3838 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

Communication between people and Angels could be, in some way, reduced to the exchange of the energy.

And in order to do so, you must be able to notice and define your own energy, whatever it may seem to you. To read Universal energy, we first need to know our own energy – our energy is the reflection of who we are in the present moment.

This teaching comes from the fact that our energy is our foundation and in times when we are not aware of what our energy is really like, we will also not know if we have picked up someone else’s energy.

To get to know your own energy and to connect to Angels you need to be present in this moment – you should not think about yesterday, last week or month, or tomorrow. We need to be present in the contemporary moment and follow our feelings throughout the day.

When we are able to do so, Angels will communicate with us, and these are the moments when we are able to see Angelical numbers that carry important messages for us.

So, if you feel that you are ready to connect with Angelical beings, you must be ready to focus on the current moment in time. You should not think about yesterday, last week or month, or tomorrow. You need to be present in the present and follow our feelings throughout the day.

We are aware that such demand is not an easy task, because of you, as all human beings sometimes we will feel good and sometimes bad.

However, we will see that there is actually one point that we often return to. There is a so-called emotional foundation that will be considered our norm.

Once we know that norm, we will be able to detect when Angel energy comes close to us and give us the message that we should receive.

Today we are looking into Angel message that you see as the numeral 3838 – we will reveal what does this numeral means along with the secret symbolism.

3838 Angel Number – what does it mean?

3838 is Angelical message that certainly speaks of strong energy (number 8 has such vibration, and it is directed toward original source 3).

In it, Angelical beings often remind us that we already have the solution to all the dilemmas; it is just that we do not see it, because we are not looking in the right direction (unfortunately).

Angels are making you clear in this message that you always must remember that the Universe is giving us a great gift – intuition, as your inner voice, and the true and primary connection to the source.

The most important part that this message is about is this – and once again we are talking about the energy and the present moment. They are saying that the time of indecision and fear of the changeover is behind you.

Focus on the present moment and take one (just one tiny) step forward, and you won’t go wrong listening to your intuition and following your inner voice. Even if you make mistakes, stop and become indecisive again,

Angels are always there to give you strength and immense support. This is so important for you to realize and to accept, you will never be alone with them, ever again, and everything you do will have angelical support to back you up.


3838 is working for you, and you have everything that is necessary for personal growth and change (always have in mind that the biggest change starts with one tiny step).

Secret meaning and symbolism

In every Angel message, there is something that is obvious and that you should catch up in the moment you receive a message, but there is always an aspect that is hidden and filled with the metaphorical meanings (as all High things in life, like dream world, here the Universe speaks with the symbolical language that we can understand and “read” but only with our hearts).

Now, here, in the numerical sequence 3838, you see three as the creational force that comes from God, and eight the power itself that goes in different directions, all of them could bring you something different.

Then, we must go back to the subject of energy – sometimes we will feel good and sometimes bad.

However, we will see that there is actually one point that we often return to. There is a so-called emotional foundation that will be considered our basis, and this is the place where Angels target their messages.

And once, at the moment in time, when we are able to detect the moment when that Divine energy floods us in some way.

It is important to know what your energy is, and accordingly, you will know what to do with the energy that comes from the Divine Realms, just like this one, that you see as 3838.

Such a vibrational power indicates that one should focus on the desires of the heart. Be kind and gentle to yourself. Listen to what hopes are still sleeping in your soul.

3838 Angel Number and Love

Now, we have come to the matter of Love, as the main part of every Angelical communication. They are saying in this message that to be loved, in every aspect of that word, and for that Love to be original and real, it must grow in you because Love is not learning but growth.

Love cannot be learned, and you cannot cultivate it in some way that you think you can, some common way, this is not that kind of Love.

Divine Love is the one love that you should be striving for (38), and this is the Love that will truly change you as a human being, and even more, you will be in the position to change your loved ones, and your entire environment with this Love.

What else must be said is this, and it comes to the core of this Angelical message – this is not the Love that you could learn in any way, this is the Love that is already inside of you, and in this sense, it means that something has befallen to you from the outline and it is not about inner increase.

If you want Love to be authentic and real, it must grow in you, and you must grow with your Love, it is not the process that is given it is the process that is all about the growth, a coming of age.

In the end, Angels are suggesting that the numerical sequence that you see as 3838 is telling you to remove the obstacles, defeat the restrictions and then love enhances to your natural, spontaneous being.

Interesting Facts about number 3838

Now, when translated into its sum vibration, we could see that the numerical sequence 3838 can be seen as 1111, and this is definitely one of the most powerful Angelical numerals there is, and they are sending this number only in the moments when they want something really important to say to you.

And since numerals 3 and 8, are both, individually very strong, then such a message indicates ground and energy cleansing.

They are saying that it is really important that this message inspires you to purify the spirit you have collected from other people, expel the negative energy vibrations and open your soul to light energy.

This is the process that will lead you toward true self, the one being that you must be or at least to strive for in life.

How will you achieve such a state? To cleanse such energy and to become closer to your right self, you should give your mind silence and attempt to listen to your inner being (voice) that will lead you in the right direction.

The soul will best purify itself in touch with nature. It is recommended to meditate in nature, to unite with its sounds and beauty, and we will speak more of these methods in the next section, but this is the most important aspect of this message that you see as 3838.

What to do when you see number 3838?

You should spend as much time as possible in nature, and you should try to reconnect to that place deep inside of you where that inner voice will speak to you, and you will be able to hear it clearly.

This is the message that you see as numerical vibration 3838, and it appears in your life with the purpose of encouragement.

It should be present in your life so that it can correct injustice and do something good and humane for other people (this could be seen as the last phase in the acceptance, after you have received wisdom and Love, then you will be able to speak to others and make them better).

Angels are also saying in this message 3838 that your energy to change the world is endless, and in that sense, you are able to affect people that are close to you.

Maybe, you can help someone from the neighborhood, feed a stray dog, or correct a past mistake.

The message of this numeral is that if we strive to protect others, the force of the Universe will forever protect us, and that is something that we should never doubt in our lives.

There cannot be any of it, because just tiny dust of doubt can ruin so many hours of hope and effort, so message 3838 speaks of this also and is telling you never to doubt Angel’s intention and Gods plan.