11:16 – Meaning

You may think that an 11:16 mirror hour appearing every day in front of you is a pure coincidence, but if you often see just this time on your hour, you should know that these numbers are hiding the message you need to decipher and find out the hidden contents.

This can be very important to you, especially if you need to make some important decisions in your life or are insecure about making a final decision.

We will help you through numerological analysis that can offer an interpretation in one way, but there is an interpretation of what your guardian angel has to about what lies behind this mirror hour trying to catch your attention.

Some of you may think that your guardian angels want to tell you something in this way, someone will interpret this as the presence of a Holy Spirit, and someone will think their law of attraction did its thing. Either way, you are getting what you asked for.

Whatever you think of this triple mirror hour, it is also likely that you are not indifferent to this phenomenon, as many secrets can be revealed in the meaning of these numbers.

11:16 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

A number of 11:16 directs you to pay special attention to your love life. This is a time that is ideal for finding a partner with whom you can share your life.

Maybe your current partner seems to be moving away from you? This is not why you should despair, as you should make an effort to pull some moves that will attract a soulmate into your life. Say goodbye to anyone who wants to leave you, as a new, better person will pop in your life soon.

Many people ask themselves what is the way for them to find a soul mate? One may think that there is some magic formula for finding a partner, but unfortunately, it does not exist.

Many of you may have had a lot of wrong relationships that made you stuck and caused negative patterns. It is true that it is not easy to identify or find a soul mate, but that doesn’t mean you should quit it.

To be able to find love and attract the right person for us, there are some important steps. These are primarily related to attitudes and behavior. Find out right now what attitude you need to take and attract the ideal partner!

The first and basic thing to learn is to love yourself! If you have not learned this by now, you cannot find your soulmate at all. When you gain true knowledge about yourself, when you respect your values, your needs, and even your flaws, you can expect someone whose spirit is similar to yours to appear in your life.

If you have not worked on yourself and on this issue, you run the risk of losing a truly quality person, as they will hardly be able to recognize you. So, first and foremost, be kind to yourself and fall in love with yourself first.

From past experiences, we may be carrying some luggage, but often not the positive one. If we think about old stories, we should make an effort to understand what we did not do well so that we now avoid repeating mistakes by having the same patterns in behavior and thus attracting the wrong things again.

Think about your past well, create your present, and imagine a future that is just right for you. Only then, are you will be ready to find your soul mate.

It may sound like a paradox, but some people claim that this is true. In order to find your soulmate, you have to stop looking for it. If you are obsessed about having to meet a new person in your life as soon as possible, it may just attract the wrong people.

Such desperate behavior may not make you an attractive and charismatic person, on the contrary, you run the risk of alienating yourself from your real partner.


Learn to enjoy yourself first, let your solitude not look scary, but try and enjoy it. Don’t be afraid that your life will be empty unless there is a man in it. When you accept that things are really like that, you will be able to find a partner who is determined, as mature as you, and also aware of yourself.

When you do not have a desperate need for a soul mate, it is an indication that you are emotionally mature and have come to the point where you do not need someone to make you whole, as you are already whole. Love is a desire and not a necessity!

It is not good to be constantly obsessed with the idea of finding a soulmate as soon as possible, try to enjoy as much as you can in every moment of your life, slow down a little, cultivate. You will find that love will soon appear in your life, just when you don’t expect it at all, it will come and be like a dream.

And to know, it is of great importance that you believe that all this works! As the law of attraction says, we attract ourselves to whatever happens to us, whether it is good or not. Even without the presence of our will, our emotional and mental mood affects our reality. We should do our best, and use the law of attraction to our advantage and send a specific request to the u


What Does 11*16 Mean Spiritually?

Numbers 11:16 are, obviously, related to angel numbers 11 and 16. Number 16 is a number that is in a series of numbers that are considered karmic and can be a little complicated to interpret. It hides many truths and mysteries that date back to ancient times.

There are beliefs in these numbers related to aspects that come from past lives. Well, it can be said that if you were born on this date you may sometimes have dreams that come from your past lives. It is for this reason that people under the influence of this number are now believed to be very sensitive and that only a few people can fully understand them.

