04:04 – Meaning

There are a number of numerological systems known, and we will do our best to explain them in detail through our articles.

The most accepted and well-known systems are Pythagorean and Hebrew Kabbalah, also known as Gematria by some.

In our lives, numerology has always played a very important role, so we can always refer to numbers when we are in a dilemma. In any situation we are in, the numbers will give us the answer and show you the right way.

Today we are going to tell you about the mirror hour 04:04, as you are here to discover secret messages standing behind it. Believe us when we say – this is a trigger you needed in your life for so long.

04:04 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

Have you ever asked yourself how many days in your life you have enjoyed from the beginning to the end of the day? Maybe you would like every day to be like a celebration or holiday or would you like to celebrate your birthday every day? You would probably like happiness to always be present in all your days.

Often happiness is in front of us but somehow we don’t notice it. In this article, you will learn how to discover happiness day by day, because mirror hour 04:04 aims first to teach you the lessons of happiness.

Most of our days are programmed – we wake up, then take a shower, then have breakfast, go to work, then return, then have dinner and finally sleep.

Often, you may find yourself waiting for a night with a feeling of great emptiness. Apathy instills in our lives because when we go to sleep we realize that another day has passed and that we are not at all satisfied with our lives.

If you think you will change something someday, you are in great error. The change is not about one day, because it can be even today, so take advantage of the opportunity you have from one day to another. This is a gift, and only you have it, now and here. The best way to show your gratitude is to live life to the fullest and enjoy the gift you have been given.

According to many studies, our mind spends about 70% of our time reproducing memories and searching for perfect moments, and only 30% of our time focuses on the present time. Not devoting so much time to the present is not a big problem, but rather that there are many people in the world who really have a hard time surviving the present moment.

We often think that we will achieve happiness when we reach our goals when we finally retire, when we give ourselves enough time to relax, and only then will we be happy.

Quite a few people are waiting for some of their happiness, and so they just keep delaying that moment. We should not think that happiness is a goal we have yet to achieve, the fact is that it is already present in our life path. If we look at happiness as a destination, it will only take a few minutes and it will end quickly.

But, if we seek for happiness in every moment and through the day, without feeling the pressure of finding it – we will be able to actually feel everything in an emphasized, amplified, and a better way.

Open your eyes and make sure you see everything that is happening in your present. Maybe you live in the belief that nothing positive and interesting is happening to you? You should believe the opposite because there is no moment that is the same as the one that passed.

If you look a little more carefully you will realize that every day is a new, unique and special opportunity for beautiful things. Nothing in life repeats itself, and you should not worry about the mistakes of the past and the uncertain future. The only thing we can really be sure of is the present.

The day we live in is what we can be sure of. Try to learn to pay attention to everything you do, one moment after another. We hope that you will realize that you have the power to influence your tomorrow, but only to a certain extent. And then, why would you worry over things that are out of your scope?


Try your best to make the present day as pleasurable as possible, make an effort to live a better tomorrow, but don’t get surprised by unpredicted occurrences that will come your way.

Start the day by opening your eyes, then try to feel the miracle, for all that you see, for the sounds and colors that surround you. You need to learn to appreciate what you see.

Even though people rarely do it, look up into the sky. Look into the clouds and admire the way the sky changes.

Usually, we designate the weather as pleasant or unpleasant, but every day is colored by different weather conditions. which, like our days, do not repeat in the same ways. Look into the clouds, they will never appear exactly the same because each one is perfect in its own way.

What  Does 04 * 04 Mean Spiritually?

Numbers 0 and 4 are numbers of angels too and their spiritual meaning is strong. Number 4 indicates a dedicated person who cultivates a love for everyone and everyone. Family trips are their favorite, so plan them whenever possible. Their routine does not seem like something terrible, because they feel comfortable in everything that is in order.

Their character is reasonable and optimistic. They are very responsible, proud, hard-working and optimistic. In all aspects of life, they value honesty very much. This person is also brave, intelligent, possesses strong inner strength and has a very refined sense of humor.

Sometimes, they can be submissive, arrogant, and clumsy in a cute way. Often they tend to create drama and speculate. They are emotionally unstable, which is why there is often a feeling of remorse and guilt. Number 0 has a proctor that holds the full potential. This number represents the dimension door of the whole world and exists as a point of joining things.

