18:18 – Meaning

You probably look at your clock numerous times a day, right? Still, have you noticed that you see seeing the same numbers every day at the same time? How long does this last?

Well, we have something important to tell you – seeing the same numbers means something, and you should try your best to discover the meaning of these numbers.

Sometimes we don’t realize at first our guardian angels are sending us messages through different channels, and it is up to use to recognize and interpret these messages.

Also, there is a secret symbolism behind each of these numbers, adding on the importance of these numbers.

If you happen to be seeing 18:18 on your clock for a while now, this is a clear message coming from the above. Don’t be afraid or suspicious about the appearance of the mirror hour 18:18 in your life, as it actually has the power to change the course of some spheres that are bothering you or causing you pain.

Down below, we are going to discuss everything related to the mirror hour 18:18 in order to help you understand and interpret the message intended for you. Are you excited to find out which symbolism lays behind this combination?

18:18 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

First off, we are going to tell you more about the general meaning of the mirror hour 18:18, breaking it down through the article. The most important thing for you during this period is to let go of all the things that are making you feel bad. You don’t need such negativity in your life. Say goodbye to everything that has been bothering you for some time, as you can’t change the past.

Yet, what you can change is your approach towards these things. Accept them as a part of what you used to be, but focus on the things that are happening right now or that are about to happen.

We all sometimes face loss, whether it is a beloved one, our pet, a job. People are generally unprepared to hear any of the bad news. Yet, even when something like this happens, you should try to find a way to deal with grief. Maybe you already experienced loss which messed up your life completely.

Just in case you lost someone you loved, the mirror hour 18:18 is telling you to know how to say farewell to that person. If you seemed to be running away or suppressing the feeling of sadness and grief, that may reflect on your health. Take some time to accept the fact that the person is gone now, as death is the normal process of human life.

Are you replaying the funeral in your head? Have you said your last goodbye to them? Funerals are extremely stressful and endlessly sad, but you should take this moment as the last chance to say the last word to the person you are saying goodbye to. Exchange your memories, thank them for being such an important part of your life, and let their soul go to a batter place.

Yet, some cultures don’t consider funerals and deaths the reason to be sad. For instance, people in Ghana see funerals are a joyful occasion. They organize themselves and celebrate the new life of the person who died. However, they are still exchanging their wishes with the deceased and say goodbye to them honorably.

The mourner never stays alone, as their family and friends are there to provide support. Coping with a loss is easier when one can talk to people who love and understand them. They will listen to them and talk about their feelings and memories.

The feeling of loss can be overwhelming sometimes. The mourner may be thinking they are going to be sad for the rest of their life. The intensity of sadness is hard to bear that some people lose their minds over the course of time. Being unable to accept death causes even more pain and suffering that it reflects on that person’s psyche.

Yet, society today doesn’t leave much time to grieve. It pushes people to resume their normal course and everyday life, as otherwise, grief can destroy them. Dealing with loss can last for years before one accepts it, but their environment makes them continue with life at least in some way, just like they used to live before they experienced loss.

In this context, mourning and accepting lasts longer, but it alleviates with the time. The first phase is always the hardest one, as the mourner is negating the loss and hides away from reality. This is actually a state of shock where they don’t know how to react and act as if the sad occurrence is not real. One can even experience excessive sweating, nausea, having strong headaches, increased heart rate, and being unable to fall asleep.


Nobody wants their feelings to be hurt, which is why one is trying to pretend the person who passed away would come back at a certain point. Yet, sooner or later, they realize this is not going to happen.

Once they acknowledge this, they enter the second phase where they become suppressed with negative emotions, leading to depression. It is completely normal to feel this way, but it is always good to know the feeling will fade away with time.

If you experienced loss, the mirror hour 18:18 is here to tell you the pain you are feeling now is not going to destroy you. Death is a part of the human cycle on this planet and one day, we all are going to be with the ones we lost during our lives.

What Does 18*18 Mean Spiritually?

Even though your hardest moments, you should be aware of the fact your guardian angels are supporting you and sending you to love.

The mirror hour 18:18 is related to angel number 1818, which brings alleviation and positive change after a tough period you went through. To be able to understand what does it announces, we are going to break down the component numbers of the number 1818 – 1 and 8 and explain their meaning to you.

We are going to start with the angel number 1 here, which is a symbol of confidence, loyalty, leadership, creativity, power, and strong will. You are always on the forefront, no matter of what is happening around and you are strong enough to handle hard and challenging life situations.