This is not a sign that all those who have this number at their date of birth should deal with things of the past, but they will often be dissatisfied with some things that they cannot properly understand.

Persons born under the influence of number 16 throughout their lives may experience some of the complications because of their personality, as they are sometimes too proud. But, things like this can be overthrown over time.

People under the influence of number 16 are also people who can feel their way perfectly because others cannot perceive their persistence and sensitivity. It is often the case that these individuals experience deep loneliness, and then they search for people who can understand them.

1116 in Numerology

Number 16 tells you that you will have tests and challenges throughout your life, but they will serve to show our courage and strength, so we prepare for the much more important things that await us.

Further study of the number 16 brings us to the conclusion that these persons should be separated from what influences their positivism and harmony negatively as soon as possible. This may be the choice of a path they have chosen without thinking or some bad friendship. Number 16 will always remind you that you need to choose a new direction.

People who are born on the 16th of a month will be able to learn a lot and also deal with situations that are quite complex. But, they don’t have to do this alone. With the support of angel number 16, you will always be provided with tools to find ways to solve problems. Also, there will be people in your life who will help you find the right path.

When it comes to two-digit numbers, numerology often simplifies them by summing those two numbers. Numbers  1 and 6 give the sum of 7, and it is often interpreted as the number to speak of lonely, serious and focused people.

It is possible that at some point we may have to take the risk and embark on an adventure. You’ve probably been too serious by now, so now it’s time to start taking some risks and have a proper laugh even if you fail.

People who rule number 16 often make armor around them, because their nature is very sensitive, so they hope that they can protect themselves with that armor. They do all this to protect themselves from situations and other people that could impair their emotional stability.

However, this kind of extreme behavior can have its consequences, so people will hardly be able to deal with them or may not trust them.

As they are often on standby, these individuals will create a character that other people will hardly be able to understand. This attitude may not make you many friends, but you will have a few who will understand and support you when the time comes for change.

We can conclude that number 16 is a shield for people under its influence, and they have to face various problems throughout their lives. But, in any case, number 16 is synonymous with power, strength, and courage.

People born under the influence of this number will expect things that only they will have to deal with. Destiny will offer them some tools that lakes will be able to fight, and will be gifted with a great intellect that will be able to take advantage of every situation in the best way. One interesting information from World War II is that the ceasefire occurred at exactly 11:16.

This may be a mere coincidence, but if you watch other events more carefully, you will receive confirmation that numerology rises above simple coincidence. The World Trade Center in New York is also known for having twin towers.

If you go back in time, you will be able to conclude that these twin towers were demolished on September 11, and the first aircraft that had an impact on the structure was the 11th flight of American Airlines.

If you count the dates, there are 111 days left after 9.11. until the end of the year.

When you multiply 1111 by 1111, can you notice something? See for yourself that a fractal scale gives you a score of  1,234,321. This is really mysterious!

What to Do If You See 11:16?

The first thing you need to do is create a clear idea of the characteristics of your soulmate. Be as precise as possible in every detail. Your best bet is to take a piece of paper and a pen and write down a detailed list.

You need to know what you want from your partner in your life because it is very important because in this way you will attract a similar person.

Now that you’ve carefully imagined your other half, start visualizing and act as if you were already with that partner, and then continue to create pictures of you together. You will almost realize that you will get an answer from the Universe.

Intuition rarely goes wrong, and if we have worked on ourselves long enough to clear our desires, we can expect positive results.

From our unconscious, messages come, that we should by no means ignore. If you are next to someone you think is wrong and your inner voice sends you a signal that that person may be right for you, trust him and let yourself go.

The sixth sense and this especially applies to the female gender, is always right, And to know that love is not just a matter of the head, we often have to listen to our hearts.


The number 11:16 carries a pervasive, intimate and mysterious symbolism that connects to the dimensions of the portal and to the human race. The vast majority of events in your life are related to numbers.

So make every effort to interpret every occurrence of numbers in your life. Cosmic intelligence wants to help you in this way, and you take this as a good sign for you.