22:22 – Meaning

One thing that affects and constitutes human life besides time are numbers. Even people from ancient times found numbers intriguing and fascinating, and since then, a civilization evolved, but numbers somehow stay mysterious to humans.

And now, combining those two extremely important concepts – time and numbers into one results in mirror hours.

Each day we take a look at our clocks numerous times, as we want to see what time it is. If you have seen the mirror hour 22:22 multiple times in the past few days, or nights to be exact, this probably made your question this a bit weird occurrence.

As this mirror hour appears in front of you right before you go to bed, can you guess what does it mean to you? At night, when you are done with work and everyday responsibilities, the mirror hour 22:22 appears for a reason that has something to do with your thoughts, your private life, your dreams, and your tomorrow.

If you have been wondering about the meaning of the mirror hour 22:22, we are here to explain the messages and secret symbolism standing behind it, but we have a couple of extra sections that will clear out the situation to you even more.

Mirror Hour 22:22 – General Meaning

Now, it is time to start explaining the general meaning of the mirror hour 22:22, as this part is a base for further interpretations. In this section, we explore numbers and the main messages each of them brings.

For example, the mirror hour 22:22 carries a meaning of self-confidence, power, intellectual strength, strong personality, and a bit harsh attitude. When you appear in front of other people, they feel veneration towards you.

Actually, feeling like others have a fear of your actions makes you feel even more powerful.

Yet, don’t nurture the harsh side of your personality, but your talents, skills, sense of humor – all the positive qualities and traits you possess.

However, it is as important to be aware of those qualities, but not becoming too self-centered and arrogant. Being self-conscious is a great thing, but there is a thin line between this and being haughty.

Always have other people, their qualities, and needs in mind when being around them. Some of your colleagues at work don’t have the half of talents you have but don’t punch them in the face with boasting about your achievements. What is more, some people are always shy, and never give off how insecure they are.

Because of this, you should shut your mouth when you notice any of these signs because your goal is not to hurt anyone. Always have respect and be kind to people from your environment.

However, the mirror hour 22:22 reminds you not to forget about your qualities and who you are either. This is essential if you want to succeed, and you certainly have big plans for the future.

It is a part of the everyday culture to be respectful and thoughtful when in communication with other people, but you will recognize fake friends as well. This mirror hour tells you to have your limits.

Never let some people you know are below your level to insult you or put you down. Be proud, but also eloquent, and find a way to balance out those dangers around you.

These people want to harm you, and it is important to recognize them on time. The mirror hour 22:22 will help you overcome obstacles and detect warnings.


Now, we will move on to the spiritual meaning of the mirror hour 22:22, as this interpretation will help you receive the message you are supposed to get, better.

What Does 22*22 Mean Spiritually?

If your goal is to deep dive into the meaning of the mirror hour 22:22, then you shouldn’t skip this part about the spiritual meaning of this number. Well, when we say spiritual meaning, we actually refer to angelic meaning.

The mirror hour 22:22 here turns into angel number 22, and there is the angel number 2 consisted as well.

Starting from the basics, angel number 2 is refers to peace, diplomacy, good relations, friendships, love, selflessness, understanding, balance – it is indeed one of the most powerful angel numbers.

On the other hand, angel number 2 also resonates with self-care, caution, faith, mind, justice, and honesty. This confirms the part we already explained in the previous section. No matter how good and kind you are, and thoughtful of other people, never forget about your needs and the importance of self-care.

Angel number 2 also points out to balance, stability, and pairs. In other words – it could announce the appearance of a special person in your life, possibly someone you can fall in love with, so stay open to new contacts in the upcoming period.

All in one – angel number 2 is an incredibly powerful number, while you can only suppose how powerful it gets when multiplied, just like it is the case with the angel number 22.

However, we won’t say this number is perfect, as everything has its bad side, even angel number 2. Since we have only this number but doubled in angel number 22, it enhances the negative traits as well.

Some of the negative aspects of angel number 2 include are a pessimistic way of thinking, living dependently on somebody else, and hesitation. This means you should be more active, take on more initiatives, being more confident, and responsible.

2222 In Numerology

Just in case you are thirsty for more knowledge of the mirror hour 22:22, we prepared two extra sections here – one of them is the numerological meaning of the number 2222. Numerology can help us find a balance in life and point out to the right direction we should take.

As 22 is a complex number, numerologists divide it into parts first. However, we have four numbers in a row here – 22:22.

Now, we are going to sum these four ciphers and get the result of 8. Numerologists say the number 8 resonates with stability, self-value, control, mysticism, occult, and practice. You prefer material security, and being wealthy is extremely important to you.

