17:17 – Meaning

Aren’t you curious about those numbers that pop up in front of you persistently? Has it crossed your mind these numbers represent something more? If you can’t get away from the numbers following you day after day, there is a great chance you should interpret what they represent.

There is no doubt these numbers have a purpose and are provoking you to discover the messages standing behind.

If you are seeing the mirror hour 17:17 on your clock each day, make sure to read this text carefully.

We are going to explain everything you need to know about the appearance of the mirror hour 17:17 in your life.

You may even be surprised this number has a connection with certain things that already happened to you, but also has a lot to do with your future as well.

17:17 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

Now, let’s start with the basics. In other words, we will break down some of the universal meanings of the mirror hour 17:17. In the first place, this mirror hour stands for loyalty, trust, reliability, and cleanliness of the heart.

You are the type of person who cares a lot about these values both in your private and professional life, as these values are your guides as well.

Even if you sometimes disagree with someone you love or respect, you won’t ever betray them.

This is something you carry with you since you were born. Loyalty is your priority in all relationships. No matter of the context, you expect this in all spheres. You know how to keep a secret and to protect the ones you love. This is why your friends respect and appreciate your friendship.

When it comes to partnerships, you expect loyalty an all levels. That means you expect your partner to be loyal to you both mentally and physically.

Besides the importance of sharing mutual goals and having similar interests, loyalty is the most important thing in a relationship with you.

At work, your colleagues admire you for many reasons. You are usually promoted often, as your superiors know you would never play dirty games to reach a higher position, but rely on yourself and your qualities over all.

You never talk badly about your colleagues, but also expect this in return. When you can, you will say a good word about people from your environment. Yet, you are sometimes prone to criticism, which is another topic we will break down below.

Have you been trying to find a new job lately? Are you feeling like you would be happier with another partner? The mirror hour 17:17 is advising you to stick to the status quo. You are not aware of the fact this violates your utmost value – loyalty. Yes, you would never cheat on your partner, you would never do something to obstruct the work of your company. Yet, you have some thoughts that are disrupting the balance.

What you should do now is to try to realize what you want at the moment. If you are not happy with your work environment, talk to your superiors or colleagues first. Try to make things more pleasant, and if this doesn’t work – quit.

The same applies to your relationship. Talk to your partner about things that are bothering you. Don’t suppress emotions or issues that are causing you imbalance. After having an honest talk with your partner, you will know where you stand, which will help you decide whether you want to stay with them or not.


Currently, it may be that you are experiencing conflicts with everyone. It’s not like you want this, but the stress you are exposed to makes you feel easily irritated. Deal with these conflicts as soon as possible, before they turn into something bigger. You certainly don’t want to lose some of your best friends or colleagues.

The mirror hour 17:17 tells you to resists some of the temptations that are going to come along the way. Some people will offer you small benefits for your favors that may affect other people negatively.

You are currently in a phase when you feel like something is missing that these offers may seem alluring. The mirror hour advises you not to spend time with people you know they don’t want you good, as they are preparing a trap for you.

When it comes to private life, this mirror hour is telling you to restrain yourself from thinking too much about the lives of your friends. At a certain point, their lives may appear as ideal and you may envy them.

However, this is absolutely not true, even though you are having some difficulties with reaching your goals. The mirror hour 17:17 will give you some of the things you are dreaming about that will improve the quality of your life significantly and make you happier in general.

What Does 17*17 Mean Spiritually?

The mirror hour 17:17 can be translated into an angel number. That means we are going to devote a whole chapter to the angel number 1717 and explain what your guardian angels are telling you.

As you can see, this number consists of the numbers 1 and 7, of which each has its own, special symbolism we are going to interpret.

The angel number 1 means that you are confident, self-sufficient, creative, and sometimes a bit arrogant. Yet, the qualities you possess make you a strong person capable of achieving big goals.

Your guardian angels are pushing you towards your goals, so give them the reason to be with you even more – try harder and don’t give up now that you are so close. They are expecting some serious action from your side, don’t let them down.

Another angel number here is 7 – the number of prosperity, happiness, and good luck. The period ahead will bring you some opportunities that may seem unreal at first sight.

Yet, these are more than real. Just rely on your angels’ help and follow their steps. They will find the path to reassure you of the correctness of your acts, so listen out carefully.

1717 In Numerology

You probably already know numerology is all about interpreting numbers, right? If you, and you are, seeing the number 1717, numerologists have a message for you as well.

hey know how to predict what is going to happen with one’s life according to different numbers appearing in their everyday life. They have their methods, but they are always right.

