21:21 – Meaning

You probably know how many times on your clock you saw the mirror hour 21:21 and it doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, but what you saw is not a matter of chance. With the help of mirror hours, the guardian angel tries to get your attention and thus sends you a message.

Wondering what the significance of the mirror hour 21:21 is to you? Make sure you find out what kind of hidden message is behind this number of mirror hours. Your guardian angel wants to tell you something very important.

If you’ve been seeing the 21: 21 mirror clock for a while, then you should have no doubt that in this way your angels want to convey a message to you. Don’t wait, try to find out what meaning it has for you as soon as possible.

Mirror hour 21:21 has a very positive meaning for you, because you do not yet realize how important you really are, but you cannot see it because you are too worried about the material aspect of your life.

Now is the time to pay more attention to people who are very close to you, and it is also important to focus on love. If, after all, there is a problem within your family, don’t worry, you have a lot of positive impacts, so you should be confident everything will turn the best way possible.

21:21 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

The mirror hour 21:21 directs you to work harder, and it’s time to put your responsibilities first. People who have a high level of self-esteem for their lives take responsibility, and in the case of some hiccups on the way, they take an active role in everything. Instead of blaming themselves or someone else, they are looking for ways to solve the problems they currently have in the best way.

Also, these people are fighting for their goals no matter what. You can rest assured that these people will not wait for destiny or some other people to help them achieve their goal, but will find a way to deal with it themselves.

As these people have no problem with taking responsibility for their lives, they trust in life and themselves, so their self-esteem will grow more and more. For those other people who do not want to take responsibility for their lives, it is typical for them to feel like the victims of others and often complain about being accompanied by bad luck.

Having given this power, people under the influence of the mirror hour 21:21 are fearless. And, someone who doesn’t have the courage to act this way, they usually experience numerous issues along the way.

If such a person fails at something, they can always find someone else to blame, but almost never will be able to feel that they have the ability to change their lives and improve their conditions.

When we begin to live responsibly, we admit to ourselves that there will not be someone with us who will come to help whenever it is difficult. When we accept that we bear responsibility for our lives, we will become more capable and active, and with that our confidence will increase significantly.

Also, when we take responsibility for our lives, we are aware that we are responsible for our actions and choices, for our work, for our time, for personal relationships, for the care of our body, for our thoughts and emotions, and things change for the better.

But, it should be kept in mind that not all things can be controlled in life. Sometimes something accidental can happen without us having to take responsibility for it. Sometimes events happen beyond our control, and the fact is that we cannot accept responsibility for something we are not guilty of.

All of this can affect your self-esteem. Make an effort to separate the things that depend on you, and the ones that are out of your reach, so you can balance these situations out.

What Does 21*21 Mean Spiritually?

Number 21 is made up of numbers 2 and 1, which you can conclude yourself. Yet, these numbers, 1 and 2, are not just plain numbers. These are angel numbers if you have ever heard about these.

Angel numbers are here to show us greater forces and good energy are with us. Along our journey, we sometimes lose hope or give up our goals. Have you been feeling this way lately? Do you think you have no more energy to fight all those bad things? Stop convincing yourself of this, as your guardian angels are nowhere to show you that you are loved and supported by them.


Now, we will break down the numbers 2 and 1 to clear up any of your doubts on this matter. The number 2 represents a woman’s energy, moon, mother, cooperation, tenderness, patience, kindness, intuition, companionship, and motherhood. The Holy Book speaks about an almond, which is represented by a cross-section of two circles.

Number 2 indicates both the intellect and also the mental conception of something. This number indicates receptive and passive people. Most people who are influenced by this number can be said to be measured, kind, calm and organized.

They cannot be said to be overly ambitious, though they often get what they want. They do not break down barriers and do not apply force, but they use persuasion. Characteristic of people under the influence of number 2 is that they have the attitude that they always hesitate, but are prone to tend to make important decisions for some reason known to them. This is a number that represents the sun and the moon, life and death, day and night, and indicates everything that is double.

Some religions interpret the number 1 as the one and only God. This is also a symbol of individuality and in some ways represents man, for the number 1 stands as an upright human being. The idea of ​​uniqueness can be linked to the role of the leader, and at the same time represents ambition and strength.

