21:12 – Meaning

Numbers are all around us and their magical powers can affect the flow of our lives, whether or not we believe in them. That’s why you’re here – because you’ve noticed that some of them are often following you. The higher powers are sending us these numbers to remind you that you need to achieve some of your goals.

Today we are going to talk about the energy of the mirror hour 21:12 which is very powerful.

These numbers can appear in different ways in your life, on your car license plates, your clock, your phone or anywhere around you.

Watch carefully, because these numbers are probably hiding a message that is very important to you, but still, you have to dig a bit deeper to find out what this mirror hour means exactly.

21:12 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

Are you in love? This is the first question Numbers 21:12 ask you.

In this article, we will talk about love and its different levels, and we will help you understand whether you are in love or not. There are many sure signs of this, which is why mirror hour 21:12 appears in front of you.

Often, our feelings are mixed and can be influenced by different factors. It is sometimes very difficult to name or interpret feelings, especially when it comes to love. You can turn the whole world upside down, overcoming every obstacle – only if you are sure of your love.

You may suppress your feelings because you are aware that this relationship could not work at all and that you would suffer in it, and it may also happen that you suddenly make a decision and get in touch with that person.

However, it is the desire of each of us when it comes to falling in love to know if the other person has the same feelings as you. These emotions are very powerful and very difficult to control, and will usually bring you some change in life.

The state of falling in love can be expressed in many different ways, and everyone’s definition of falling in love is different. You may hear someone else’s statement in which you can find yourself, so you may find it easier to delimit and define your feelings. In them, you can get answers to the question of whether you are already in love or if it could happen in the near future.

If you cannot articulate and describe your feelings, we may be able to help with some love tips. Is there a difference between love and falling in love, and is it possible to feel both at the same time? Falling in love is something that precedes love, but it can appear later in the relationship.

In the first stage of falling in love, everything looks beautiful and you look through pink glasses, while emotions are swirling inside you. You hang butterflies in your stomach and it seems like you could hug the whole world. This happens at the physical level and goes through different stages.

First of all, this is about the attraction and desire that partners feel for each other. There is a possibility that this sense of infatuation may later develop into true love. In this way, not only a physical but also a spiritual connection is created, which requires mutual trust, which are the most important conditions for a happy relationship.

If your relationship has reached the stage of cooling down, this may be a sign that some new love may be emerging in your life, or this may just be a test of an existing one. When you throw away the pink glasses that you had at the beginning of falling in love, and when you solve problems from everyday life together, then other features that our partner possesses come to the surface.

You notice that in addition to the positives, it has other qualities. But, when love is stable enough and strong, it is very easy to predict negative partner traits.

The feelings you may have right now are confusing in your head and heart. These feelings in the first phase, which is really the most intense, can be felt too. In addition, some external circumstances may trigger such feelings. For example, you can make a decision to go on vacation together, or you can decide to get engaged and maybe get married.


Still feeling in love, even though you’ve been dating for a long time? When you are in this phase, little things can make you happy. You easily forget the problems and conflicts of the past. You are focused on the happy times and qualities that your partner possesses.

When both women and men are in love they behave quite similarly. We have found that there are different characters that relate to both sexes individually. With this, you can finally be sure that you are really in love with someone or is it something that will fade and pass away very quickly.

When you are close to your partner are you always in a good mood? Have you been happy and satisfied with your life lately? This is a very clear sign that you are in love. Our mood improves dramatically when we spend a lot of time with a person with strong feelings. Just remember how lucky you are to see an old friend after a long time. Similar happens when you are in love. When you feel like you can hug the whole world, you are most likely in love.

Suddenly you were overwhelmed by the urge to do some new things, and the stronger you are, the conclusion is that you are in love.

You also seem to have a lot more energy and have the desire to be physically active. Your confidence is much higher and you have become much more spontaneous than usual. To impress your sympathy, you want to get the best out of you. When you overreact to ordinary things, know that you are in love. We all know that life is much more fun when we are in love.

Did you find yourself canceling an appointment just to be with your loved one? Or maybe you plan on taking a few days off just to spend more time with your beloved ones? This is also a sign that you are head over heels. Maybe you canceled a meeting with a good friend because you hoped he would understand you because of your feelings. Your sympathy has a great advantage over others.

When you are in love with a person, you probably always think about her. It reminds you of almost everything, and it’s very difficult to think reasonably. Your topics generally revolve around the person you are interested in. If someone else is talking about something other than the person you like, you will look for a reason to mention it.

