19:19 – Meaning

Could you ever imagine numbers you see on your clock can appear as messages you should interpret? Behind these messages is a piece of advice or sometimes a warning about the upcoming situations.

The more you see the same numbers appear in front of you, the importance of the message arises.

Seeing numbers like 19:19 all the time can actually help you find the answers to some of your questions or even achieve some long-term goals.

Today, we are here to interpret the meaning of the numbers 19:19 for you and discover messages and symbolism hiding behind.

19:19 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

One of the main points of the number 19:19 is that you should continue on working on yourself. You already know you are very authentic, but the message is that you should try to enhance this side of your personality even more. This number suggests you are successful and famous among your friends and colleagues.

You are also self-determined and you know what you want in life. Yet, being authentic sometimes comes as a burden to you and it is difficult to manage some traits in the right way.

Be careful not to lose your authenticity through such behaviors, as sooner or later, people will recognize you are not honest. After all, you will be feeling bad about yourself, as this would look like you are letting yourself down. Yet, the appearance of 19:19 comes at the right time – to help you figure out how to work on that authenticity and how to improve some sides of your personality.

It seems like you are sometimes pretending to be the type of what other people expect you to be. You are playing so many roles it becomes difficult to handle different aspects these roles require.

This is very exhausting and you are starting to lose yourself in this whole story. Your friends know you are very different in private than in professional life, as well as the picture you try to present on social media is also a facade for people who don’t know you.

It is completely normal some external factors will affect your mood and make you act a certain way, even though it is not that 100% how you would usually react. Yet, 19:19 teaches you how to recognize the situation which will put you in the best, instead of the bad light.

Returning to authenticity, it requires you to be honest, reliable, and to give off an impression of a credible person. You love it when you give off an impression of a stable, confident, radiant, and genuine person. On the other hand, you know being in harmony with yourself is your greatest challenge you can think of.

Relax, as your personality is going to change for the better. So will your ideas and attitudes as well. That doesn’t mean you would lose your authenticity, as you would only evolve and improve yourself, not losing those special parts about yourself. In the world we are living in, which is constantly changing, it would be difficult to stay the same without experiencing any development.

Being authentic will benefits you in all aspects of life, and you will start loving it soon. If you care about your professional life the most, you should be aware of the fact companies appreciate and encourage the authenticity of their employees. These persons seem to be making a big step further in their careers.

So, if you want to get a promotion, don’t be afraid to speak up about your ideas or visions, even critiques.

Yet, don’t forget authenticity will make you stand out from other people. If you are currently single, don’t be afraid to show how special and unique you are. Being natural and honest about yourself will reflect on the outside and possibly attract a new person in your life. Authenticity is as important for friendships and family-relations too.

The number 19:19 is still warning you to be more alert when it comes to other people playing roles. Some people are presenting themselves as authentic or we can take them like that, even though they are only pretending. Try to be more reserved with new persons walking into your life, especially because they know how to act up to your expectations. This is the main point when you can get easily deceived by their behavior.


On the other hand, you may have a wrong impression of some people who are a bit rough around the edges. Yet, this is only the way they want to protect themselves. They won’t behave the way you would maybe want to, but these people are actually the ones you should get closer to. With them, you always know where you stand, and they remain true to themselves no matter what.

Inauthentic people never get out of their comfort zone and always choose an easier path. They are, in general, resistant to changes and love things to be steady. However, even they have to accept necessary changes life brings.

The number 19:19 tells you to be more confident, as this is also the way to being authentic. Don’t be afraid to be who you are and to show that to the world, even if some people won’t like it. The reason why these people won’t react to you politely is that they are having issues with themselves, and thus, don’t take them as a threat.

However, make sure not to overreact with self-confidence as well, as confidence sometimes goes beyond into arrogance. Accept criticism in a constructive way and learn how to control your weaknesses.

It is about time to start using your strengths the right way. If needed, take some time to reflect on what they are. Trust your instinct and watch your actions. If that would help, talk to your beloved ones, listen to their opinion about the things that are confusing you, and this will bring some answers as well.

Don’t insist on putting your opinion first, but rather listen and rethink what some of the people you appreciate say, and then form an authentic opinion.

What Does 19*19 Mean Spiritually?

Each of the numbers has its own special, spiritual meaning. For this reason, we can say these are angel numbers, just like the number 19 is angel number formed of the numbers 1 and 9.

