4848 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

Even if know that the Source is always there for us, just as Angels are, and in this sense, we can communicate with it, often using Angels and their messages, but it is necessary for us to call for help and to acknowledge their presence.

So, in some way, you need to ask for Divine help if you want that help to come to you – you do not have to say these words loudly, but the desire for help (assistance, guidance) needs to be expressed.

It doesn’t matter what exactly you are looking for, and it is important that you look. You can pray aloud, quietly say what you want, or write your own words that seek guidance.

Even if you decide to sing your wish or shout it out loud, it’s okay. It is useful to send information to the Universe affirmatively, and it will be a clear enough sign to the Angels to help.

Do not ever think that you are going to bother Angelical beings with your questions and needs, because these Heavenly Beings are dealing with our issues in the same ways and same care, regarding them with the same relevance.

There is nothing that is more or less important – everything is important equally; you just have to ask, the answers will come to you.

Most presumably, using Angel numbers that could be manifested as any combination of numerals – Angelical beings want to help us to be at peace because our peace and success is the most important for them.

Today our focus is dedicated to the Angel number 4848; read all about this.

4848 Number – what does it mean?

Angel number 4848 is one Angelical creation that speaks of the moment that is necessary for all human beings who are in a desperate need for a change – renewal.

This is the message created from the two vibrations one that comes from the numeral 4 (weaker) and number 8 (much stronger and dominant in this case).

This is the message that indicates the completion of some important work, but it is not the last phase, but the energy that should lead us toward that last phase (vibration of the 8 comes before the vibration of the 9).

This message comes to you during the period where you should look back and be objective with yourself. Look at what you did in your life and how far you have progressed; maybe it is a good moment to revalue things that you have succeeded and things that reaming your desires, cause now is the time for their realization.

In order to do that, you must be a person who finds new ways to renew your energy.

If you want to do so – you will be blessed and supported to make some very important life decisions. You are ready to fix all the glitches of the past and rise above the problems and mistakes – if you have accepted the wisdom of the Divinity and the core of the message 4848.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Of course, every Divine message, and 4848 also has some part that is hidden, that reveals hidden dimensions that speak to us of additional steps (guidance’s).

Here, the numerical sequence of 4848 can show you the Divine ways of shaping our destiny towards His intention.


Now, you have to see that numerical sequence 4848 is in some way is the numerical sequence 888 that brings rational thinking, creative energy, the warmth of feeling and sensuality. It creates a great balance between a cold mind and a warm heart – everything will be shaped in one Holy Unity, where these two can work together.

If you succeed in such an intervention, your heart and mind will not be mismatched, causing you to struggle and inability to achieve your goals.

The energy that you may feel after you have encountered with Angelical message 4848 is the one that could be compared with childlike energy, the one that is usually seen in kid’s play that is beyond any borders and where anything is possible.

Has it ever happened to you that even though everything is going according to plan, you feel something negative and your mood suddenly changes? If the cause of your worries is not the environment, then it is possible that your inner child is suffering, and the advice that you should take from your Angel is that you should never let your inner child suffer.

Some say that this is the way you are killing all things that are truly valuable and worthy in life and in this way you are removing from the Source – and you should quite the opposite thing, moving toward the Source.

Analogy teaches us that the only way is to renew that childlike the energy that is getting you closer to the Source; only then you will be able to reconnect to the High purpose in life.

Angels promise you in the message 4848 that you will be able to heal many wounds during a lifetime, but many of us manage to suppress the negative feelings of the past that hinder us in the path of spiritual cleansing and self-realization.

So, be careful, the energy of 8 never stops, but you need to direct it toward the right things.

4848 Angel Number and Love

You will enjoy in the company of dear people, and this is really important to know, these people do not have to be those who are close to you at this moment, it could be new people, the ones that entered your life in this phase.

You have so much to give your friends to your family and partner, as well as new people who will come into your life after you coaling your energy to theirs. Listen to them, help as much as you can and exchange the words of love.

During this period, borders are broken, and connections are created with people who really need to be in our lives; and this is the best seen in the fact that we are vibrationally connected to those people, they are those who are working with us on the achievement of our (true) goals.

Angelical beings, even now, encourage you to recall an unpleasant event from your past, the moments when you feel that you were not able to love, to care for others, or that others will never be able to see your true you, and this cause you to hurt badly and eventually these ugly, repressed memories that hindered your inner peace and spiritual development.

This is really relevant to overcome, and Angel’s assistance is here to help you in any way that is necessary, it is not maybe something that you feel that you need, but in the long run, it is the aspect that is mandatory.

4848 is speaking directly to you and its vibration, in its totality is encouraging you to remember all the situations that have left a scar on your soul, only if you face those demons, you will be able to transform your energy into something positive. It is not an easy task but now is the time, since Angelical beings are above your shoulder, looking that everything works as it should, with a lot of love.

Love means that you are able to say what you want to change, say these words out loud and release negative emotions. Remember, life is happening now, at this moment, and yesterday is forever behind us – it is said in the message that you see as 4848.

Interesting Facts about number 4848

As we have spoken in the previous sections, a message from the Divine Realm 4848, carries one more vibration – 888- Now the triple eight is very interesting to look at since it adds one more dimension in the commination process with Angelical beings.

This dimension will show you what have you been missing, and what kind of reward you will get for the sacrifice and trust in God, and in acknowledgement to all your requests that are from the core and real, you will be fascinated with the capacity of some numerous and unbelievable satisfaction and happiness.

Triple 8 shows the vibration of success, after some problematic and challenging phase – but, now such a message indicated that you are living your truth, following the right path of life, and being blessed with abilities and a variety of talents.

There is nothing to add more, and you feel that you are (once again) positive and inspiring human being who has every right to be successful and happy. It is important that you stay guided by this good energy and take the opportunity to make big dreams come true.

Extend the wings of the imagination and take off for heights. You are destined to be successful, maybe you just forgot of this along the way, and now Angels have entered your life to remind you of what is truly important and true.

Triple 8 means eternity, and everything that is true and healthy should be immortal, and you can pray for constant happiness, prosperity, and respect.

What to do when you see number 4848?

You should do, after you have seen this numerical sequence with the numerical mark 4848 is that you are grateful for Angel’s kindness and help – so thank them for bringing you peace and comfort.

That is enough. Let go of the idea of ​​how your life will be arranged. Your angels are wonderful Beings, and the message that you see as 4848 carries infinitive energy that is present for the purpose of assisting in a particular state of crisis or have been present for a longer period of time to help and guide people more directly.

In the end, after everything that we have learned from message 4848, let us say one more thing. This Divine message reminds us that the Divine words are more persistent and magical than those we have spoken, briefly memorized, and later deleted from memory.

These words must be memorized and imprinted in your mind so that you could remind yourself on your spiritual goals on a daily basis. It can be something that is similar to your Angel journal, and so, step by step, you will be able to do something every day that will contribute to your daily life and much brighter future.

Also, such a message will help you express what you really think, see and feel – and in this sense, just remember what we spoke of heart and mind in one of the sections of this piece

. Remind yourself of feelings every day, and who knows, you might find out a little more than your subconscious – Angels already know the answer, and it is up to you to discover them.