11:11 – Meaning

Mirror hour 11:11 counts as one of the most memorable numbers that you have come to see for yourself. The numbers 11 appear twice in it, so it is simply impossible not to notice them because of their clarity.

Therefore, we will speak and analyze the meaning of this number 11:11, then what message your angels are trying to convey to you through these numbers, and we will look at them from the numerological side as well.

Many numerologists, eleven minutes after eleven, think that it is connected to the supernatural and spiritual world.

Mirror hour 11:11 also shows Jung’s concept of synchronicity with 4 numbers in a row showing hours and minutes.

This number, 11:11 makes an important connection with your spiritual guides and guardian angels.

Also, it can encourage you to think about your subconscious and to strive to increase your awareness.

Mirror hour 11:11 can symbolize the tremendous energy you need to control properly, otherwise, it can overwhelm you with its power.

Yet, stay with us through this whole article if you want to find out even the tiniest details about mirror hour 11:11.

11:11 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

The exact meaning of the mirror hour 11:11 may depend on what is currently going on in your life, what you are doing, and thinking about even before this number 11:11 comes before you.

There are also many common meanings through which you can have clearer insights, and understanding what it means to you to see Numbers 11:11. This is what we will explain in more detail below.

The precise meaning of the 11:11 mirror hour can be given by our guardian angels. They indicate that you should focus most on the positive aspects of your life. If you are currently facing a life challenge, find a space and time to concentrate and then take action. This way you will be able to find the mental balance you need.

But the appearance of the 11:11 mirror hour may indicate that you may be currently going through periods of anxiety and stress. You may be convinced that everything is all right, but your subconscious, who reasonably hears your angels, directs you to find your serenity and calm yourself. When this comes to your consciousness, then your inner rebellions will end.

If you happen to see an 11:11 mirror hour while thinking about a very important topic, rest assured that your idea is truly revolutionary. This is a sign that instructs you to stick to your idea, so use your charisma to spread it further. If we pay attention to the synchronicity with the world of angels, it would give us more power so that you can make great progress on your life path.

But you shouldn’t stop at this issue, 11:11. It is a source of great power, or perhaps a liability that may be too great for you because this number tells you that you are not ready to take whatever it takes.

First of all, focus on yourself, and then focus your energy on others.

When you see 11:11 on the clock, it reminds you that you are the one of the kind in this world. And, what is more, this number emphasizes the energy you are carrying within yourself up to four times!


You are not aware of the potential you have yet, but we hope you will get the message this number is sending you seriously. Are you confident in your talents and abilities? Do you appreciate yourself for the things you have achieved until now? Try to be as objective as possible.

Once you take a look at yourself from such a perspective, it will be clear to you why you are so special and unique. You will also be more grateful for everything you have right now, and number 11:11 will give you additional motivation to keep fighting for even better days.

Additionally, seeing 11:11 reminds you that your past can affect your present, but your today can affect your future as well. If you want to make up for some mistakes you made in the past, make sure not to make new ones now. This way, you will ensure a brighter and better future for yourself (maybe for your family and your partner as well).

What Does 11*11 Mean Spiritually?

Then when you see 11:11, you should know that the frequency and the message of the Higher Consciousness has arrived. This is a sign that you have an open door through which you come close to divine instructions, incredible frequency, healing, and love. Number 11:11 contains strong codes for intuition, initiation, enlightenment, and spirituality.

Seeing the number 11:11 is an invitation for your spirit because this is an opportunity where you can expand your awareness, you can notice more spiritual realities, lift your vibration and bring energy to life for new spiritual beginnings.

By seeing the number 11:11, your angels want to support you in your growth. This is an opportunity to expand your consciousness and see what it is really possible to experience and create in your life.

This number indicates a wake-up call and a wider picture experience. This call is peculiar because it refers to alertness and to experience yourself as a whole, to please the realm of the spirit, and to include what is behind the veil of illusion.

If you regularly see the mirror hour 11:11 occur, it is a sign that you have already begun your spiritual journey and that you are probably waiting to be discovered. Then, if you have seen this number only a few times, the mere fact that you are reading this article may further invoke these numbers into your life, to confirm what you are now reading.

It is possible that the hour of Mirror 11:11 contains a code to unlock your subconscious mind, and the ability to conform to the functioning of the Universe. You may discover your purpose and the reason why you are here where you are now and in the situation you are in.

This is an invitation to raise your vibration, to step into your light, to start working on your life purpose, to shine brightly, to live as a spiritually powerful being, to teach others your experiences, and to make a difference in this world. In mythology, the geometry of the number 11:11 denotes the union, the divine circle of male and female, which are in perfect connection and balance.

You need to transform and purify your energy field. It is best to do this before you open yourself and move on to a higher level of your embodiment. This is the period when your light soul opens. Imagine bringing gold crystalline light into your physical body at this time and the current point you are at.