On the other side, this doesn’t mean you are selfish at all. On the contrary, you are a person who likes to share with others. When you have a lot of money, you buy presents for your beloved one, take them to trips, etc.

The number 8 also stands for self-reliance, karma, and the law of attraction. It vibrates strongly and works like a magnet. Everything you think of comes to you in a short period of time.

You probably experienced this before, as many of your wishes already came true. Yet, wait a bit more for the biggest one to become real, while you can rely on the number 2222 here to help you with that.

Breaking down what we said in the section about the general meaning of the mirror hour 22:22, numerologists confirm the number 2 points out to your skills and talents. Some of your talents are still undiscovered or you are shy about them. Don’t be – as you can achieve a lot with those gifts of yours. Focus your energy on achieving your goals, use your talents with pride, stay calm, and ignore any fear.

Yet, the number 2 has its own extremes, according to numerologists, as well. You may become too self-centered and selfish, or unable to perform tasks without others, and becoming too dependent on them. Knowing this can happen, you should try to prevent these extremes the first time you feel like the situation is going in that direction.

What to Do If You See 22:22?

The very fact you kept on seeing the mirror hour 22:22 for days means that you should definitely do something about it. And, you are also eager to do something to encourage the changes this mirror hour brings, right? Here are a couple of things you can improve or work on in the upcoming months if you want that boom to happen.

You should rethink your goals a bit for the beginning. Do you want to stay in the current position you are? We are talking here about your job, relationships, and your home. Do you feel like you lack something? It could be that you don’t have a job or a partner, and your dream is to find one.

Maybe you are still living with parents or friends, and your goal is t start living on yourself. However, you are a bit shy about those wishes that you never say them out loud or you maybe even deny them even when you are by yourself.

If you have a job, the mirror hour 22:22 points out to relations with your colleagues and your superiors. Are you too dependent or more of an individualistic type? This number is telling you to find a balance between these two, as you don’t want to appear as a weirdo, but it would be bad for your reputation among your superiors to appears as someone who can’t handle things on their own.

On the other hand, the mirror hour 22:22 speaks about social relations in general, which also includes your family and friends. Are you the youngest among your siblings? Do your friends always call you to organize parties and meetings? You already know the image your closest ones have about you.

The number 22:22 tells you to work on yourself, to be more confident, but to also be more cooperative and to act maturely.

However, there is something very interesting the mirror hour 22:22 is telling you now. This number, and we saved this one for the very end, is sometimes related to rebellious personalities. You don’t even have to be a confident person to be a rebel, as you can hold your attitude within, even though, most of the cases we imagine a person with a strong wild personality as a rebel.

Before you jump to conclusions, try to understand other people and their actions. The easiest thing to do is to judge someone, without knowing their reasons, causes, and issues. You should try to understand them first, maybe even try to put yourself in their position.

Sometimes, people find themselves in a situation when they can’t do anything right, even when they want to. The number 22:22 clears out nobody is a saint, and thus, people should be more tolerant and respectful for each other.

Now that you read this all, you probably remembered some people you used to judge and whose actions you disapproved, without trying to realize what made them act that way. And, from now on, we know you will be more understanding, especially towards your closest family and friends.

For the very end, the mirror hour 22:22 rounds off everything from the above in one lesson. You should try to improve your social skills, be more friendly, open, and empathetic.

There is nothing wrong with having your goals and dreams, but make sure not to neglect your family, their needs, and their emotions as well. Do your thing, just don’t hurt anyone.

The mirror hour 22:22 will bring you everything you ever wanted if you pay attention to how other people feel while building your way to success.


In the end, seeing mirror hour 22:22 doesn’t necessarily mean you are going through a tough phase or that you have any issues currently. It could be that there is some room for improvement rather than making drastic changes. This number wants to encourage you, make you think positively, and make you feel those good vibrations.

You are relatively on the right track when it comes to achieving your goals. Indeed, you are trying to make everything balanced, but something is not working completely the way you want it.

The mirror hour 22:22 is a number of overall stability and harmony, and, even if you lack these right now, the very appearance of this number will make you align yourself with your goals.

Did something happen that caused your confidence to drop a bit? Or maybe something boosted your confidence at a sky-rocket level?

Either way, the mirror hour 22:22 comes here to resonate with you and to bring back the awareness of your potential, but also of that you should never assert that you are better than other people from your workplace or your environment.

The mirror hour 22:22 truly says that you could be the best of the best if you know how to act and think. Always have the needs of other people in mind, as the road to success should be paved with good intentions, pure heart, honesty, and justice. Only this way, the mirror hour 22:22 will give you what you really want.