11:15 – Meaning

The universe sometimes has a bit weird way to communicate with us. If you often see 11:15 on your computer, phone or tablet, you should know that there is a very good reason and that the Universe wants to tell you something important.

It is possible that behind this mirror is an answer to your question, so make the effort and find out what the meaning of this time is. Whatever you think about a lot finds a way to you, sooner or later.

The triple mirror hour 11:15 conceals in itself some meaning that may be of great importance to you but hides a couple of interesting, secret messages that will enlighten you.

In order to decipher the meaning of these numbers, you should have faith it will bring you good.

Further, there are several ways, and we will offer you an interpretation from the general, numerological way, and from the perspective of your guardian angel, as well as a numerological analysis of this mirror hour.

11:15 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

Number 11:15 can be related to how you can overcome some of the negative things in your life and thus become a better and more positive person. Every day brings new challenges, but their goal is to make you a stronger person as well.

But, the biggest challenge we have to face is how to stay positive in this world full of negative things, difficult situations, when it is really difficult to succeed. Almost every day we meet with different types of people, and among them are those who are jealous.

Their negativity is enormous because they will in every way strive to belittle and undo your ideas, in order to cause you to feel that you are unable to achieve what you intended, all because they could not.

Unfortunately, these negative people are often our closest people, friends, family or partner. It is simply impossible to avoid people who are negative, so it is a little pointless to think about changing their way of thinking and acting.

If people have the motivation, then the change is possible. But, what makes you strive for it? There may be a problem in your mind. Most people are immersed in a culture of negative focus.

Television shows, video games, and movies, new stories are emerging and creating many images that are linked to violence, with the goal of causing strong and negative emotions that would take over the audience and drag them away from their problems.

If you are able to listen to people who are negative, you can conclude that they generally generalize things. They may find that all women or men are mean or stupid. Listening to these people claim that someone is stupid, you may adopt their way of thinking.

If you ask the negative person if what he or she is saying makes any sense, he/she will usually refuse to answer. Since the generalization of everything has its part which can be quite ambiguous, it is normal for a negative person to surrender in further conversation, because true evidence is needed and it takes a lot of effort.

If the people you need to meet are people you have to spend time with, or maybe they are your co-workers, try to minimize conversations with them, for your well-being. Focus on the things that are related to you, so reach out to them only when necessary, use an email or phone, but don’t dive deep into their words. For negative people and things, you need to be busy, focused on your goals, achievements, and ideals, and not to spend energy on negativity.

Of all events in the world, your attitude should be the most important to you, because if you have a positive attitude, you will be able to easily reject their destructive thinking, behaviors, and patterns that characterize people who are negative.

Make an effort to understand that what these people say is not taken seriously, rejoice in life and laugh, and you will find that they too will follow your game and eventually laugh with you.


If you have recently had contact with a person who is super negative, seek out a positive person as soon as possible. It will be able, through its positivity, to eliminate the negative thoughts that the negative person has tried to convey to you because in her presence you will be relaxed and smiling.

Emotions are something that can be conveyed, both positive and negative. Try your best to be in a positive mood all the time so that you do not fall into the trap of those who have succumbed to negativity.

To protect yourself from this, it would be best to be with positive people as soon as possible after being exposed to negativities, as this will help you relieve the stress and put a smile on your face again.

What Does 11*15 Mean Spiritually?

Lehahi is an angel known as the guardian of peace and happiness. Through the triple mirror hour 11:15, he posts messages that are destined to you. This guardian and benevolent guardian angel will let you know that you will have an opportunity that is amazing.

He also informs you that he is your definitive guide to understanding the divine part and the laws that govern it.

The mirror hour 11:15 is reflected through the angel Lehahi telling you that this angel is a symbol of order, discipline, and obedience. He loves virtues such as righteousness, value, and generosity. With the protection of this angel, you will have the trust and benevolence of your superiors, so you can become a loyal servant to them. This angel acts on you with the power of divine law.

The guardian angel of Lehahi can help you be more honest and responsible. With your support, this angel will provide you with the intelligence, stability, and peace that you will manage with your life.

It will also bring you clarity if you are in doubt and uncertainty. With his help, it will be much easier for you to embrace some novelties in your life.