It is obvious the number 1717 is actually doubled 17. This number stands for different cycles of life, immortality, and illumination. Its presence in your life is lighting up your way, as you may feel like you can’t see the right path at the moment. Don’t worry – things are going to clear up very soon thanks to the appearance of this number.

It simply switches your focus to positivity and light. You will learn a low of new things that will motivate you to go even further. This way, you will discover what your final destination is at the same time.

You already know some of the things happened to you in the past that put you in a horrible position. Luckily, you outgrew this, and find the strength to move on. The number 17 signifies hope and stability that is ahead of you.

Yet, can you spot another number between the lines here? The sum of 1 and 7 gives 8, which is a number numerologists would take into account when analyzing you. This number speaks of your mental power, intelligence, and spirituality. You are striving to fulfill your purpose in this life, and this is what you will achieve.

Going back to the number 17, it confirms your motivation numerous times. It is true – you can go to extremes sometimes. For example, you may strive for achieving your goals no matter of what your beloved ones think about it. And then, you turn to complete opposite – you suppress your goals and desires to fulfill other people’s wishes. Try to find a balance between the two.

Some people from your environment think you are hard to bear. You also know this is true at the times. This represents the duality of your personality. You can be kind, loving, and humble, and then turn into an indifferent, arrogant, and selfish person. This gives off an impression they can’t rely on you.

However, the number 17 gives you hope you will find a way out of this situation. In the following period, you will find your peace, purpose, and balance. Regardless of your mistakes from the past, seeing 1717 means that you will take your past as a lesson and improve yourself to be a better person for the greater good.

Now that the meaning of the number 1717 confirmed those extremes within you, try to work out these issues if you want to achieve stability. Feel the presence of the greater force and focus on the good things.

What to Do If You See 17:17?

Well, one question must be running through your head now: What can I do about the appearance of the mirror hour 17:17 in my life? In this chapter, we are going to give you a couple of good pieces of advice to you so that you can encourage the best this number brings.

In the first place, this number tells you to be more self-aware and self-critical. We all make mistakes, which is fine, but it would be good for you to try to find the reasons why you made these mistakes.

On the other hand, it seems like you have been experiencing some stress and you are feeling nervous these days. This reflects on your outer appearance as well, giving off an impression of an arrogant person. Things can’t always go smoothly in our lives, no matter how hard we try.

Yet, you should take that grumpy expression of your face. Try to find something that relaxes you and helps you overcome the nervousness. It was never good to be restless, while you should work on this aspect now more than ever.

The mirror hour 17:17 announces positive changes you should accept with your hands wide open. Yet, if you keep that attitude, changes will come, but you won’t get to live through them because of the bad mood you stick to.

Are your hands shaky? How about your blood pressure? Are you anxious? Your body may be sending you some health signals you should listen to right now.

Dealing with sleep disorder is also something you’d better work on. Go see a doctor when you have time, as you want to be healthy and live for many years to come. Stress is affecting you negatively in a number of ways you can’t even imagine. Even a lack of concentration may be a warning sign, so take care of yourself.

This may sound funny, but, are you dinging a lot of coffee? Many people think coffee is a magic potion, but this doesn’t apply to you. Even though you gulp down your morning cups of Joe cheerfully, coffee is messing with your body. Black and green tea and Coca Cola have the same effect, so avoid these beverages or try to reduce their daily intake.

The final advice of the mirror hour 17:17 is to find a new hobby. Doing something new will take the stress away at least for a while and it will be much fun. You won’t notice this at first, but this new hobby will affect you positively and make you calmer.

Just in case this doesn’t help at all, you should go and have a talk with a psychiatrist. We are leaving this option for the very end, but it still can come as the only solution. If you are dealing with a more serious problem, don’t try to solve it by yourself, but ask a professional for help.


At the very end of this article about the mirror hour 17:17, you probably have a thousand thoughts running through your head. You can certainly relate to many of the things written through it, but don’t let this scare you. This should only be a sign numbers can display so many things happening to us in everyday life.

The number 17:17 supports you and gives you the motivation to keep fighting for your goals. It wasn’t easy for you in the past period, but the appearance of this mirror hour announces the end of the tough days.

Stress really got on you, and that possibly left some consequences on your health. No matter how much you care about your goals, don’t forget to think about yourself in the first place.

The frequency of the appearance of the mirror hour 17:17 relates to how quickly you are going to experience positive changes in your life.

Now that you understood the message laying behind this powerful number, you know what to expect and how to prepare for the realization of everything it brings.

Luckily, you noticed these numbers in time and was curious about their meaning. We are glad you stopped by to find out the meaning of the mirror hour 17:17, and hope you are looking forward to receiving rewards in the following period.