In this way, you can be incredibly uplifted and aligned with the help of the embodiment that the Divine Plan has for you. Shine with your full light! You are in the highest truth and reality. You send out light waves of crystal light and blessings with which everyone will be much better.

Go back and harmonize with the Presence which is the pure source of consciousness, then harmonize yourself with the greatest possibilities in your life, merging with the Divine Consciousness at the highest level and also at the level of consciousness that you can embody. Adjust deeply to the tone of the divine soul that is colored by your tone.

1111 In Numerology

Number 1111 in numerology is often interpreted as a call for initiation and awakening. Likewise, the number 11 represents one of the more intimate numbers than all other numbers and is associated with psychic ability, initiation, awakening, and the preservation of faith. We can conclude that number 1111 in numerology has all the positive effects, but multiplied several times!

The aggregate value of the mirror hour is 22 because 11 and 11 give 22. The numerological analysis of the number speaks of you as a person who is very ambitious and does everything necessary to achieve their goal. You can gather people around you! Whether it’s people or ideas, you have to put it all to good use, and it’s a sure path to your progress.

It is not difficult for you to analyze your thoughts and feelings, because you easily and quickly understand some ideas, but also the causes of the problem. You seem to have a sixth sense! This feature may be of use to you in some important projects that may be challenging. Because of your insight, nothing will be a big problem.

Numbers 11:11 and 22 show that you stand firm with both feet on the ground. This can allow you to imagine yourself accomplishing significant things, especially if most of them serve as a benefit to humanity. In some situations, you can even be an architect in some way, because it is typical for you to build things in the long run. You are a symbol of strength and stability!

So the total value of a mirror hour is 22, which shows that the people you consider close are your main support in everything. Of course, this also applies to your partner. At first, you seem to be the type who is very traditional, but, is this the right understanding of you and your personality?

Mirror hour 11:11 may represent a door or portal that can take you to higher levels of awareness. The passage with the help of Numbers 11:11 offers great opportunities for you in life. If it is your desire to experience this incredible light, you will get the power you need, and with the help of light codes 11:11, you are ready to go through the gate.

What to Do If You See 11:11?

Mirror Hour 11:11 gives us a sign that we need to be more aware. So with literacy and awareness, it will be easier for you to adapt to a more detailed sense of 11: 11, and understand what this is for you at the moment. Remember well, when you see 1111, pay attention to the thoughts that are currently in your mind, but also to what is happening around you.

The number 11:11 can often be the invitation of your angels to pay more attention to your thoughts, but at the same time, they remind you to try to bring to life what is in your thoughts. Numbers 11:11 point you to your angels who seek guidance, love, and frequency. At this level of consciousness, you can feel, but also experience their love, adaptation and the presence of your guardians.

Open your heart, focus, and receive activation, love, and light codes. You have the guidance your angels give you. They increase your vibration and become your guides, which convey your experience. You need to be in a high vibration to be able to conform and adjust to the guidance you receive from your angels. This is very deep, though it seems simple.

Be prepared to raise your vibration when you see 11:11 because you have a lot of light at your disposal. This is a sign that you are an authentic light being, and the light that shines through you guides you in the process of ascension.

Although you are in physical form, you will also be spiritually and on earth so that you may awaken in higher truth. You may already be awake, but remember that this time it goes and leads even further. The light waves are flowing into your body and your soul – accept it eagerly.

The doorbell rings because your angels and guides want to help you by saluting you 11:11. Open up, wake up, adjust, and expand! Ask your angels for light codes and activation when you see the mirror hour 11:11 next time. Positive energy is flowing through your body. Can you feel it already?

The time has come, you have the opportunity now! Everyone supports you and loves you. The whole Universe is the kingdom of spirit and all angels are with you. Get up in the light, love, and in this way, you will connect to higher levels. Don’t miss out on the opportunity here and now! You have received an invitation and the opportunity to make everything much better.


The angelic guidance and deeper meaning are not only found in numbers 11: 11, but there is also a deeper level of meaning in other numbers, regardless of the numbers involved. It can be any number, but you are special because 11:11 has a very powerful meaning.

No matter what number you see, what you need to know is that there is a very personal message behind it. You can search the websites for what these numbers mean because nowadays it is available to almost everyone.

But that is only one part of the answer. You should continue to look for the answers you are interested in but look for them within you. Only in yourself can you find deeper answers and meaning.

Try to increase the brightness of your light, adjust to the codes of awakening, accept your angels and crystal consciousness. Signs that arrive will give you a clue as to what to do next.

Then as a gift, you will receive the signs that have been sent to you. Adjust to the light you have, open your heart and receive the blessings that are now available to you here.

When you next see mirror hour 11:11 we hope you will realize that you are on the only and right path for you. The doorbell with number 11:11 tells you that you can go even further in life, only if you want it from the bottom of your soul.

Be prepared to enter an open mind into higher consciousness, and you will understand what does number 11:11 means completely.