If you are plagued by superiority or inferiority complexes, rest assured that the guardian angel Lehahi will completely obliterate you in the future.

It will also distance you from any challenge or competitive spirit, as well as the need to have right in everything. It will also save you from the disagreements you may have with your superiors.

With the help of this angel, you will be safe because he will do his best to distance you from people who are unjust or from whom you cannot count on at all.

1115 in Numerology

Number 15 is associated with the night. In ancient matriarchal cultures, it was governed by a lunar calendar that indicated that the young moon needed 15 days to become full.

In all cultures, the full moon is the moment when the moon shows its maximum radiance and power. Since then, number 15 has been regarded as the holy number in all matriarchal societies.

All civilizations were concerned with observing the moon, and it has always been present in history, even historical movies. Ancient astrologers also claimed that the moon needed 28 days to bypass the zodiacal circle, and they also claimed that the moon had 28 cells. Many of the old secrets are hidden in these 28 stations, and they have a great influence on sublunar things.

In this context, it is not surprising that of the total 28 days of the lunar month, the 15th day in which secrets are hidden is the greatest miracle. All major civilizations and cultures that began matriarchate and had an end to patriarchalism. Gradually, the night became hidden and evil, and at that time it was considered as forbidden and cursed. It is for this reason that a tarot card was created.

The card of the full moon is presented in large format male goat with claws and wings and with two large horns. In front of his feet are a man and a woman who are naked and tied and at the disposal of the horned master. Below the picture is a large ring containing chains that prevent people from escaping. Two goods are enclosed in a circle, and above them sits and dominates the situation.

The number 15 is the result of multiplying the numbers 3 and 5. The number 3 symbolizes the Trinity, while the number 5 symbolizes the human. Medieval mathematicians calculated that the cosmic year lasted 15,000 solar years. After this period, all the stars returned to a certain point. We currently have the knowledge that the cosmic year is not this old, but that it lasts 25.868.

 What to Do If You See 11:15?

Angel Lehahi uses a triple mirror clock to let you know that you will gain energy, persistence, and concentration from him, all of these are the traits you need to move on through life. This angel will also give you a sense of respect, true values, and work virtues. The tripled clock time of mirrors 11:15 can also be analyzed in a numerological manner.

When you add up these numbers, you get the angel number 26. This is a number that symbolizes money and power. With its help, you can achieve financial success, but to reach it you need to run the business well and make intelligent moves.

The meaning of number 26 somehow requires you to become independent. There is a time when you need to take care of yourself. You need maturity because you will only be able to succeed in life, and if you are not ready enough for that, you will find yourself in a situation where progress is impossible.

Do your best to always be on your guard as this will avoid pain and disappointment. Weight your every decision twice, its disadvantages and its advantages and think carefully about each of your actions.

Angel number 26 is very much associated with movement, transmission, and change, so if you have one in your date of birth it is possible that you will travel somewhere in the future.

So, be prepared for any type of change. If you are at a stage where you cannot understand what is going on, over time you will see that all the changes that are happening in your life happen for some reason.

The triple mirror of the clock 11:15, expressed through the number 26, gives you the assurance that you can fulfill all the material desires you have. It also tells you that you need to trust the Universe because it will satisfy all your needs anyway.

Always stick to your inner guidance, and allow it to help you by taking steps that only lead you to the good things in life. Keep in mind that your guardian angel is always with you and will support you in every possible situation.

If you associate triple time with the appearance of three units in the mirror hour 11:15 and integrate with angelic number 26, then you will know that I give you the knowledge and skills to be able to have a fruitful cooperation with other people. Be a true example for colleagues who can only learn good things from you.

Before fulfilling their divine purpose, persons under the influence of the mirror hour 11:15 will receive emotional and spiritual rewards in the form of friendship, trust, and love. They will also be accompanied by economic rewards and tangible goods in life.


Stand up for yourself and have your say. You will find that you will be able to deal with many things much easier. You will no longer pay any attention to the looks and malicious comments of others, so it can in no way affect you.

You don’t have to change the world, but you can start changing yourself by focusing only on your own goals. Based on your dreams, be optimistic and not pessimistic about some situations that you can’t change. Embrace your reality and be diligent and persistent in your journey to reach your goal!