3939 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

Angelical beings are, in some shape or form, and with a different name, but with similar traits are depicted in every denomination – the limits of beliefs do not restrict them in any way, they are way above that.

They can overcome all obstacles that religions put upon them, but we learn about them using religion that we belong to, or we choose for ourselves and our family.

All of them and their quantity are not relevant for us, but the messages that they are giving us, bring the purpose and rhythm that best represents their strength that is above everything that we know and think we can know.

Those experts that practice Angel numerology says that Angels control oscillations matching to the numerological order (the numbers that we know and use in everyday life, from 0-9, and the different combinations of them).

So, it is no wonder why Angelical beings are communicating with human beings using numerical sequences, and in this sense, it is no wonder why we are able to see them and use them after we understand their message.

Today we are speaking of one specific number 3939, and we will try to reveal what does such numeral means and what it can bring us, if and when we learn what such a message means. Read all about this topic and find the answers that you need.

3939 Angel Number – what does it mean?

Just by looking at the numerical sequence 3939, you can see the two very meaningful numbers in Angelical numerology.

We know that 3 is the centre of Angel numerology since it has traits of the holy trinity and the High power.

But the other vibration belongs to the number 9 – the Ultimate and ending vibration that carries all other vibrations necessary for a change.

It is the sum of all other vibrations since it comes right after all of them, but when we look it in this totality, then we know that it carries a special meaning for us.

Now, in its totality, 3939 speaks of your destiny that is design to be ruled by a magic sequence, because these two are complementary vibrations.

This Angelical sequence that you see as 3939 stimulates Spiritual Guides, who protect us from negativity, and encourages us to pursue a life-long thought that has been plotted in our destiny.

This is the message that you see as one interesting series of numbers, and it is present with one purpose – you need to be reminded that all of us, as a human beings, have a specific life purpose and now is the right time to activate ourselves in that field. It brings wonderful spiritual energy and connection to altruism, humanitarian work and goodwill.

They are saying that many exciting situations and encounters await you, which will bring wonderful changes and various opportunities.

Now the old fantasies you’ve forgotten come true, and this is the best – to have desires and to release them into the Universe, and just at the moment when you forgot about them, the Universe will send you the realization of such dreams.

Secret meaning and symbolism

3939 symbolizes the end of one cycle, i.e. the period of negativity and anxiety is behind you. You have the opportunity to change many things in life, replace the negative with the positive and adopt good habits.


Open your heart to wonderful potentials and chances – Angels are saying in this message, and it is up to you to accept it with an open heart or to neglect its presence, staying forever blind.

The gentle but powerful energy of the Angelical sequence 3939 will dance a mysterious dance with the powerful influence of your Spiritual Guides.

Number 9, as one of the interesting energies that you can meet also brings healing effects and most importantly – connects you to nature.

The vibration of the nine that appears two times encourages you to think of a new beginning – now you can wait for it with your arms open, not fearing of it, as you did before.

And the vibration of the 3 encourages you to step out of the comfort zone, forget about walls, stress, and everyday life and indulge in the magic of nature. It is time to spend time surrounded by wild and beautiful nature because then you will feel absolutely alive.

3939 Angel Number and Love

Sometimes a necessary change is not enough – this is the message 3939 that bring you the wisdom to see the hardship that is coming your way, and that you cannot avoid.

This is the message that says that Love is close to you, but you are required to change, with heightened awareness and constant progression.

However, many of us will not be ready to let go of the turbulent transformation wave – and you were one of those humans, and Angels recognize that this is no longer your way of life.

Maybe you think that you are not worthy of this Love and that your soul is not strong enough to heal the emotional wounds we are still “pulling” from a difficult period of life.

But when they (Angels) appear, everything slowly comes into balance, and they will certainly help you overcome the hardships.

Use this magical stirring energy to accomplish the great things in life, because just as we are all created to love, in the same way, we are all talented and have the chance to be successful in the

You should remember that the past makes you stronger and wiser and that you should never look at failures and mistakes as something that did not have its purpose, on the contrary.

Say to yourself that your loving heart releases fear and that the past experiences teach you many lessons, all of which you can use for the progress. The doors of success are open in every field of life, and it is up to you to take them and make them your own.

Interesting Facts about number 3939

We spoke on several occasions in this piece about the number 9 and the fact that in so many ways, it resembles nature – we are talking about the changes that are the nature itself.

We all know that nature never stays at one place for a long time, all flows, changes, even if those changes are not something that we could see with our bare eye (but that does not mean that it stays stills and does not move/change). It is its natural state, and our progress should be the same.

Now, following this analogy, we can say that this message has the intention to ask you what kind of seed you will plant in your garden, and what kind of a three it will be with what types of fruits?

This is the metaphor for your life, and what Angels try to teach you are that you can create something that is fruitful, but you can also create something that is dry and desolate.

It is a true picture of the ups and downs that each of us has in our lives, and it is up to our acceptance or our neglecting.

In the end, they are asking you to be courageous regarding your plans for the future – this message implies hard work, responsibility and dedication to the job.

You will try to make everything go perfectly, and you have every chance to do so, because Divine Beings are on your side.

You now have a great chance to achieve your ambitions, because Angels are supporting you all the way, and you just have to be willing to change along the way.

They are saying that you must not ever miss out your life purpose, just because you have obstacles in your personal path, cause all blessings are present you just have to take it and make it yours.

And, when we are talking of changes we must say that happiness comes to those who believe that they deserve it, and you need to seize current occasions and the movement of more energy through the guidance of Spiritual Guides who open new gateways for us, and these new openings are common contingencies.

The Divine door (number 3) we open to others is our personal new beginning.

What to do when you see number 3939?

Angels are saying in this information that you see as the Divine number 3939 that you are the creator of your life, not a simple observer, and in this sense, they are telling you to built foundation firmly and independently choose what your life will be, created and made as best as it can.

This is the day when you come to the realization that you are the owner of the powerful energy and follow the flow of life filled with joy.

Repeat: My body is healthy, the mind is brilliant, and my soul is calm.

Now is the moment to get rid of negative thoughts and bad habits.

The Universe gives you incredible talents that you can absolutely use to attract abundance, Love and optimism – Use this powerful energy and end one phase in your life and start another one, much more progressive and spiritual than ever before.

Remember how in the previous section we spoke of the secret Doors that you must open, and Angels are just showing you the way – and if you want to live connected to the Gods image, then you need to embrace new possibilities and the capacity of more increased strength within the help of Angelical beings, as the communicators.