11:12 – Meaning

When you are going through the process of reflection, like you are doing now, certain numbers may appear in front of you to draw your attention to things that matter.

Sometimes, you can see these numbers on your watch or your lock, sometimes in newspapers, hear them on TV or radio.

Either way, these numbers represent a special pattern, and you should ask yourself what does it mean for you.

Numbers can be interpreted in a million ways, and you shouldn’t stick to one meaning only. Perhaps somebody is trying to contact you, like a guardian angel you maybe didn’t even know you had.

Our guardian angels are always here to support us and they appear in critical or groundbreaking moments in your life.

What is your first thought on this? Well, the fact you are here means the mirror hour 11:12 crossed your path numerous times in the previous period. Aren’t you curious about what that 11:12 mean after so many encounters?

Luckily, you have us to interpret this mirror hour to you and unlock some of the hidden messages intended for you.

Through this text, we will discover much more about the subject of the mirror hour 11:12. Stay with us to find what is the message you should receive from the greater forces.

11:12 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

Each mirror hour brings a unique message to a receiver. In this case, the mirror hour 11:12 sends you a couple of useful messages, so pay attention to what it is saying to you.

First of all, if you want to create a happier, safer, and more secure life for yourself, you have to abandon some of your old habits. You probably already know which vice or vices are running your plans. You are a heavy drinker maybe, or you smoke a lot, maybe you are prone to gambling – this is something only you know, and you are the only one to quit these bad habits.

Secondly, the mirror hour 11:12 is the signal for you to get out of your comfort zone as soon as possible. You are tapping there for years, not making any progress. Well, it is about time to wake up and make a move if you want to change things for the better.

Open your mind for new ideas. You will maybe get a chance to change something, but there is a possibility you would let this chance down due to your narrow mind. Let go of misconceptions and fallacies, as this is something holding you back.

This is another bad habit that prevents you from doing good in the long run. Sometimes things that appear uncomfortable in the beginning can end up being the best thing we did for ourselves.

If you listen and apply the advice given to you through this mirror hour, you will bring back the balance in your life, and freshen it up significantly. We all pass some life cycles, of which some leave a deep trace in our souls. You had some time to rethink your values, your deeds, to define your goals, make a plan – and if you play the given cards right, the mirror hour 11:12 will bring you transformation and change.

Never underestimate the power of flexibility. Now that you read that you should stick to your plan, you would probably start turning it into reality. Yet, you are still in that phase where you would give it up after the first obstacle.

The mirror hour 11:12 supports your ideas and goals but requires you to be flexible.


Even if something is not working just the way you imagined it, it doesn’t mean your final destination is any further. It is actually there, waiting for you, but expecting you to adjust your plans to outer circumstances. Not everything in life can be under our control, as, most of the time, we have to be flexible to things happening around us and act accordingly.

So, the main message of the mirror hour 11:12 is that you will reach that destination you have in your mind, but with a couple of self-improvements in the first place.

Trust your instincts, be more persuasive, tenacious, and don’t pay attention to things trying to ruin your plans – and you are halfway there. The rest is up to your actions, but your plan seems like a good one even now.

What Does 11*12 Mean Spiritually?

We told you, in the beginning, you have your guardian angel. If you didn’t know about this earlier, we are glad to tell you the lucky news. Knowing somebody is always there to protect you and to enlighten your way.

And now, you have your guardian angel, or maybe a couple of guardian angels that are saving your back. They have a message for you in the form of the number 11:12, or separately, as angel numbers 11 and 12.

Now, let’s start interpreting the message. The angel number 11:12 stands for tranquility and luck. Your guardian angels are sending you a message great luck awaits for you in the future. Yet, you are maybe a bit confused by tranquility we are mentioning now. It is widely knowing you have a bit wild temper, which is contrary to the tranquility.

Your guardian angels know that you have a hard time controlling your emotions in the current period. Things that happened to you were unpleasant in some way, which only encouraged the energy you have, but in a negative way.

The angel numbers 11 and 12 have their ways to calm down your nature and make it more moderate, while you will find your path to peace with time as well.

The number 11 consists of the doubled angel number 1. This angel number stands for order and discipline. You will have to take a lot of responsibilities for you in the following period.

Even though you can’t see yourself as a loyal servant, but a leader, you will have to go through this phase now before you move on further.

Actually, there is a greater reason behind this – you will gain the trust of your colleagues, and most importantly, your superiors. In this aspect, you will find a way to succeed quickly once you are sure they are confident about your work.

On the other side, the angel number 12 reminds you to act in order with divine powers and laws, as you can already guess what these laws mean. Dedicate your life to accepting these laws, as they never come as a burden, but as a blessing, and you will experience a significant improvement in your life in no more than three months.

This angel number also tells about your personality – open, honest, faithful, and generous. Your friends love you a lot because of these traits. They saw how loyal you were in some critical situations, which made them your friends for life.

Also, they know how to respond to your good deeds and support you provide in the hardest moments.

Through angel numbers 11 and 12, your guardian angels are sending you a message you will get a reward for your persistence, effort, patience, and concentration. These qualities helped you a lot, as you are here now – in a position from which you can choose where you want to go.