Therefore, if you are feeling like you are losing power or will for life, remind yourself that your guardian angels will give you the strength to move on and overcome difficulties.

On the other hand, the angel number 8 is considered to represent a significant inflow of resources, abundance, and luck. It is suggesting that you should expect improvement when it comes to finances.

You are already aware that these changes are just about to happen, as you have been working very hard towards your goals. Your guardian angels know how much of a believer you are and are going to reward you for that.

1818 In Numerology

Seeing the same numbers like 1818 can appear as a mystery to you. If this number is intriguing to you, this is a reason why you are here. Besides general and angel meaning of this number, we will interpret its numerological meaning as well.

Numerology can be a great source of hints that you should work on some areas of your life. It can give you certain directions and point out to a certain choice you should make in order to find the path you are seeking.

According to historical evidence, the number 1818 is a sacred number. If you happen to see this number often, this is a clear sign you will get a chance to reveal new things you didn’t know about yourself.

Numerologists claim the number 18 stands for inner strength, universal interest, a desire to help others, and spirituality. In case you are born on the 18th of the month, this appearance means even more to you. It represents your passions, desires, goals, and dreams, and the inner light shining out of you.

You appreciate your independence and your own rules. Your ideal is to live freely and not being restricted by outer norms. You would never let anyone control or tame you, but this doesn’t mean you don’t care what other people say.

On the contrary, you are very compassionate and grow affection towards your family, friends, and your partner.

The number 18 is an artist number, famous for its genuine side, creativity, and humbleness. You have a big heart to forgive people who hurt you. Their mistakes won’t affect your mood or opinion over yourself.

Even though these people sometimes don’t even realize their mistakes and never say sorry, you will rarely take this as a problem. Rather, you will move on with your life, walking towards your goals.

However, if you see the other side if trying to fix what they have done, you will accept their apology and help them find the right path again. You are the light that will help them see through the darkness. For the sake of your relationship, you will help them become better people.

Still, the number 18 also says that you are self-sufficient. If you don’t feel like hanging out with someone of your friends, you will certainly stay home and read a book or watch a movie.

You are sometimes a bit obsessed with your job because your goal is to reach a higher position. This may result in an imbalance in other spheres, such as partnerships or friendships. You want so badly to achieve the success that it becomes the only value you see, even though you should pay attention to other values in life, such as love and respect.

Mixed of the numbers 1 and 8, the number 18 in numerology represents your ability to truly reach your goals, just the way you planned. You are constantly closing and opening new cycles, which gives you additional motivation.

Yet, we should draw your attention to the negative traits of the number 18 in numerology. This person is sometimes selfish, but not intentionally.

Even though you are compassionate, your desire to make something big in life makes you forget about other people and their wishes and needs. This is partly because of the influence of the number 1, as it is individualistic and goal-driven, not caring about the environment.

All in one, the number 18 is a powerful number that gives you strong motivation towards success. You are constantly seeking for ways to make a significant improvement, but this all will lead you towards spiritual enlightenment as well.

What to Do If You See 18:18?

If you are feeling a bit lost on your way and don’t know which is the right path to take now, the number 18 tells you to continue with the path you already started. This is your ticket for the future, as you already achieved a lot.

In case you lost someone you love recently, do this for them. Be brave and empower yourself to make something out of your life. You will go through some periods of emotional turbulence, going from anger, fear, sadness, to depression.

If you ever happen to have suicidal thoughts, make sure to go and see a doctor. Do your best to get out of this phase, as better things are coming your way. The number 1818 comes to bring new energy in your life and to help you accept its cycle by giving you something you wished for a long time.

On the other hand, if you haven’t experienced a loss, that doesn’t mean you would in the future. Don’t be afraid that you would lose someone you love. Instead, the mirror hour 18:18 appears in your life to suggest you to get rid of any other kind of negativity and suppressive emotions.

Something is bothering you and causing you strong emotional pain. You should ask a doctor for help with this, as you should prepare yourself mentally for better days that are about to come.

No matter how impossible that may seem from a current perspective, the mirror hour 18:18 is here to support you and take you right where you deserve to be.


As you can see, the power of numbers is endless and shouldn’t be underestimated at any cost. If you read some things that moved you, get yourself together. Your guardian angels are with you, and they don’t want to see you suffer. R

ather, take the chance the mirror hour 18:18 brings and believe miracles still happen, no matter of the dark period behind you.