To be able to interpret the message hiding behind the mirror hour 19:19, we will reveal its spiritual meaning, as this sometimes comes as a crucial moment that can help you realize why this number appeared in your life.

First, we will begin with the angel number 1, which is a symbol of confidence and faith you have in yourself. These numbers speak about your personality – individualistic, strong-willed, and energetic. You are always up for some action, as monotony affects your mood and makes you feel depressed.

Secondly, the angel number 9 represents karmic relationships and destiny. If you wouldn’t want something to happen to you, don’t do this to other people. You already know the law of reciprocity works this way, but it is good to sometimes remind ourselves karma has its own lessons and these lessons come to us in a bit unpleasant way if we did a bad deed before.

The same applies to the good things we have done, so make sure to put an accent on kindliness.

1919 In Numerology

Now that we mentioned karma, 1919 is one in the row of karmic numbers. It is a bit difficult to interpret and define, mostly because we can’t interpret karma for individual situations. The number 1919 carries different meanings for different people, just like numbers 1 and 9 can be interpreted individually, as the sum – 10, or like 1919.

We will interpret the meaning number 1919 has in numerology, hoping you will know to recognize its energy and its message intended for you. The number 1919 in numerology represents immersive mental strength. Yet, this intellectual strength makes you self-sufficient sometimes, so that you choose to rather be alone than with other people.

Even though loneliness seems hopeless to others, you take this time to renew your energy. You are trying to ignore dark thoughts and escape negative emotions, but to focus on the positive ones, which is great.

The light of your past life is guiding you through this life, teaching you how to use past experiences to make your life better. In Tarot, 1919 stands for the card of the “winning sun”, which confirms your optimism and your striving for happiness.

The sun on this cart stands for success, as you are about to achieve one of the goals you set a long time ago. You had certain difficulties obtain it, but the energy of the number 1919 takes you to the light. This period behind you was intended to teach you wisdom, patience, and to prepare you for things that are coming.

Just as we mentioned, the number 19 can be interpreted in three ways. The numerological meaning of the number 1 gives you drive, strength, new ideas, ambition, and makes you creative, while the number 9 stands for daydreaming, idealism, and fallacies.

If we would combine these two, we get the number 10, which means that you are going to turn your dreams and ideas into reality, even though you sometimes wander off into the world of pure fantasy. The point is – you are going to turn those realistic dreams into reality, while the unrealistic ones are going to stay stuck.

According to numerologists, the number 1919 indeed represents good luck and a good life. Its energy evolves around success and big accomplishments. However, it is necessary for you to surround yourself with people who are motivating you to do and to be better.

Even though it may take just a little bit longer to reveal your true powers, that doesn’t mean you are going to slow down with your plans. Regardless of what is happening, the number 1919 will help you bypass negativity and darkness and lead you to the light.

Yet, we are not saying you won’t get a bit discouraged at a certain point. Luckily, this phase won’t take too long, as you will find a way to avoid getting defeated. The number 1919 gives you that push and motivation to stand up and fight for your goals and to wipe off any negativity.

No doubt 1919 in numerology represents free souls, inner power, and warmth. You have great qualities, and someone will recognize them.

On the other hand, never forget what does humility means and don’t let yourself act arrogant.

Beware of extreme emotions you may be facing soon, especially if you recognize signs of depression or frustration. Try to find the light, and you will, as the number 1919 is there to give you the support you need to overcome difficulties and achieve your goals.

What to Do If Your See 19:19?

As everything points out to the positivity of the number 1919, you should take it as it comes into your life.

Embrace the good energy coming your way, clear your mind, and envision your future.

You are powerful and wise, but it may take some time to find the answers to questions bothering you.

Yet, the number 1919 will guide you towards the light and help you overcome any difficulties – just have faith in yourself and your guardian angels.


Numbers appearing constantly in front of you are not just plain numbers. Each of them has its own symbolism and can teach you some important life lessons if you know how to accept the message behind these numbers.

If you have seen mirror hour 19:19 numerous times on your clock now, this is a clear sign for you to pay attention to its meaning. This numbers means that you are going to achieve your goals only if you stay true to yourself. Feed that authenticity of yours and rewards will come your way sooner than you think. The number 1919 is a true blessing coming your way, and you should appreciate the chance you have been given.