All this does not have to apply to every individual. People in love are so obsessed with their happiness that they have almost no need for food. They are able to draw quite enough energy from their minds. They are in love with emotions and in some cases, they are against reason. Confusion and lack of concentration are often present. There are sayings that lovers often behave as if they were crazy.

When you are happy and in love and your environment can notice it. You are friendly to your loved ones and even have more patience for them. Even when there are bad days and some difficult moments, it will hardly spoil your mood. A state of infatuation can make no situation seem troubling.

When you catch yourself often smiling for no particular reason, you can consider you in love. When you laugh, you release the hormones serotonin and endorphin, which makes you even happier.

Even a slight smile can give the impression that you are very much in love. When they talk about their sympathies, persons who are in love often smile strangely. They do the same thing when they think about her, or when a message arrives from them.

Everything related to the person who evoked these feelings is of utmost importance. This is a really nice feeling, but we should not forget that in our daily lives we also have the obligations we need to live. And, we need them to concentrate and focus on the obligations we have. In the continuation of the text, we will offer you some tips on how to improve your concentration.

What Does 21*12 Mean Spiritually?

If you care about spirituality, this section may tell you some interesting things related to the mirror hour 21:12. Actually, even if you weren’t so much of a believer in the past, the whole interpretation of this number can change your perspective.

Numbers 21:12 is also associated with angel number 2112. The message behind angel number 2112 is a message of emotion and love, which you could already conclude by the previous section.

Whenever you need support from a higher power, or when you need love, angel number 2112 will appear in your life and give you the support you need. That means – there are other types of love, not just a physical and emotional one towards your partner, but the love you can receive from your guardian angels.

Angels encourage you to open your heart to the different people you meet in your life. You carry wounds from the past that have not healed yet, but now is the time to open your heart and let other people heal your wounds so you can move on. It was indeed difficult for you to go through all these painful experiences, but angel number 2112 is there to help you turn the situation to your benefit and change your life for the better, finally.

If you continue to hide your emotions and pretend to be made of stone, it is most likely that your wounds will never be healed and you will never be able to be what you really are. Allow yourself to express yourself because it will make it easier to find someone who can be your perfect partner with whom you can develop together.

On this journey, your angels will support you, and with their help, you will be able to find yourself and true love. Other people can’t guess what you are feeling when you are silent about that, so don’t hide your emotions, open up and show what you really feel.

2112 In Numerology

The meaning found in the mirror hour 21:12, by numerologists, is economic stability, happiness, personal satisfaction, elevation, and success in life.

Similar meanings are also found in tarot cards, signifying safety, success and a happy ending to anything. In the sphere of religion, number 21 is considered to be a number that symbolizes perfection. In the Hebrew alphabet, the meaning of this number is twofold and represents divine power, and on the other hand, it can also mean corruption.

Kabbalah says that a sincere friendship can help you through difficult situations, but it can also protect you from all enemies. Number twenty-one is a number that indicates trust and loyalty. It also signifies true friendships, courage, civil rights, and the law.

Everything about courage has to do with the number 21. These are the promises made and the defense of the weakest.

Also, this is a number representing tax, books, codes, godfather, will, and guardians.

Number 12 also has an esoteric meaning and is linked to the mystical and physical evidence that one who possesses this number must complete.

Once tested, transformation occurs because difficult tasks just lead to real growth.

Number 12 presents difficult obstacles and puzzles that have yet to be solved. An interesting fact is that in most societies, initiation rituals are performed and introduced to teenagers that are bringing them into the world of adults. These rituals are practiced with kids at the age of twelve.

What to Do If You See Number 21:12?

Then, when you notice the appearance of the number 21:12 in your life, it is a sign that the time has come to express everything you need, but also to open yourself more to other people.

When your emotions grow and you feel overwhelmed, find a way to tell someone what you are feeling and open your soul.

The number 21:12 can appear in your life for a variety of reasons, and the purpose of this text was to associate you with these reasons.

They will remind you that life can be much better if you become more open and know how to love and receive love. So take a serious commitment and dedicate yourself to improving your life.


Number 21:12 reminds you that you are not hiding your feelings and that it is time to open your heart to some new experiences. When you notice these numbers in your life, it is a sign that you need to stop closing yourself, because in the outside world there is something that may be extremely important to you.

The mirror hour 21:2 is telling you to just live your life with your full lungs and new opportunities will come to you like never before.