Since the number 1 is the first number to follow in other numbers, the unit is associated with both achievement and objectivity. You already know you are trying to be honest and unbiased no matter of the situation, and it seems like nothing can change the fact you are practical and realistic, even when it comes to your closest ones.

2121 In Numerology

Number 21 in numerology is of supreme importance, symbolizing integrity, perfection, and almighty unity. One of the Tarot cards is the World, and it symbolizes evolution and expansion. This corresponds to the whole of something that manifests itself, which is the world as a result of creative sustained action.

The number 21 represents the totality of man and the world. In the Bible, number 21 is a symbol of maturity and perfection.

This number also symbolizes divine wisdom, which is a mirror of eternal light, which in its purity penetrates and extends its mercy.

Also, this number is mentioned in the Bible as something very important. In the Book of Wisdom, line number 21 is indicated. Whoever succeeded in internalizing the number 21 described in that book was considered to have attained spiritual maturity.

Sometimes at the beginning of the article, we mentioned that the mirror hour 21:21 holds synthesis. Many sports using ball and racquet are tied to the number 21. In table tennis, each set is played up to 21 points. When it reaches 21, the clashes and games end because the one who has 21 wins.

According to the Western calendar, the number of centuries in which we currently live is 21. But, there are many stories about the number 21, and thanks to this number, approximately one million books have been sold. This refers to December 21, 2012, when most scholars agreed that, according to the Mayan calendar, signified the end of civilization. But this passed, as soon as it was December 22nd.

The number 21 in the past referred to growing up and military service. But times have changed so that military service is no longer fashionable, and it seems rare to practice. At that time, all Spaniards, who were 21 years old and were soldiers, swore allegiance to the state under the Spanish flag, unaware that Bosnia and Afghanistan were waiting for them with open arms.

In this article, we have mentioned to you additional meanings about number 21, as well as its numerological meaning and Tarot. Professor Lester paid special attention to this issue in his Numerology classes. Some numbers seem to be talking, which is the case with the number 21 according to him.

What to Do If You See 21:21?

If something is not going right, is it a sign that you should give up your goal? Should you accept that you are guilty of failure, or will you shift the blame to someone else? If you think similarly, it is time to talk to someone, because in positive behavior it is quite normal for you to take responsibility for the consequences of your actions.

The most logical thing is that when a problem or mistake occurs, accept what happened and then in that situation try to understand your actions.

When analyzing the problem, the responsible person will turn their attention to finding a solution, and how to implement it as efficiently as possible.

Also, when they see a mistake, most people often blame someone else, as this seems easiest. This kind of thinking can have a detrimental effect on one’s personal relationships, and for that reason, one will give up seeking a solution.

It is up to you to recognize your involvement in a situation, to analyze it with others, and to deal with the consequences that your actions may have brought.

Responsible persons in these situations will look for a way to fix the problem as soon as possible. These individuals are not looking for the culprit, but are looking for a solution to the existing problem. With a person like this, you will always know what you are up to.

Due to their responsible attitude, their communication will generally go well. Even when things do not go the way they intended, you can always expect a fair relationship from them.

When it comes to solving a problem, the responsible person will put all its focus where it can act, that is, it will only act if it can change something for the better. It is pointless for them to spend their time on things that are not under their influence and control, including decisions made by other people.

The person in charge will, first of all, carefully analyze the situation, find the fault that exists, find acceptable solutions, and keep all the facts in their hands. They will then take the next step, which is to execute the decision they made.

They will also take action, although they will have no guarantee that the plans they have made will succeed. If in any case, they happen to be wrong again, they will again put the whole situation under consideration, they will look at everything very objectively, and then they will try to find a solution to the problem.

Undoubtedly, sooner or later this person will find a way to put all things in place.


It is not possible to determine exactly what the appearance of a particular mirror hour in one’s life might mean, because we all go different ways, but it is certain that you can find it in many interpretations of the mirror hour 21:21. The mirror hour 21:21 is here for you and will offer you the advice you need.

Also, it serves to guide you on the right path. If you want to see yourself as a happy and successful person, listen to your angels who send messages with the mirror hour 21:21 because they want to see you make the best progress in your life.