5353 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

Experts claim that Angelical beings coexist with human beings, but they are much closer to the Source, and the fact that we do not see them clearly and on a daily basis comes from their completely diverse vibrational rhythm.

In this sense, we cannot see them, but that does not mean that they are not close to us, and even more, they are communicating with us, but we neglect their messages or do not read them properly.

You do not have to be religious person, but you need to come in touch with your spiritual nature to get in contact with them – and to read their messages that come in the form of the numerical sequences.

So, if you want to become spiritually open, to find a place in your heart for the Source, Angel messages are the perfect way of communication, and you could find in them everything that you need.

It is really comforting to know that Angelical beings are close to us, and this feeling gives us protection, and all fear and discomfort will go away eventually.

Angels and their messages are Universes creation, just like we are; but they are higher than us, whose character is more complex than ours.

Today we are looking into the life of the person who has been a recipient of the message 5353 – what does this message mean and how can we make the best out of its wisdom? Read all about this.

5353 Number – what does it mean?

Angel number 5353 shows the vibration of spiritual entrance into the world of infinitive energy that could transform our lives, and in this sense, we should be led by our childlike energy and curiosity.

This is something that is much more than a spiritual, metaphysical or religious thing; it is much more; it shows the totality of beliefs.

How can you enter into the world of infinitive energy (number 8, as this vibration, also has its place in this numerical section), even if that process is hard and difficult, it is something that is new and what we already know.

So, you are blessed with this secret door you can access to this place, where nothing is the same as you have tried it before.

If you access this Divine Consciousness, you can be your own expert instead of relying on someone else’s truth, and I adore it.

Access always empowers us to be aware of it, and the message that you see as 5353 allows you to do so. It is very clear that you are capable of knowing much more then it seems, and that you are spiritually mature to make progress in that direction.

Secret meaning and symbolism

5353 spokes of incredible energy that is taking you on a journey that is beyond any compare and it are the path that you have not been taking before, but it is a clear sign that you are “old”  enough to take that long walk.

And when we are speaking of the energy that is necessary, it is good to know that you always have a choice, you can always make a choice where will you go – you can do something destructive or constructive.

Living in our reality requires that we constantly decide what is right and what is wrong about us, and the same case is when you receive this Angelical message.


You must not be mute on everything that should be done, everything that must bring you holy progress (3) and spiritual expansion (5). This power is doubled in the case of the numerical sequence 5353, and such a double power makes it even stronger.

If you successfully access spiritual doors, you will find out what is the most valuable thing on the planet, and it is a gift.

5353 Angel Number and Love

We ended the previous section with the idea of the most valuable gift that we could receive when we open the spiritual doors – yes, we meant to love.

5353 is teaching you that you must, this instant, at this moment, leave the belief that you are not worth it, you can change someone’s reality without doing anything special – just be yourself.

All of us came from the Source, and in this sense, when we are born we are just the way we should be, and later on, we derail from that Source, and our true purpose in life.

Angels are encouraging you to come back to that state, and the power of 5353 now you got the chance to access that state once again, and preferably to stay there as long as you want or feel that it is right. Cause in Love, and Love of all kinds, it all comes to that feeling, and the feeling is the element that leads us and is telling us what to do and where to go, and what is good for us and what is not, so we can make a good choice for ourselves.

You are a gift (Love), and when you realize it, you will receive a bigger gift than you have ever seen, feel or experienced.

After you have received it after you allow the access of that Gift, after that moment you will never have to think about whether you are unhappy or happy, because you will just be.

Notice, get to know and accept yourself as greatness because that’s the truth, the only thing that you need to know, Angels are saying in the message 5353.

Interesting Facts about number 5353

Since we have spoken so much of the energy that 5353 Angel message gives to us, in that way some kind of the empowerment gift that heralds the return of your “powers.”

This is the message that comes to those who are not in their Source state in life, and who drifted far from their Source state, the one state that we all have originated from, and Angels use 5353 to bring us back to that Source, or in some way, they are giving us access to the doors that will lead us to that place.

5353 speaks of you and is talking to you after you had a difficult period full of negative emotions and false promises (in the first place the ones that you have given to yourself, and then to others), the Universe returns you good energy that you can channel in the right direction.

This is so important for you to know – remember when we have said that 5353 could be “read” in the same way as the vibration 88 (5+3), and if you look at things from this perspective, you know that 8 stands for the energy that is beyond any compare and that could lead into the direction you want/need/feel drawn to.

The main advice for you is to get elevated above bad situations and negative people and to no longer be afraid, and know that your abilities are enough to create peace, abundance, joy and love for yourself.

It’s time to start dreaming, or maybe to stop dreaming, cause this is the Angelical message that says that the times has come for the realization of dreams, and then return to the “natural” state.

This Divine information brings you an important message and our Light keepers, and predicts a good change in your energy – once again energy is in the central place of this numerical sequence, and both dominant vibrations 5 and 3 are talking of this Holy Energy.

Be aware that the next period in your life is the time of rebirth and personal transformation – the sign of healing, and the return to the Source.

What to do when you see number 5353?

If you ask Angelical beings what shall you do after you understood what this message means and where it could potentially take you in life – they would respond you, and this is also a part of this numerical sequence 5353, is to “isolate” yourself, take a break from your daily race and rush.

Now when you understand what such a message means you will know what this means – it means that you could commit to the pursuit of true happiness.

Talk to yourself; understand your inner child who strongly wants someone to listen to him. Be patient with yourself, don’t be self-critical and strengthen your aura.

Light beings are talking to you and are promising you that many nice many things in your life will change for the better soon, but you have to be patient and let go of fate and slowly unwind – the fate cannot be pushed and rushed, this is the biggest mistake that you could possibly do.

In the end, beloved, love other people – when the Divine Light comes into your life, a period of bright energy, blessing and Love await us, and until then, strengthen your patience and believe that you are un-separated from the Source, and the message 5353 is just a reminder that you always have access to come back to it.