3131 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

Many of you, who did not open their minds to things that are all around us; will live their lives utterly blind to all beauties that are around us.

But, if you start thinking more widely and if you start receiving (the most natural) source of wisdom and knowledge that comes from the Higher Realms.

So, the notion that the Universe fulfils our desires is a not fairy tale and myth – even if such fulfillment is not revealed in some way that you expect it, so we have to be open for the unexpected things to occur.

In some countries, like for example, in India, children have always been taught that angels are constantly flying through the sky and constantly fulfilling our desires, and that is why we need to be careful about what we think and wish that something ugly is not fulfilled (“Think positive”, we would say in the West and believe that we invented it).

Reality does not have any pre-programmed content, but we fulfill it with our thoughts and desires. And that we have to be careful what we want, Angels are teaching this valuable lesson, and this is the reason why so many people neglect signs that comes from the Universe.

So, you must believe, and then you will notice that something special happens all around you, and one of these Divine messages is the one that you see the numerical sequence 3131.

In the next few sections, we will speak more of this interesting vibrational power that has all features to change your life, and because of the pronounced vibration of the number 1, we are talking about new starts. And as you can see, a numeral is not alone, and it is the number connected to the 3, one of the most important numerals in the Angel and many other symbolism systems.

3131 Angel Number – what does it mean?

Angel number 3131 speak of one very interesting thing that comes as a consequence of two amazing vibrations (two times numbers three and two times number 1).

With them, Angels are sharing a special technique to achieve success and achieve dreams and happiness – yes, it is possible and mandatory if you want to progress in life.

They are talking about the new start that should connect you to the Being (God, Universe) turning yourself, returning to the seat of Being, searching for inner peace, stopping in the present moment (meditation, prayer, play, song, creation), enlightenment, salvation – these are all just different words and names for the path that leads to Bliss.

You can understand why such a message has all these associations in itself – listening to Angelical guidance, and you can enter a special state in which we directly see Being without the mediation of the mind, in which both the outside world and ourselves view ourselves as spectators a theatre play.

Now, the main thing about the meaning of the message 3131is this – you are not just an observer, but the creator of your new beginning, and you are able to use everything that you are born with to good use.

In the end, the vibration and the meaning behind this message are that you should enter a state where your thoughts and emotions are positive and filled with joy that you are starting a new “thing”.

And be sure, that Angel beings are there all the way, in the times when you are in a crisis when you do not have any strength when you feel that you are not much more but an empty shell.

Such a message will come to you, in the times when you are in such a reality where your existence where you are a witness, not a creator.

Secret meaning and symbolism

If we want to dig deeper about the symbolical value of the number from the Divine Realm 3131 – it is created from the vibrations of the secret number 3 and number 1 that is one of the most important numerals in Angel numerology.


It is the representation of the power and fluctuations of number three and representation one, we all know that numeral 3 denotes the energy of increase, inspiration, self-expression, extension and the source of development.

Number 1 brings with it the characteristics of power, motive, leadership and new commencements.

That makes 31 number of optimism, joy, communion, creation and development – and what do we mean by this? We mean a lot of optimism and joy that are mandatory if you want to be a part of the world in which you can communicate with Angels and Higher

Beings and receive creational force along with the expansion of wisdom. All of this is a part of Angel figure 31.

If we want to speak of this we must say that if you are the person who has received this message, you are the person who creates reality and does not care of material things or profit, often faces loss, but constantly makes his life better by having freedom and harmony with his or her own heart.

This is really relevant to know – and the fruits will come very fast, and Angels know that and want to share it with you.

Angel number 3131 speaks of the Bliss, and if you open yourself to a change, you can reach happiness where everything is put in place (“the snow falls, and every snowflake lies right in its place”).

If something is thought to be unfavorable to the mind, the witness in you knows that the mind does not understand what is good and what is not, and that quiet observer knows that everything is perfect.

3131 Angel Number and Love

There can be no Angel message without Love, as the highest virtue, and the most powerful force that is the main ingredient in any change that we can have in life.

If you recognize this, you are the person who is already enlightened, blessed and happy. You no longer need any teachings, books, techniques, rituals, special practices, faiths, and covenants, you know where to go, and it is only needed to accept the truth that comes from the Angelical Realm.

In this sense, if we are looking at the vibration of the numeral 3131, there is one thing left to subtract. All you have to do is let it happen, give yourself with complete confidence to what you (already) are – Angels are close to you, and the Universe knows it (some would say that your heavenly Father knows what you need before you pray).

So, this amazing message that comes from another realm promises that you will have a positive impact on your life, and in this sense, we are talking about Love.

Angels remind you that you are taught by experience and our wisdom helps us more easily recognize our soulmate, and they are saying in the message 3131 that you are able to understand it at first glance what it is and to make it different from others.

Don’t be afraid, tempt yourself with your smile and take the first step toward Love, it is very close to you, and the feeling that you will get is very different from anything else that you have been experienced until now.

Interesting Facts about number 3131

This Angelical message that comes from the higher Realm with the number 3131 symbolizes protection and brings good things to life, and in this sense, this number is deeply connected to the gifts that you show how good your plan in life is, even if you are not aware of it.

But it’s important to share in order to continue to cultivate good karma. Show others how grateful you are for their help and evenly distribute resources and income, but we are not talking about material giving, we are talking about every other “giving” that is far more important than anything else.

By doing so, as the message 3131 suggest you know that you will be a person who is filled and satisfied with ourselves, and then we could give that happiness to others. It is important to be grateful and realize how many beautiful things you have in life – and to start working on your spirituality and deep wisdom.

Don’t let the thoughts of the past bother you. It doesn’t matter what you did last week, month or year, it is important that you are finally on the right track.

And now you are, cause the number 1 is the one that announces changes in the right direction, and number 3 speaks of the changes that are coming your way, and since it is a number connected to the Lord himself, those changes are not every day and earthly, but much more.

What to do when you see number 3131?

The main thing right now is to know that this message from the Divine Realm is not negative in any way, it can be a bit intense, but Angel messaging is never are negative, and they always carry a positive message.

It encourages you to have only fond memories of an old life and to embark on a new life adventure, that is, a quest for better circumstances, people, and energy.

This week, really think about the things that need to be changed in your life. The Universe protects and supports you in the path of transformation. I attract transformation and stay in balance despite the changes. I’m not afraid to move forward and go in search of happiness, ma how uncertain that time was.

Changes are often difficult, this is not hard to understand why the case is, and since 3 and 1 are both in charge for change, you can see how much of that energy is present here.

Changes, in general, cause us to feel fear and uncertainty, and it is especially difficult when you want to change without knowing how to make it.

That first step seems amazing the burden to be lifted – after the change occurs, you will feel amazingly good, and you will feel that everything changes around you, and always keep in mind that the vibration of 3 speaks to you in many ways, all deeply connected to God.

This is the symbol that speaks of change and progress; this is one very energetic card and encourages relief, fun and enjoyable changes.

Because of the pronounced number 3, this message is are a slightly “heavier” card and bring increased emotions that you will have a hard time in dealing, but still, it is not something to be worried too much.

Open to Angelical beings and accept what they are giving you, stay focused and believe, not superficially, but truly, cause what do you got to lose? Nothing and the gain are enormous, and it will change your life so much.