Out of the mind, in the space between one thought and the other, pure consciousness stands, but we are not aware of it, because our thoughts face different frames. The concept of the void expressed in mathematics is number 0.

0404 In Numerology

What is the meaning of number 4? This number symbolizes the builders, superiors, and stewards, and Uranus is the equivalent planet for this number as well. Number 4 contains the most responsible and stable vibrations, so that people under the influence of this number have high self-confidence, and fulfill their obligations in family and professional life exactly and on time.

You know how to deal with the problems you have. You are a little stubborn in character, and you are adamant about your positions and ideas. Do you know what is number 4 in your life? Does it have a vibration in your personality? These are sensible persons, and they do not believe much in what they do not know.

They avoid everything that carries the risk, and because of their conservatism will suffer some professional or sentimental blow.

Their mental agility provokes laughter from others, and they are known for loving to make jokes. They are very communicative and sometimes sarcastic.

Also, these people perceive other people’s temperament very easily, and this may be called their strongest point. The number four brings a high dose of responsibility and describes optimistic personalities. These persons are very dedicated to everything they do. They don’t like people who are like flies and can’t settle for anything, so they will be looking directly for things without detours.

Sometimes, they appear as very reserved, even though this is the only way to hide when something is bothering them. They often point out their honesty and are very proud of that. You don’t like people who don’t follow the rules because you think it is very important to stick to something serious. Travels are your passion and you are using every chance to take a trip.

People under the influence of the number 4 are very faithful as partners, by nature honest and very dedicated to their family. With them, things are always clear and the very thought of mistrust will go far away from you. They are very careful in their actions, so they seem very reserved when meeting new people, but they do it for their own benefit.

Further, they are highly regarded because of their eloquence.

These are people with good looks, so finding a partner is no problem for them. They easily attract the opposite sex. They are very dedicated to relationships, but they expect the same from their partner. Their speaking skills attract other people as well, which is why others easily fall in love with them. When it comes to love, number 4 is compatible with number 5 in that field.

Because of their persistence, they are valued as perfect workers. They follow all procedures carefully, and their superiors have confidence in them, and because of this, they progress very quickly to a better position.

Public relations, sales or commerce are the areas where you can get the most out of. In addition to your diligence, you are also known as a good colleague and your co-workers like spending breaks with you.

What to Do If You See 04:04?

Numbers 04:04 instruct you to be caring with yourself, and to love yourself. Get outside, go to an open space or park, and enjoy your time there. Sit down, turn off your cell phone, calm down, and try to feel the air around you. Is it warm or cold?

Listen to the sounds reaching you, inhale the scents around you, look around you and ask yourself how you feel at that moment.

Make sure you relax well. Try to imagine that you have just come to this world for the first time, to smell the soap on your skin, the temperature of the water, the moisture on your body, the sound of the water as it flows, etc.

Focus only on yourself, exclude everything else and try to relax as much as possible.

You should make an effort to look into the eyes of people you don’t even know. Each person is unique, and millions of people have appeared just in your way. Be open-hearted, and learn to value everything around you, even if it was just a kind greeting or a smile.

In these moments, when you are completely relaxed, you may lose yourself in thoughts that have nothing to do with the present moment. This is a completely normal occurrence that you do not need to worry about. Instead, let your mind notice things in a deeper context.

Concentrate and pay attention to everything around you and how you feel about it. Try to focus on that feeling for as long as possible, smile and enjoy those moments.

You need to know that there is someone at the end of the world who is struggling to have what you now have. Give thanks for the gifts you have received from life, enjoy them now, release all the blessings into your heart, and allow happiness to flow in your life. The seemingly simple fact is that you can see, touch, smile, run, and you should be more than grateful for that.

What is more, you have much more than this, which is an additional reason to be thankful. The mere fact that you are alive and exist makes this day the most beautiful of your life.


You are here now and you should rejoice in the present moment and this day. If the numbers 04:04 have appeared in your life, this is the perfect opportunity to find out their meaning. Their meaning can affect your life and some things can help you change it for the better.

It doesn’t matter whether you are or are not a believer, the numbers are always there and serve to remind us of the abilities and qualities we have, and these numbers remind you life is beautiful either way, but you should be thankful and happy with things you already have if you want to receive more blessings.