0404 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

Desires of a human being are often unrealistic and stupid we might add; only when the human being is in trouble, then he wishes all the right things. When people are sick, they only have one desire – to become healthy again. If they are alone, they want to find a partner, someone who will love them unconditionally.

When everything is seemingly ok in the world of Humans, they have many desires, and many of them are materialistic and superficial. When we are in pain, then our mind becomes clear, and the true priorities come to the surface.

In those situations when people get better and resolve their problems, they usually say “I found God,” “I found belief again in my life,” “I found a center of my life, a true meaning,” etc.

In those times, and you should be certain in that – Angels are responsible for the solution for your problems, they are those who are Guardians from the day we are born till the day we die.

It doesn’t matter what we do and how we behave, they are present, and they communicate with us, using their favorite tool – Angel numbers.

Angel number 0404 – what does it mean?

These people like to laugh and to act like everything is great in their lives, even when they hide big problems under the surface. Angel number 0404 are the people who can remember for a long time when someone hurt them, and they try not to talk about it, but they have to, just to feel a little bit better.

People think that they are two-faced, because sometimes they behave all happy and other times they are angry and hurtful.

They are the people who are always fighting for a certain objective and forever show some durability and strength.

Angel number 0404 always shows a certain degree of stability and stubbornness, and they like to think of themselves as someone who knows everything the best.

Because they like to put all things in balance, and they need to “push people to be better,” so sometimes their environment ignores them, especially if they behave unpleasantly.

For the people who are born under the numerical sequence 0404, it is mandatory to have serenity and peace in their daily routine, so that they can stay sane and healthy. Otherwise, they can end up being unhappy and miserable.

As far as achieving goals, they can do everything they want, but only if they listen to their instinct and if they try to be a little more spontaneous. Entering new experiences is never a bad idea, not even for analytical and programmed Angel number 0404.

Secret meaning and symbolism

The secret symbolism in the numeral sequence 0404 hides in a partially negative aspect of the numerological specter.

A person who is born under this influence has a prominent need to build its life on a healthy balance, and it is quite possible that this person was the builder in the past life, but what it brings in this, present life is “spiritual dirt.” And in this life, a person who is under its influence needs to clear itself by leading life that is under the Virtue.

The numeral 4 is the dominant element in this combination, and its vibration is the controller; it is the number that points to the responsibility, duty, and effort.

The main lesson that number 4 teaches is the lesson of sacrifice that brings great results.


And number 0 that can also be found in this combination is the most profound number, but a merciful teacher.

Advice to learn to work hard to live in order, and discipline and the good fate will show his face.

Number 0404 and Love

People who live under the numerical sequence 0404 are the people who have every one of the desirable traits that people want their lovers to have – they are dedicated, sacrificial, loving and caring partners. They will never betray or cheat their partners or spouses.

But, of course, they can be irritating and demanding, they like things to be done by their rules, and everything that doesn’t fall under their rule is considered to be undesirable.

If by any chance their lover hurt them, Angel number 0404 will hold the grudge, well… forever.

Interesting Fact about number 0404

In the second section of this article (Secret meaning and symbolism), we discussed difficulties that numerical sequence 0404 can bring into the life of the person who is under its influence. And partially it is because of the secondary control of the numeral 8, which is the sum number of the 0+0+4+4.

And we all know by now that numeral 8 brings strength and ever-flowing energy that has the power to change things, but also powers to destroy. It is the number that can have in itself a certain karmic element.

But as you know there are no negative Angel messages; there are only those who point to some negativity that needs to be overcome.

What to do when you see number 0404?

Sometimes in life, people behave like they are not free like they are in a certain kind of shell-like they are locked up mentally and physically (even if they are not); and that boundary exists only in our minds. Then, it is hard to come back home, our true home, where virtue and freedom lives.

Angels advise you in the numerical sequence 0404 to come back home, to find your roots, your spiritual roots, and your love to the whole world. It is the numerical sequence that points to the life that was meant for you’re from the beginning.

This is the Angelic message that wants to teach you to be strong and to learn to forgive, especially to those who hurt you, who destroyed you and breaks you in many pieces. Forgive; let that pain to go away and to transform into something completely different, Angels are saying in the numerical sequence 0404.

The next period of your life will be something completely different, something inspiring and meaningful.

Angels remind you, that you are the only architect who will rebuild your life and inhale a new purpose to it.