10:01 – Meaning

Numbers have a much deeper meaning than it seems at first. Their presence in your life may bring some extraordinary things, while you may be completely unaware of this fact.

Don’t you think there is something mysterious behind seeing 10:01 on your clock for a while now? The appearance of the mirror hour 10:01 in your life speaks a lot about your future and your powers.

If you would like to inspect the meaning of these numbers alone, that is fine.

Yet, we have a better solution – stay with us through this text and find out the meaning and symbolism of the number 10:01.

10:01 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

Some number combinations will follow you persistently through life. If this is the case with the mirror hour 10:01, then we are here to tell you which hidden message lies behind it. This mirror hour is there to remind you of yourself and your needs. You should be changing focus to your goals and desires, as you have lost them all somewhere along the road.

Seems like you are feeling anxious about meeting new people and hanging out with people in general. Some of the past experiences taught you to be more alert and less believing in what new people you meet say. You put certain restrictions on your life in terms of relationships, and you locked yourself up in the existing ones, without having the need to expand the circle at all.

However, you still long for being close to someone, which hurts your feelings day after day. The mirror hour is here to remind you about this problem you have been suppressing for a while now. Rediscover it and pay some attention to solving these issues you have.

Your past relationships truly left a trace on you so that you are afraid to commit to someone new. Either you are playing it cool even though you are burning in desire or you have no desire and are indifferent at all towards the opposite sex. Letting another person enter your life and showing them your true self looks like a nightmare to you. Thus, the mirror hour tells you not to avoid entering a new relationship.

Yet, don’t take this as a green light to enter just any kind of relationship. If you do accept anything coming your way, you are going to end up hurt again, which is not our goal here.

Just in case you already met someone whom you like, but feel certain discomfort and think they are not completely honest with you – this is a warning the number 10:01 sent. Instead, give up on that person and wait for someone who feels right, as this person is about to walk into your life after you release the past one.

On the other hand, if you are already in a committed relationship, it looks like you are not aware of this, but you are constantly making your partner feel bad. You are throwing your negative energy their way just because you have trust issues, not because your partner deserves this.

But, they may also start losing trust in you as well. Even though there is still affection, your negativity may chase away your current partner. There is a problem on both sides, as none of you is willing to open up and speak about your feelings honestly. This creates an unpleasant atmosphere and may end up in a breakup if you don’t do anything to improve the situation.

Your fear is related to relationships, but friendships as well. How many friends do you have? Are you struggling to meet new friends and have a connection with only one or two persons? Do you feel like you would take a rejection horribly, which is why you decide it is better not to approach anyone. Otherwise, you would feel disappointed and betrayed.

Anxiety issues usually pull roots from one’s childhood. If you had a bad relationship with one of the parents, especially your mother, this may create conditions for developing binding anxiety. However, this doesn’t have to be the case always, as being neglected by someone, divorcing from your partner, or being under extreme control can also affect you negatively.

Despite the fact many people are suffering from these problems, only a few are ready to admit it and to make a therapy. Most of the time, this person tries to ignore the problem and avoid anything related to it for as much as they can.

When the final decision to resolve this issue is made, this person is usually already deeply affected by the consequences. The number 10:01 strongly advises you to look for help if you recognize any of this with you.


What Does 10*01 Mean Spiritually?

The mirror hour 10:01 can be translated into 1001, angel number that carries a strong spiritual meaning. This number is there to reassure you of the support higher forces are providing you with during this period.

When you see 1001, this is a clear sign that you should take some time for yourself and take a closer look at your problems. Most of the answers you are looking for are right there – within you.

As you can see, numbers 1 and 0 form the number 1001. Both of them have a special meaning and message for people seeing them, and you are on the list.

First in the row, the number 1 is the forefront itself. This number stands for individuality, confidence, self-promotion, inner strength, and life purpose. It is telling you that your guardian angels are there to help you fight off any negativity bothering you and to show you the way that leads to gaining more confidence in yourself.

On the other hand, we have the angel number 0 here, which symbolically represents endless opportunities and happiness that is coming to you. Zero indeed can represent everything and nothing, but if you decide to accept things coming your way, new chances are going to appear, one after another, making you achieve many of your goals.

