1818 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

Numbers are everywhere, we often do not think about them, because they are the component of our lives, and it is impossible to live without them, even if we would want it. Maybe in the past we could avoid them, we didn’t need their role but today in the modern life, we cannot image a day without seeing or using them. We need to be honest and say that numbers are the fundaments of modern devices, modern equipment and instruments.

Their role is so big, their influence is huge and their meaning for us is very important, we start to learn about numbers in our childhood, it is impossible to imagine a kid who does not know to count, and who doesn’t know to tell you want time it is.

If we need to talk about their role, then we can say that they are present in every corner of our lives, we can see them on our mobile phones, computers, tablets… If we want to coordinate with time, then we will use numbers, if we want to count something we will also use them, if we want to use money, we need to be familiar with the numbers.

As you can see it is obvious that their role is huge, and it is impossible to avoid their influence.

Enough talking about this subject, now we are going to introduce you with the issue of the angel numbers, as you can see from the title, we will also talk about numbers, but these are not just classic numbers, they may look like they are ordinary but they do not have similarity with them, their role, purpose, influence is completely different from ordinary numbers.

This article will be parted on the five different chapters, each chapter will tell us something different about this topic and each one will help us to understand the issue of angel numbers. First, we are going to discuss about the meaning and importance of these numbers, after that we are going to talk about the secret messages of these numbers and their meaning, then we are going to help you understand the messages which this number is telling you in love, here we will give you some advices for those who are in relationship and for those who are single.

Also, we will discuss about interesting facts, and at the end of the story we will tell you want should you do and how should you act when you see this number.

What does it mean?

In the previous chapter, we have told you something about the issue that we are going to discuss about, but we need to put accent on the number 1444, because this article will be devoted to this number, and we will help you to find out what should you do when you see this numbers, what action you should take etc.

Each angel number is different, each angel number has its own role and each one has special kind of energy.

But we haven’t yet explain you the importance and meaning of these numbers, so first thing that you should be familiar about these numbers is that these numbers are sent from you true protectors and guardians and they are angels. As you have already known angels are spiritual being, and their role is to keep us safe, to help us find the right path, make right decisions and choose right people who will be by our side.

Angels have not got a power to communicate with us, but luckily, they have find a way to send us signals, and that signals are numbers, so obviously each angel number has hidden message and each one can tell us something what would help us, what would lead us to the right direction and what could help us to find out something new about ourselves and about our life.

But also, there is one more important questions, how we can recognize these numbers, when we are living in a world full of numbers… In the previous chapter we have counted many roles and meaning of numbers, and we have also mentioned that they are in every corner of our lives, and that is just impossible to image a day without their presence.

The true answer is that there is no special way to recognize angel numbers, people through centuries have been trying to make difference between these numbers and regular numbers, but they could not find the answer, the only way is to follow your intuition and instincts.

The whole story about these numbers is that they are focus on spiritual energy and on discovering yourself, so if you truly want to listen to your angels and follow their advices then you need to believe in yourself, have confidence, and listen to your intuition.

These number are reminding us all the time that intuition is the most powerful gift that has been given to people, but they need to learn how to use this special gift.

We hope that after you read this article you will understand how big role intuition has, and how important is to use it. You may have other talents, but you need to know that intuition is the biggest one.


One of the signs that angels want to tell us something important is that you can notice one same number every time, when you are going to work, when you are trying to relax, or maybe you have got a feeling like one same number is always haunting you, and you cannot stop thinking about that number. Sometimes it can happened that you wake up at the same time each night, and that you are dreaming about one same number.

Secret meaning and symbolism

So, each number has its own story, it this chapter we will discuss about number 1818, from the first look we can notice that this number is four digit, and that it is built from two different number 1 and 8, but we can also notice that these two numbers are repeated twice and that gives this number a special influence and energy.

Number 1 is symbol of new beginning and intuition, this number advices you that you need to follow your heart, and you need to make decisions based on your feelings and emotions. For example, if you are afraid to take up a big challenge in your life, then you need to examine yourself, you need to be aware of advantages that this challenge will bring you, you could became successful, or you could develop your skills, you could learn something new and you could earn more experience. You need to know that between you and success, there is only one step…

Number 8 gives double effect on the number 1818, this number advises people that they need to fight for their rights, and they need to be determined to their goals. If they want to achieve something or if they want to develop them, then they need to know that only strong, determined, hard working, persistent, and patient people can make their dreams came true.

Love and number 1818

In this chapter we will talk about love problems, it is known that there is no person in a world which has not got love problems, even if that person is in a relationship or it is not.

For those who are searching partner, or who are disappointed in love, number 1818 advises that they need to give second chance to every person, you need to believe in love, and you need to be aware that love can make impossible things, but you only need to believe.

For those who are in a relationship, but they are not happy or satisfied with current situation, this number has advise that they need to follow their heart, they need to relay on their intuition, and they should be honest about what they are feeling about their relationship and emotions about partner.

The only advice that angels can give to you in love, is to be yourself, not to care about other people’s opinion, and to examine their feeling and emotions for their partners.

Facts about number 1818

In this chapter we will be talking about the interesting facts of the number 1818, maybe this chapter seems not important for you, but if you look deeply you will understand that each fact about these numbers can help you to understand a situation in which you are finding these numbers.

In Binary Code, this number is written as 10000111101001

In math, it is written as four digit, even number.

Keep seeing number 1818?

We hope that now you are aware of importance of this number, we hope that know you will understand why we have decided to talk about this issue, also we need to mention that true message of these number is to be yourself, to follow your heart and intuition, and not be concern about others opinion.

These numbers will always give you support and encouragement, and they will always be there when you need them, their advices can help you to find your life path and find answers for the questions that you are looking for.