11:10 – Meaning

You already know certain things can affect the course of our lives. Well, one of these things that can have an enormous impact on your life are numbers. If you feel like you need a piece of advice from the above, don’t turn your head next time some numbers appear in front of you.

The same combination of numbers popping in front of you day after day is a certain sign you are receiving a message you have been waiting for.

Today, we want to tell you more about the mirror hour 11:10. Well, you already have seen these numbers today, yesterday, or they have been showing to you for some time now, which is why you are here, right?

Well, the mirror hour 11:10 is a powerful one, that brings you confidence, and some more interesting things. But, stay with us for a couple of minutes to find everything about the mirror hour 11:10. We promise you won’t stay indifferent about it until the end of the read!

11:10 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

Any of the numbers appearing in this context in front of you comes with a spiritual message. The mirror hour 11:10 is not an exception either, and it is here to remind you how much spirituality matters. Human search and need to reach spirituality is innate and we all feel the need to find out what the purpose and sense of our lives are.

However, the time that we live in doesn’t leave so much space for thinking about spirituality.

Everyday stress, hustle, making money, paying off debts, being stuck in a routine – this all makes us get lost somewhere. Do you feel like you lost perspective lately? Well, that is why the mirror hour 11:10 appeared right at this moment in your life.

On the other hand, we have religion. Some people mistake the concept of spirituality to the concept of religion and religiosity. Yet, we should distinguish these two, as spirituality is something that is rather personal. Religion, on the contrary, even though it touches the sphere of personal, is attached to an organization – church, it is institutional, and this practice has been developed by numerous communities over the centuries.

Speaking further, no matter of your attitude, one can be spiritual and achieve high stages of spirituality even though they are not religious or don’t support institutional patterns. This person can create their own world, their own structures, that match their mind and spirit. For some people, religion doesn’t have the capacity to do so, which is why they continue their search for that missing piece.

We shouldn’t judge them for this reason, as this is not a negative thing. On the contrary, we all should have the freedom to do and think about what we want, and discover our own ways that lead us to find the purpose.

Many historians claim spirituality is the powerful impulse that has been moving people forward. It shaped their values and individual beliefs, as they found the essence of their existence on Earth. If somebody is born with a sense of it, spirituality will extend and permeate all aspects of their life.

The mirror hour reminds you that one can be connected to their spirituality without being religious, even though one doesn’t exclude the other. All cultures have their own views on spirituality, but one thing all these have in mind is the connection between body and mind.

In terms of spirituality, when body and mind come into alignment, that is what is called spirituality. This transcendence can be also related to God and religion, as this matter goes beyond the spheres of ordinary.

What is more, spirituality encourages religion in some ways, and vice versa. We all know some universal rules, moral values, and principles that apply to every human being, and no matter how one understands them, they still apply at least some of them, which many see as spirituality.

The mirror hour 11:10 also reminds you to look back to history and research some of the important historical figures. These figures can serve you as motivation. If you are a religious person, you can look up to Jesus, Mohammad, or Buddha.

Either way, the very combination of these three personalities is rather interesting and inspirational, no matter if you dive into religion or not.


What Does 11*10 Mean Spiritually?

Now that we are already mentioning spirituality, it would be nice to break down this concept a little bit more, right? The mirror hour 11:10 can be split into numbers 11 and 10, obviously.

Well, we can start looking at these numbers from a spiritual perspective, meaning that we should interpret them as angel numbers. Angel numbers always have something important to tell us and always help people become better persons and stronger individuals.

This angel number opens doors to creativity and creation in general. When you see 11:10, that means all of your wishes and plans will be fulfilled in a very short period of time.

At the same time, when you see this number of creations, take this as a piece of advice to try to align yourself with the course of your life if you want to find your life purpose.

Each angel number, just like we have 10 and 11 here, stands for a specific goal. Seeing 10 and 11 at the same time is a sign of extraordinary potential you have.

First of all, we have 11, which can be seen as a double 1. Angel number 11 in that aspect comes as an alignment, a connection, a channel between our minds and our bodies, between the Earth and the universe. When you see this number, you will receive a bunch of information you may find challenging to sort out, but with the time you will.

This angel number also brings you inspiration, but you will have to make an extra effort to turn that inspiration into something tangible and concrete.

Also, you can take this as a signal from the spiritual world, as greater forces want you to be creative and to make something great. Either way, what is coming is an incarnation of your mind and the spiritual world.

The numbers 11 and 10 indeed display great strength, mental and spiritual. Knowing that 11 is a double 1 only increases the vibes of this number.

