05:50 – Meaning

Won’t you agree with us when we say things that are following us all the time have a special meaning behind them? We receive signs all the time, but it depends whether we are able to recognize them.

For example, have you thought about the message appearing behind 05:50 when you look at your clock?

The very fact you happen to see this mirror hour when you wake up should be a more than the clear signal you should investigate the meaning of 05:50 deeper.

This number wants you to open your heart and receive a divine message sent from the above. If you listen to what higher forces are telling you, you will achieve your goals in a very short period of time.

05:50 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

Now, we are going to explain the general meaning of the mirror hour 05:50 and will follow on the more specific meanings in the following chapters.

The mirror hour 05:50 is telling you to be more adaptable and receptive. Other people are just the way they are, you can’t change them if you want to, but if they want to change. It may be difficult to accept some negativities you notice with your closest ones, but with time, you will get used to everything and realize what you see and what you do is actually what matters the most.

Once you reach this phase, you will make a big step forward. There is something you wish for, and you should know it will come to you once you learn to accept. Some people and some things in life maybe caused you pain, maybe even great suffering, but you went through it and you are way stronger now.

Try taking this as something that was given to you in order to strengthen you. You weren’t defeated, just wounded, but you lost a lot of your time and energy desperately trying to fix some things that weren’t meant to be fixed.

On the other hand, now you know that you can save your mental health, prevent being hurt, desperate, maybe hopeless – if you accept things the way they are. This lesson was there to help you find a solution to any situation in life. Now you know how to improve and do better from any point. This brought back control into your hands and your mind.

We never said it was easy for you to come through it all, but the main thing is that you made it! You now have the full knowledge and ability to accept things and people without judging them or letting them harm you. Indeed, you still have some risks to handle, but that is a part of every human’s life.

You are not a saint either, as we all make mistakes. Some of these you made by accident, some on purpose. The thing is – sometimes you can’t control this, sometimes it is stronger than you, and you can’t control it. This may scare you, but also bring relief. The past is just like its name suggests – past, and you are carrying some burdens from there.

And, you should be able to let go of some disturbing memories and emotions from the past if you want to live happier.

The mirror hour 05:50 gives you a chance to make your experience better from this moment on. You may have different opinions, values, beliefs, goals in life than your friends and family, but if you learn to accept this, and work on areas that matter the most to you know, you can make a big difference in a positive way.

Life is not fair, neither is the world we are living in and people we have contact with. If you like reading novels, you know what’s the point in the end – the good always wins, and the bad ends up nasty. We all would like things to function like this in the real world, but that is sometimes not the case. Even the purest, most honest, good people sometimes experience bad things.

On the other side, bad guys sometimes get away with their deeds, but you can’t change anything about it.

Yet, you made mistakes as well, and you will make some in the future as well. Accept the fact nobody is perfect and work with the circumstances and cards life handles you. Life is the way it is – unpredictable, sometimes beautiful, sometimes unfair – but when we mix this all, it doesn’t seem so bad.


The mirror hour 05:50 tells you to stop complaining, stop neglecting, accept and you will receive. If you want to move forward, this is the necessary change you need to make.

What Does 05*50 Mean Spiritually?

Just like all numbers, 05:50 can be transitioned into the angel number 0550. Angel numbers are created by the greater forces to show you the path you should go and to help you reach your goals easier.

We will start off with angel number 5, which is related to motivation, adventurers, and intellectuality. You are the type of person who likes constant turbulence. Living in a bubble is not your way of doing things. Instead, you opt for change, you have the need to always do something, to go out and spend time with friends, jump into your car and get lost – ideas on your mind are endless.

Due to your daring nature, there is no chance your friends are going to stay home and watch TV. You make them move, as you bring action, passion, and courage with you that affects other people positively.

And then, we have angel number 0 here as well. This number is a symbol of endless possibilities opening in front of you in the following period.

However, you will have to be wise and make a smart decision about the opportunity you are about to accept.

As angel number 0 appears twice in the number 05:50, this is a sign its importance is even greater for you.

0550 In Numerology

Just like we see numbers daily, numerology interprets them daily. Each number carries a certain vibration and energy, which is all a subject of numerology as a science. It shows us how our mysterious relationships with numbers affect our day-to-day life.

Numerology associates and explains personalities through numbers and even interprets future occurrences in our lives.

When it comes to the number 5, numerologists say it has a powerful vibration that is restless, lively, vibrating, sometimes hyperactive, energetic, and multitalented. You are the type of person who prefers living freely, without any bonds and attachments.

Others seem to confine your way of living, while you just want to live life to the fullest, the way you want it and how you imagine it.

If you are under the influence of the number 5 from your birth, it is likely you would leave your home as a teenager or in your early 20s, as adventures are calling out for you. What is more, being raised in a traditional family, under strict rules may make a rebel of you, which displays on your personality now – you are impulsive, impatient, sometimes even aggressive, but strong and enduring.

The number 5 signifies you had failures in your past, but you have outgrown them. It also stands for mystery and intrigue, meaning that you are going to be involved in certain occurrences that won’t be fully clear.

What to Do If You See 05:50?

Well, now that you know so many things about the mirror hour 05:50 and the reasons why it is appearing in your life, you should also know what you can do about it.

First of all, the number of 05:50 reminds you of the beauty of small things in life. Appreciate everything you received, and you will get even more.

Bad things will always be somewhere around, but that is not the reason for you to focus on this. Instead, switch your focus to nice and positive things in life.

One of the best exercises to practice gratitude is to write down things you are grateful for every night before going to bed.

Then, read it once more, and fall asleep feeling blessed. Most of the time, people are not aware of the blessings they receive, no matter how obvious they are.

This may be the case with you, which is why the number 05:50 is reminding you of this early in the morning.


The mirror hour 05:50 is very specific and carries powerful energy for the one who sees it.

When you realize the importance of numbers appearing in front of you, you will be able to draw conclusions on the past and do better in the future.

Let go of bitterness, anger, resistance, and fear – as you can focus on so many more beautiful things in your life. Always be grateful for what higher forces gave you, as doing so – you will receive even more blessings.

The number 05:50 puts you in a place from where you can objectively comprehend the position you are in now, and work your way towards your goals through acceptance.