0808 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

Deep down inside of our souls, we believe that every person has Guardian Angel and that everyone can feel his presence if he wants to. However, when someone closes emotionally, does not accept, and will not believe, then it is difficult to get a contact from the Higher Realm. Our souls still have some roots that are not on this Earth. Numerous testimonies confirm this theory. These are some that we collected.

“I’ve seen myself countless times. And I have a feeling that there is something that keeps you safe in life. A couple of times when I was in great danger, a person appeared from nowhere who helped me. As if some force kept me from getting hurt or separating me from some people who could inflict evil on me. ”

“I am not a great believer, and I do not like superstitions, but it happened to me that I was two times in great danger and that I was saved by an unknown man from nowhere. I never believed in Angels, but at that moment I knew that it was my Angel. I do not know how. It was not the same person, they were exactly different, but they had the same smile. And I know it sounds unbelievable, sometimes I doubt it myself, but I still believe in my Angel in the depths of my soul.”

“I am sure that I have my Guardian Angel because in many situations I have not reacted in a very thoughtful way, more precisely, I have often behaved unmercifully, and only something special saves me from evil. Whenever I needed help, whenever I felt that my hands were tied, somehow the situations resolved in mysterious ways, even when I was convinced that there was no way out. Likewise, the most important things happened to me at the right time and in the right place. It’s like the real people appeared in my life when I was ready for them.”

These are just some testimonies of people who were touched by the Angel, and these are their claims that they find salvation, and we can all do the same.

Angel number 0808 – what does it mean?

These individuals are the people who during life, look for understanding from other people, who want a material, and spiritual expansion. Often they can act reflexively, in the go, in the subconscious -they can say the things that they don’t mean, and hurt people.

They also have a pronounced instinct that can be measured up to something with a sixth sense – Angel number 0808 knows everything in advance and can feel deep emotions. They can turn the circumstances in their favor, but on the other hand, these individuals can be influenced by the negative energy from other people – Angel number 0808 are receptive to negative energy.  It’s enough for them to think of evil and they will be evil. They can feel other people’s hatred as well as pain, and it is a blessing as well as a curse.

They are the people of strong will; they learn all of their lives to be careful and accurate. They have some mystical power, and in time Angel number 0808 can mature a little, and get to know those abilities. When it comes to health, they have the power of regeneration.

It is important for them to be accepted, so occasional lack of confidence can obscure them as being more tactful than they are. In life they can experience the fear of an unknown and no matter how hard they try, life situations surprise them. That’s why they think so much before you make a final decision.

Secret meaning and symbolism

People who are under the influence of the numerals 8 can use someone else’s energy, but at the moment they need it, and give it to others, because of the pronounced power of the number 8 -a number that is connected with the constant flow of the energy.

That dual rhythm of the two numbers 8 and two numbers 0 manages to interest, growth, and fertility, and energy – it is incredibly strong and somewhat wild.

The numeral 8 is symbolically the ruler of the duality, the darkness, and light at the same, the untenable energy that has to be lead in the right direction. Otherwise, it will go on the path of the evil. It is the ruler of life, and as a symbol of growth gives enough light to ease the dual action through the power of will.

There are two vibrations of the numeral 8 and that makes things even more complicated, but therefore even more amazing.

Number 8 is, symbolically speaking, that one step to the end of the entire cycle, which is number 9, but here we can encounter the subjects of the examination and conclusion, before the final act.

When numeral 8 is part of the certain combination as a dominant element, then people who are under its influence have strong will, they like money, enjoyment, they can be aggressive; can be protective, have the impression that nothing can happen to them, they can be violent, upright, immoral, materialistic. Or they can be opposite; it is that principle of duality.

But, luckily there is also the strong influence of the vibration of the numeral 0 – that puts balance in this sequence, giving it, with its dual powers, the spiritual harmony, and calmness.


It also provides the special bond to the Higher Realms.

Number 0808 and Love   

They are great seducers, but quite selfish in fact. They possess magical powers and can seduce whoever they want. Angel number 0808 is the combination that makes people attractive and mysterious, but also somewhat hard lovers. They are great seducers, but not many perceptive and sensible – maybe they will learn during life to become more unselfish lovers.

Indeed they are the true hedonist, they want to be relaxed in love, and they love flattery – so the best way to seduce them is to flatter them and let them know how much you like them.

When they find the person who they truly love, when they find that perfect connection, special kind of magic happens. In those situations Angel number 0808 takes the role of the protector, caregiver, lover and a friend. Then become unusually devoted parents and spouses that are highly motivated to have the best family there is, to become their sanctuary and a temple of love.

Interesting Fact about number 0808

We spoke a lot in this article about the strengths of a numeral 8, along with the combination with number 0.

Here we will mention one more thing – in the realm of Angelic information numerical sequence 0808 is the portal (or passage) to the limitless energy that can be used for so many things.

That’s why it’s good to use the creative vibration number 8 -and it is the energy of knowledge masters, initial energy and the energy of the supremacy of being.

Those who see this number have the opportunity to return to the place of inner strength and power that have been for a long time taken away. It is the number of healing, the number of restoring power.

What to do when you see number 0808?

Now when you know that you can touch with your hands and souls the magic portal of unlimited energy, you can point yourself to the success and spirituality. Numeral 0808 is a so-called spiritual portal to the achievement, and you have the opportunity to pass through that door.

Angels remind you that you have lost a life compass in a race to achieve the ambition. You need a break, to enjoy yourself and forget about everyday problems at least for a day. Ask yourself if the burden you took on your back is so valuable to give up your happiness, love, and joy.

A dozen rods point to a difficult time on the spiritual plan, and it is the plan that you have been neglecting. Dedicate yourself to a loved one; it can be you.

This number predicts spiritual stability, but the situation is not as alarming as it seems to you. Compensate your body and mind with lost energy.

In the next spiritual period of your life, you will live the life of the redemption, the spiritual redemption so that you can reach all that you are meant to achieve – a total redemption of the soul so that you can go to a better and higher level of existence.