On the other hand, 1 and 0 are an as powerful combination, which in the end truly results in immersive positive energy you are receiving.

1011 In Numerology

Continuing from the point where we stated the number 11 can be interpreted as two ones one after another, we can note this is a specific number – the first one with two digits of which both are the same. This confirms the frequency transmitted by this number.

Yet, there is way more about the number 11 you should know. In that aspect, we should interpret the meaning of the number 11 from the perspective of numerologists. Numerology says each number symbolizes unique energy and has a delicate significance.

The number 11 governs personality, as the number 1 relates to individuality. You should see and realize your place in the Universe, but also pay attention to future events that can bring an inflow of new energy. Well, there is something interesting numerologists think about the number 11. They say this is one of the master numbers that posses unique energy.

Therefore, you are probably getting vibes of the number 11 already.

The numerological foundation of the number 11 tells that this number has a way bigger energy potential that the rest of the numbers. Besides the number 11, we have numbers 22, 33, 44, all of the two-digit numbers that are made of the same ciphers. Each of these numbers carries a series of specific qualities that differentiate them from other, regular numbers.

Scholars were so intrigued by these two-digit numbers they even wanted to create a theory based on this set of numbers, including a row of numbers from 11 to 99. Unfortunately, this theory wasn’t conducted, but the number 11 still stayed the first number of such importance that symbolizes intelligence, intuition, spirituality, and enlightenment.

Yet, we also have the number 10 here, and numerologists have a lot to say about this one as well. The number 10 represents introspection and makes us think more about our actions and our personalities. You possess a vast internal knowledge, which makes you be in a constant search for essence, but you seem to somehow lose it all the time.

On the other hand, numerologists interpret the number 10 as the masculine and the feminine energy. In other words, maybe you should start looking for your other half. If you feel like you are missing just a small piece to complete your mission in this life, this may be finding your soul mate.

Masculine and feminine energy seem like they are contrary forces, but they are actually complementary, as one can’t go without another. Only combined, these two energies can create the perfect universe. The number 10 also has something to do with balance, as you need to find the middle between your intuition and imagination. Learn to distinct what you which to happen and what your instincts tell you will happen.

In the past period, you spent a lot of time by yourself. You were creating scenarios and dreaming about some incredible things. Your sensitivity was on a high level, but you confined it to your head only. Instead, let that sensitivity out and let other people see it as well. Maybe this way you will find that path that leads to combining feminine and masculine energy into one.

What to Do If You See 11:10?

We guess you already got the point – pay more attention to spirituality, just the way you would do with your body or mind. All of these three aspects should be developed equally, as each of them has its own importance.

People nowadays are used to taking care of their bodies the most, neglecting their mind and soul, not to talk about spirituality.

That is why we have 5 senses, not one only, and should nurture them all. If you want to live peacefully and freely, try your best to balance these spheres out.

Well, if you want to know what is the easiest thing you can do in terms of spirituality – you can meditate. Meditation is the best way to let go of any stress, tensions, anxieties, etc, and to tune into a peaceful, calm state of your spirit. When meditating, find a nice place, a corner for yourself, and choose a comfortable position.

Calm down, turn off your thoughts, and listen to your heartbeat, notice how the air is flowing through your nostrils and getting into your blood. This is indeed one of the most powerful relaxation techniques.

If you continue on daily meditation, you will connect with your spirit more and achieve happiness. You will be able to feel sensations, as spirituality is a positive experience in general, helping you focus on the good things and neglecting negativities.

However, some people simply don’t like meditation. If you can’t tune yourself into this flow, try out another technique we have for you – writing a diary. Express your thoughts, feelings, worries, plans on paper. This can help you work better with written words, while the verbal expression will follow.

Writing a diary is a truly efficient way to connect with your inner self without censoring, which all leads to healing.

Are you honest with yourself? Some people are trying to ignore their feelings, suppressing them. For example, being neglected from a beloved one, childhood traumas, etc – emotions related to such experiences are usually hard to think about, which is why people try to act like nothing of that ever happened. This is a bad way of dealing with things.

Rather, write this all down, as nobody will know but you, while you will feel like you took off great pressure from your back.


The world we live in focuses on the material side – money, affluence, living in a huge house, driving a dizzy expensive car, wearing branded clothes, etc. This all is dragging us away from the spiritual world we should connect with. Put aside your aspirations related to gaining wealth, as your guardian angels are telling you to focus on what’s inside you at this moment.

Helping others may heal your soul, as well as admitting yourself some things from your past that hurt you still. Try to reconcile with your spirit, as the mirror hour 11:10 has big plans for you, but you should find your spiritual alignment first.