08:08 – Meaning

How do you feel when you are seeing the same numbers on the clock day after day? Doesn’t this make you feel a bit intimidated?

Sometimes, it is a digital clock, sometimes it is a regular one – but the message is the same. It would be just too much to say this is a pure coincidence, as you already know there is something more hiding from these numbers.

Every time this happens to you, you can be fully sure that the universe has something to tell you or to warn you about the upcoming events.

Today, we are discussing the 08:08 number and its general as well as its secret meaning and symbolism.

Don’t ignore the signs, as the number 08:08 on your clock announces many things, but you would have to stay with us and read this article if you want to decipher what that may mean for you.

08:08 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

So, you kept on seeing the mirror hour, 08:08, on and on, and now you are here – curious about the meaning of this number. What is that special with these numbers? Is there something you should be afraid of? Is this number a blessing? Well, for the beginning – we will start off with the general meaning, breaking it down to different sections.

These numbers represent relaxation and self-care. You should take a break from everything in the upcoming period. When was the last time you did something just because of fun? Fun sounds relaxing, right? Yet, you can enjoy your favorite book, a cup of coffee on your balcony, sitting near the river, listening to music – whatever crosses your mind right now.

Some people don’t even know how to relax, which is not the case with you. You are having a hectic schedule, but you are somehow managing everything well.

Are you familiar with Far Eastern cultures and their practices? They exercise daily and this is a part of their routine. Would you try exercising a bit? Exercises are beneficial for both your body and your mind, mostly because they bring you a feeling of relaxation and release stress. Far Eastern cultures are focused on mindfulness and meditation over everything.

They are aware of the positive effects mindful practices have on one’s consciousness. If you are feeling tensed or can’t stand the pressure anymore, you should definitely start thinking about practicing yoga.

The concept of mindfulness pools its roots from Southeast of Asia and Buddhism. Thereafter, it found its way to the Western world and cultures as well.

Even though people in these countries are not mixing mindfulness with their religion they way Buddhists do, they practice mindfulness to achieve balance in their lives, as well as satisfaction.

It would be great if you would develop a new perspective of yourself and the world surrounding you, as this brings back awareness of many things we ignore. Even short periods of meditation and mindful practices can bring back awareness into your life slowly, all until you start feeling significant benefits of it.

Mindfulness focuses on your mind, body, and senses. Different practices will guide you through gratitude practices, awareness practices, or the ones needed for anxiety and stress release.

Have you ever contemplated your body? Are you aware of every inch of it? Yes, we do exist on this planet, but are we aware of that existence? Mindfulness can make moments more memorable as you find yourself connecting with your body more. Through establishing a connection with your body comes establishing a connection with your mind. How do you come to this phase? Well, through your senses.

For example, Buddhists say four elements – air, fire, water, and earth represent our body and the parts of it. If you want to live through temperature sensations, you should pay attention to your hands. Establish a connection with the air as an element through your breath. Learn how to breathe properly as well.


When sensing things, you may feel different things – pleasure, loathe, happiness, depression. Everything we come in contact with leaves an impression on us. If you become more aware of evaluating things right away after establishing a connection, you can teach how to let the ones that are good for you in your life and let go of the ones that make you feel bad.

Try to observe your feelings a bit more. This is also something mindful practices can teach you. If you manage to have an insight into your own thoughts and feelings, you may change the way you react to certain things, situations, and people. Try not to take anything personally, but raise from the situation and then analyze it a bit. If you want to understand yourself better, you should avoid getting overwhelmed with feelings.

Take into account your long and short-term goals and consider the reasons why you choose them above everything. This may help you get into the cycle of your own perception, which will either result in accepting it or wanting to make a change.

Above all, it would be best if you could recognize things that are blocking you from moving on and making progress in life. Attentive observance of the whole situation, yourself, other people, and circumstances in your life is necessary.

For example, you certainly experienced suffering at one point in life. Maybe you are sad for something even now. Buddhists and mindfulness teach you how to become aware of the triggers of your sorrow. This will make you wiser and more mature. What is best – once you break into the roots of your problems, you can find a solution for them much easier. Taking on a conscious look on things will make you take an active approach to your life problems and get out of the unpleasant situation as soon as possible.

