4949 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

All people who know elementary knowledge of the world and the natural processes in the Universe certainly know that Sun is the Source that gives us life, in every sense of that word.

Without it, there would not be us, as human beings as we exist today, and in some way, we would lose our purpose in this life.

So, all of life on our planet is supported and controlled by the Sun’s light that touches us all, but in some other, more spiritual level, Sun can be the symbol of the Source that takes care of all of us, that is upon us, protecting us from all harm in this world.

Angels are, in this sense, the extended hand of God (Source) that nourishes us with their light and Love; they are beings with the ability to heal.

These are magnificent beings that are helping us in our spiritual evolution and personal growth – everything moves in nature, and so we should also, but always in the direction “upwards”.

In today’s case, we are looking into the world of the people who find themselves as the recipients of the Angel message 4949, and at the moment when you see number 9 in numerical sequence, you know that Angels are directing us toward cycles and rhythms of the universal energy.

4949 Angel Number – what does it mean?

Angel number 4949, with its two vibrations that are doubled (two times 4 with two times 9) is a message that points to increase your powers, to the secretive process of restoring influences and teaching you how to make the most of your potential in life.

Like every other time, in this message also Angels are saying that you have a powerful energy that helps turn thoughts into works – this was the step that is missing, and they are giving you the necessary boost so that you could spread your wings and take off for new successes and victories.

Are you certain that you will be successful and that nothing could mess with your hard work and progress? You should be, because Angelical beings are taking care of everything you need to know and are giving you such a powerful sight to see what you need to know.

4949 brings peace and well-being in your life that has been, until this moment missing. This Divine message is, in fact, a message that is connected to the hope and a bright future, so you will have a desire for a carefree life in which every day will be under the Angelical Light.

Angel beings help you open your heart and step into the world of the most beautiful dreams. Many doors will open in the coming period, and one of the few demands that Angles have for you is that you need to go through at least one of them, with an act of immense courage and bravery that you will succeed.

It will seem to you like someone gave you wings to fly and to reach places that were unavailable until that moment; this is the phase when your dreams become true and realistic.

Remember that it is not selfish to commit to pursuing personal ambitions, on the contrary, but as long as they are aligned with the universal laws. You must not do anything that is contrary to Universal law, because then you will be deprived of any blessings; and how will know that your doings are aligned with the Universe is by feeling that you will have deep in your core.

Only if you are satisfied with yourself will you be able to please others. You deserve more, and when you become aware of it, the most beautiful star will illuminate your path of life.

Believe these Angelical beings, miracles are possible, and you are one of those miracles that could live that are more than something ordinary, but something extraordinary.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Number 4949 that comes from Angel Realm symbolizes the need to listen to the signals our body sends us – often times we neglect them, just for the sake that we believe that we keep things under control (and we do not).


And here, Angels do not speak of the illnesses that come in the body (even if they could be manifested in the body) but the soul.

So when the energy is healthy, and the body is healthy, energetic and resilient – so it comes from the soul (9) to the body (4).

In this case, 4949 speaks of the silence that you need to have in life so that you could imagine how your body is enveloped in healing Divine energy. Angels want to reduce darkness and negative, contrast energy from our body and soul and cleanse you from unpleasant feelings that lower your personal vibration.

Another secretive aspect in this message is the one part that reminds us that it is necessary to let go of bad feelings such as anger, resentment, fear, and anxiety.

When you release negative energy, you will be able to focus on the field of life that is important to you now – a starting process of every change (and this is the message that has number 9 in itself, and this is the message connected to the process of a change, and the next phase. In this case, the phase was you know what is important for you).

4949 Angel Number and Love

Finding out what Love is and how to have it (not any Love, but the Divine Love that could be a primary goal in our lives) could be called the victory of life.

It is the most important celebration in the life of one human, and it is the essence of what Angel numbers want to teach us.

They are teaching us that for example in the Bible, and this is clearly shown in the resurrection, where Jesus showed us the way to eternal life and conveyed a strong message that on the way to a new life we must overcome materially.

The vibration of the four can show us of our human body, but on the other way, Jesus showed to us that the disappearance of the body does not mean the disappearance of life.

Love speaks of many lessons – learn to forgive people because resentment we cannot carry into a new life. Angels are suggesting that you must fulfill the reason we came into the world, which is Love for ourselves and our “neighbors”.

Interesting Facts about number 4949

4949 is the message in which Angelical beings are giving us one of the most valuable lessons that come from the Source – if you want to grow and change, you must have an enormous amount of patience.

It is no wonder why this message comes to those who are currently experiencing an issue that is causing them anxiety, the Light Beings warn you to be patient, or you will make a bigger problem.

Now is not a good time to take the important step in life, you just aren’t ready, and it is ok – tolerance may also bring you a much simpler situation or extra benefits in life.

4949 says that it could be anything that is a blessing – joy, hope, optimism, belief, enthusiasm, passion for life, happiness, a smile, success and Love, above all.

Now you need to wait and learn, gather information and make a good strategy for how to make your dreams come true – the next phase is the one where you are entering a place that is well deserved.

What to do when you see number 4949?

In the end, just like in any Angelical sequence, in this also where the vibrations of 4 and 9 rule, they are suggesting you what should be some of your first steps after receiving such a message.

This numerical sequence is praised as a reminder that you should start taking care of yourself as soon as possible. You expect too much of yourself and punish yourself for the smallest mistakes, but you are not a machine that brings happiness to others, but a unique being who deserves joy as well.

And of course, one does not exclude another, but it is really important that your vibration is very high so that you can give others the best part of yourself.

All of us, at times, need to replace the energy. Get rid of negativity, tension, and it’s time to do something nice for yourself. Angels tell you to relax the way you want – go for a walk, enjoy nature, engage in a hobby or just enjoy time with the people who make you feel good.

Only when you give yourself a dose of good and healthy energy, you can succeed and pass on the joy to others – there is nothing more important than this, Angels are saying in the message that is seen in the human world as the sequence 4949.