you get the opportunity to take your life under control – you can say “This is my life”.

As you feel the connection with your Angel, you fully connect with the Divinity and grind this new, easier feeling in the body.

We need to repeat this stage of purification not only during one day but if it takes several days until you feel that you are light, that heavy emotion is no longer clinging to you.

It is really important to understand that Angelical beings want you to move away from this negative feeling that is all over you, and that is directing you in a negative place in life.

6363 confirms that Angels do exist and that you need to pray to them so that they could activate their messages and help you, and something the problem is that we are unaware of the burden that is on our shoulders – in order to achieve this, it is necessary to purify and activate our soul.

It is our energy centre that works at more subtle levels of reality, combining our infinitesimal (ethereal) level of continuation with the Atom-powered or astral dimension (the Angels place to say it simply).

What to do when you see number 6363?

We come to a conclusion, and in this way, we must speak of the fact that after you have received this message, and after you know what it means, you need to act, preferably into some inspiring action that will lead you in the right direction that was created just for you.

A message with the number 6363 gives you the feeling of your own Light existence, from that feeling you can ask your Angel for a certain “happy thought”.

Be certain that the Angelical Realm, or the Source or the Universe rejoices when we are satisfied, and that is where the creation of the magical variant of our lives comes from, and our actions should strive to this place.

This is the message, that just like every other Angel message give us Light (like the wisdom, knowledge along with the other blessings that are helping us see clearly) and the lighter we get, the easier we get into that field of the Source. And at that moment our existence resides in our Divine vibration were all that we need to learn lives.

If you accept them, share their wisdom, soon, your life will become a subtle and peaceful structure of existence that a sense of fulfillment develops. This is the place that successfully removes unresolved psycho-energy states that are stored at the good levels of our personality and that compare us with many past lifelong memories.

From now on, your memories are going to be happy and fulfilling, above all others, they will provide you wisdom and knowledge that you did not have before.

Angels are with you, and you can expect more messages and more lessons to learn, all at the right time.