In the upcoming period, you will be even more eager to work, hang out with friends and family, even spend some time meditating, praying, etc.

Just in case you think you are in a bad position now, you should be confident in your guardian angels. They are here, right behind you to help you manage all the difficulties on the road, and achieve your goals and become successful.

The final message from your guardian angels is to learn to make a difference between good and bad people. This may come as a warning some persons from your environment are not honest, which may hurt your feelings when you find it out.

1112 In Numerology

From the perspective of a numerologist, we can talk about numbers 11, 12, and 23 when we see the mirror hour 11:12. Let’s talk about a harmonious number, 23, first, as it brings some great news you have been hoping for. This number announces success, wealth, or even fame, which all comes as a reward for your hard work and determination.

Numerologists also say this number signifies important changes in life, possible transformations. You are going to go for a trip, or move to another apartment, get a new job or a promotion at your current one. Either way, changes are coming with the number 23 – positive and constructive changes!

And now, we will move on to the number 11, which is a number of adventure, physical energy, authority, and independence. Are you confident with yourself? Do you have faith the universe will sort everything out that serves your good in the near future?

Lack of confidence, uncertainty, fears – let go of all this, as there is no room for such a negative feeling now! The fact you are seeing these numbers is that your destiny is already created, and you are going to love it!

Numerologists say the number 12 reminds you of your talents, skills, natural abilities, intelligence, and creativity. Use these to attract happiness and more opportunities into your life, as you can attract something big.

Send off positive vibrations only! Once you do the contrary, the universe will respond in the same way. What goes around, you know what they say? Then, keep that smile on your face, a positive attitude, and look out for chances popping in front of you. If you manage to retain the initial optimistic way of thinking, you can expect many things to balance out and you will have a harmonious life.

In the end, numerologists remind you of the support and guidelines you are receiving during this time. Just ask for what you wish for, as this is right when your dream can come true. Everything you have been manifesting can come to you though that light you are seeing already, so rejoice!

What to Do If You See 11:12?

Are you focused on your internal happiness? Seeing the mirror hour 11:12 tells that you are somehow neglecting the fact you as a human being also have some needs and desires, which is completely normal. Are you satisfied? Many people mistake happiness for satisfaction, thinking they are equal.

Yet, being satisfied with certain aspects of your life doesn’t mean you would be happy overall. Finding the course of happiness and satisfaction is a big deal, and the mirror hour 11:12 has some advice for you on this matter.

Do you feel like you are in peace with yourself? Is it hard to accept not everything depends on our will, wishes, or desires? Does this ruin your happiness? If you feel like you are completely okay with not being able to control everything than you are on the right path.

On the other hand, if this makes you feel panicked or causes unpleasant feelings, then you can’t find your happiness.

When was the last time you felt euphoria? That warming feeling of contentment, overcoming your expectations, making you feel like you are on drugs – do you know this feeling? Yes, euphoria lasts for a while, but usually not for too long – a couple of hours.

Once it is gone, you should still be happy, but, can you be? Dopamine, the hormone of happiness, should do its function and make you feel happy, but you should invest some effort to realize everything you have is so precious that you should feel grateful for it.

Once you understand this and appreciate gifts you have been given with, it will take you to the state of satisfaction.

Can you feel other people’s happiness? The mirror hour 11:12 tells you to be happy for your social contacts as well. When you are able to feel happy for your beloved one, that is love. Yet, you don’t have to love that person to share their happiness, right? You can be happy for some stranger who achieved something great, got a promotion, got engaged, whatever.

On the other hand, if you don’t have many friends and you are indifferent to other people and things happening to them, then you surely feel unhappy yourself and pretty much lovely. The mirror hour 11:12 tells you to break this circle of loneliness. Why wouldn’t you get yourself a pet? A cute dog or a kitten would brighten up your days for sure.

Another thing the mirror hour 11:12 speaks about is – curiosity. Do you talk about other people with your friends? Are gossips your favorite dessert? Talking about other people all the time means that you have nothing interesting in your life going on.

You are maybe even neglecting some problems you have and it seems easier to talk about other people’s problems. Yet, it is always good to remember a happy and satisfied person never talks behind someone’s back.

If your favorite show is “Gossip Girl”, then you should ask yourself what is that in your life that is not functioning the right way. Maybe you already know the answer to this question, but ignoring it. Just be focused on solving your own problems and finding your own happiness.

The mirror hour 11:12 reminds you of altruism. Altruistic persons do good to other people, and the good comes back, rewarding them a thousand times more. Being selfish only ruins their happiness. Those who put themselves first all the time always have a hard time finding their own happiness, if they find it ever at all.

If you engage more about other people’s needs and try to help them when they have an issue, that will make you realize the good position you are in now, make you value more what you have, people that love you, and your life in general.

The mirror hour 11:12, in the end, tells you to enjoy the smaller things if you want to get more than you have.


Everything you read today about the mirror hour 11:12 maybe shocked you a bit, but don’t allow yourself to stay in the place you are now. Instead, listen to what these numbers are telling you.

Maybe some things you read came as a cold shower to you, but it is most important to shake your head and see what you can do out of all this that will take you to your goals. The mirror hour 11:12 never mistakes, while it is up to you to take further action.