Sometimes, it is best to gain distance and then take a look at a certain situation. When in doubt, just try to eliminate your emotions over the matter, but try to observe a situation as if you were somebody else.

Maybe you just need a break from the upsetting moments so that you can come back with a productive and practical solution – which is the general meaning and message of the number 08:08.

What Does 08*08 Mean Spiritually?

Spiritual meanings are always closely related to angel numbers, just as our life is linked to them as well. If you know anything about angel numbers, then it won’t be a surprise to you when we say they can help you a lot and offer you help and guidance through life.

Angels have their own ways of communicating with us, but they always find them, and communication through numbers is somehow the easiest one.

You can see two numbers in 08:08 – 0 and 8, and these are angel numbers. The number 0 tells you that you have an open field in front of you. You are capable of achieving all of your goals in the upcoming period, and you will indeed become very successful. This is something like a dream came true.

Going further, we have an angel number 8 here, which is a number of abundance, prosperity, and the good life in general. You should let yourself enjoy good things life has to offer without thinking too much. The wheel of fortune is on your side now, and you should definitely make the most of this beneficial period.

Whenever angel numbers come your way, you should know angels are supporting and guiding you through life. These numbers, 0 and 8, are your lucky numbers if we can say. Bright future is ahead of you, and you should accept the fact the ride is not going to be bumpy all the time. Yes, you had some ups and downs, and it was tough, but you managed to handle it all.

Now, you are getting a reward from your guardian angels, so sit back and enjoy.

0808 in Numerology

According to numerology, the number 8 symbolizes new beginnings and the infinity. Also, it stands for values such as equity and justice. Catholic Church considers the number 8 a symbol of new life, births, and resurrection.

This number also stands for good organization, having control over your life, perseverance, and achievements in a material and spiritual context. People of Egypt, Babylon, and Arabia saw the number 8 as the reduplication of the number 2, which was the number they adorned.

If you heard somewhere the term Great Tetrakis, then you should know it relates to the number 8. The Pythagoreans actually gave this nickname to the number 8, and they considered it a number of balance, stability, good relations with other people, harmony, and happy life.

The number 8 stands for 8 vertices of the cube, 8 tentacles of the octopus, 8 legs of the arachnids, the atomic number of oxygen, et cetera. It also represents snakes and eternal cosmic movement. Placed horizontally, 8 looks like the sign of infinity. If you are a fan of chess, then you certainly know a chess board has 64 square, as its dimensions are 8*8.

The number 8 is an important symbol in Eastern cultures. The Octet Rule says atoms have an ideal of having eight valance electrons. In the Middle Ages, fixed stars named Firmamento were symbolized by the number 8. This was a number of all influences planets have on human life. Mentioning planets and astrology, the 8 is the symbol of Scorpio – the eights sign of the zodiac.

The very appearance of the number 8 reminds of perfect symmetry. Whichever way you place it – vertically or horizontally, even its reflection in the mirror, the number 9 always shows its original and unique shape.

Chinese astrology says this is a representation of the perfect balance established by number 8. This is the reason why the Olympic Games in the People’s Republic of China began at 08:08:08 at night on August 8, 2008.

The Chinese also means eight is the number of fortune and luck. Did you know apartments enumerated with 8, 18, 28, 108 are the most expensive ones?

The Bible also mentioned the number 8 as the number of Jesus. What is more, it is mention 80 times in the Holy Book.

What to Do If You See 08:08?

If you seeing 08:08 all the time and if it is somewhere around your immediate surroundings, this is the sign that you should try to relax more, as this will help you cope with everyday worries better. Your guardian angels are supporting you on your way towards success.

This is the right time to strive for more, as you will get everything you wish for. There is no doubt seeing 08:08 announces happy occasions in your life in the upcoming period, as everything you can think of will go at its best way.


Don’t underestimate the power of 08:08 if you see it on the clock or somewhere near you. Seeing these numbers on daily occasions gives you a clear sign that things are going to improve in the future.

Maybe you will discover some traits of your personality you didn’t know before.

On the other hand, you can connect with your body and your soul more through mindful practices.

Listen to guided meditations or do yoga – it will help you a lot in achieving a peace of mind. Just believe in your guardian angels and accept the messages number 08:08 is sending your way.