1001 In Numerology

The number 1001 has a special meaning according to numerologists, and in this section, we are going to reveal it to you. First off, the number 10 is an important number in numerology, as it is considered to be a perfect number.

It also represents completeness and totality, but you can see we can split it into 1 and 0 as well, just like we did with it in the previous chapter.

Different combinations of numbers from 0 to 9 give 10. For example, the first four numbers – 1, 2, 3 and 4 result in 10 when summed up. Pythagoras, one of the most famous Greek mathematicians and philosophers, considered the number 10 sacred. He claimed this number represents the creation of the world and the Universe, which is why people should have great respect towards it.

On the other hand, the number 10 stands for cycles and we can interpret it as the beginning as well as the end of something. In China, this number is considered to represent duality. The Chinese see the number 5 as totality and wholeness, while 10 stands for a duplicate of the number 5.

Also, the number 10 is mentioned numerous times in the Bible, and we all know the story about 10 commandments.

Yet, many other doctrines see the number 10 as a sacred number. They see it as perfection, the universe, symbol of culmination, life journey, etc.

The number 10 is the first number containing two digits, closing the row of the first nine numbers, but also symbolizing a new cycle of two-digit numbers, all until number 99.

The number 10 can be interpreted as the binary formula, agreeing with the Chinese in this aspect.

The number 5 gives 10 when doubles, but 5 is also a sum of the number 1 and 4, of which the second one represents spirituality, peace, and balance.

The number 10 in this sense displays the opposites – the good and the bad, and you should choose your side.

What to Do If You See 10:01?

Of course, you can’t stay indifferent to the appearance of these numbers in front of you. It would be too weird this is a pure coincidence, and it isn’t. At one point, you will start asking yourself what would be best for you to do now. Well, the answer is hidden within you, but some of the following questions will give you a hint about things you should think of when trying to find these answers.

Have you ever felt neglected in your childhood? Have you been in an abusive relationship before? Do you have a panic fear of being abandoned? Do you have issues with opening yourself to new people? Would you describe a relationship you have with your parents as a healthy one? Before moving on to the next phase of your life, it would be best to try to find answers to these questions.

Therefore, be honest with yourself. Sometimes we have to admit the ugly truth so that we can act from that point.

The key is in facing your fears. What do you say about yoga, meditation, and mindfulness? These practices can help you overcome some of your fears. You want an objective perspective to look at your fears from.

Don’t justify them, just recognize and perceive them. Meditation may bring you back to some of the negative emotions that caused fears, but neglecting the fact you have a trauma will only make it more serious with time. An adult person should be responsible for themselves and find a way to live independently and fearlessly.

Maybe you would find out that you need to have a talk with someone from your closest family. If this is a person for whom you are dealing with fears now, try to avoid getting into a conflict, but take some time to have this conversation. You need a closure and a solution for what is happening right now in your heart and mind.

Don’t go to the extremes, but rather choose to compromise. You don’t have to meet anyone’s expectations, but don’t try to act rude saying so. It is important to speak about what is bothering you, letting the other side know how you feel and asking them to change or explain their behavior or actions towards you.

You have issues with low self-esteem, and this is the right time to work on this aspect, as the number 10:01 is preparing you for a new chapter.

However, to enter that new chapter, you want to get rid of obstacles, burdens, fears, and chains that are holding you back. You want to be free so that you can make your life better.


By following the signs numbers send in everyday life, we can help ourselves, but sometimes other people as well. Maybe you are not seeing a sense in anything you do right now, but the mirror hour 10:01 brings you the answers you need, or, better said – guides you towards finding those answers.

Do you believe you can break free from the situation you are in? You still think our destiny is already determined, and you began letting go and giving up.

The reason mirror hour 10:01 appears now is to remind you of the questions and issues you are dealing with, but neglecting at the same time. You have so much potential in you but can’t see that because of the other things pressing you.

If you manage to change a perspective, and if you start appreciating yourself more, things are going to change for the better. Confidence is the key, and the number 10:01 suggests you it is about time to put yourself before everybody else.

Play your cards right, as this is the time when you can make a big change. You don’t have to, as this number leaves you a choice, but if you would try – your life would get a whole new dimension.

Listen to what the number 10:01 is telling you, and the solutions will impose themselves.