0101 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

Have you ever been asked an ancient question that people ask all the time, besides the inquiry what sign are you, is what number are you? This is one of the questions that people ask all the time so they can say what is like someone’s character and nature, what they like and much more information.

And you will undoubtedly hear someone say “OMG, your are true number 7, or you speak as an energetic number 8”.

So, no matter what you think, there is some truth into the deep ocean of numbers. It is a true ocean because we can see just bits and pieces, but the major part stays unexplored. And day by day, we dive into the many more information of the numbers, and we learn more about ourselves.

Another frequent question is the one that is asked to those who are little more involved into the world of numerology – What is your Angel number, are you in contact with your Angel, do you receive that mystical information? This is the number, that is by Angel numerology readings the essential numeral that person has in their life.

Angel numeral shows what opportunities you will find on the road called life, and what are your talents and areas of success.

Angel number 0101– what does it mean?

Here we come to the realm of the four-digit Angel numerals; and that vibrations are very powerful and complicated to understand, so we will try to explain all with the most common language possible; and you probably already know some of the traits of the numbers 1 and 0.

So, the person who is born under the vibrational combination of two zeros and two number ones is the person who in itself has that yin and yang energy, it is the person who has many excellent characteristics, but it also have some negative traits that can be more or less prominent depends on the period of their lives.

They are quite attractive people, who can have periods of imbalance, and instability in their life, until the point they reach their full potential and put things into balance.

They are the people who are from the inside the people who like to be alone and are quite independent, but for completion of their spirit, they need someone who will be their companion, lover, roommate, or partner.

People who are Angel number 0101 are the people who, if they find what they like to do passionately, can work closely associated with each other, and have good cooperation and communication with others. If they are unhappy about their occupation, they are terrible for people around them.

They are very motivated and focused, they are ambitious, but they do not receive other people’s advice. They also try to be perfectionists and cannot tolerate errors in their work.

On more emotional aspect, Angel number 0101 are the individuals who have an inner need for peace, harmony and spiritual relations. They rarely hesitate and do always express their opinions.; they love nature, gardens, music, art, and mystical things in the world. At times they can be hypersensitive in the first few decades of their exciting lives.

All in all, these are complex characters with a lot of potentials that they can, or cannot develop.

Secret meaning and symbolism

In the previous section, we already explained, at least partially, what is this combination about – its, equally important numerical elements are the vibrations of the numbers 0 and 1, that quite well complement each other.

These two numbers are symbolically those vibrations that are integral and starting points for everything that exists in the World. They have, what is called, primal vibration – they are the spiritual basis, things that put everything else in some balance.

This numerical combination, as it is, gives the motivation, encouragement, ambition, so that person who comes in touch with these vibrations can start some spiritual and mental change from the beginning, simultaneously pushing others to do likewise, in their lives.


This is the numerical combination that belongs to the most ambitious, motivated, and focused people among us.

It is the sequence that points to the perfection, close connection with Higher realms, and the ability to change the world.

Everything that is the Virtue, in the true sense of that word, is incorporated in the Angelic numeral 0101.

Number 0101 and Love

Angel number 0101 is the character that is a true conquer; he is the dominant partner who seeks and demands, he never waits to be chosen by the other half (this is true for both female and male representatives of this numerical sequence).

In loving relationships, these people adore being the best, the first and the last – everything that was sometimes there it has to disappear! They hate competition; they think that what they see is theirs to have until they want it.

When they seduce they show off their artistic and imaginative nature, your living, brilliant spirit and sense of humor, but also they never abandon their inherent need for independence. Above all, they love freedom, and no matter how much they love their partner they want to remain free.

One thing that is certain is that these individuals are very passionate about love and are afraid of love monotony and monogamy for the rest of their lives, this idea scares them to the core.

The general advice for these people is never to stop seeing love as an emotional game, but also to be at least a little more compromising in love.

Interesting Fact about number 0101

We spoke of the numerical powers that this combination gives in the life of the person who is under it, and we must say it is quite amazing. This number contains all the potentials and abilities necessary for success, in every aspect of life imaginable.

But when the numeral 0101 is a clear sign from the Angel Realm then thing get even more exciting and meaningful.

It is the message sent for all those who need to become the owners of their destiny, who got lost along the way, seduced by the false promises and hopes.

It is the message that if you steer your energy correctly, in the direction of God, you can achieve great success in the next period.

This number offers forgiveness and forgetness to all those rusty experiences from the past; you can see them as they are gradually scattering and fading, and with a lot of enthusiasm, you begin a new spiritual cycle, in which your fate is extremely favorable, and you will be accompanied with many happy circumstances. What more do you ask from the Angel number?

What to do when you see number 0101?

Now you know what is the real and absolute meaning behind this fantastic number that can sometimes even appear in repetition. You can alike see it as a repetition vibration 0101010101, etc.

You can expect positive changes, successful results, rewards and “earnings” in the spiritual field. If you want to start something new and unexplored, the number 1 gives you an excellent opportunity to contact the Higher forces, Angels.

Don’t feel alone or lonely ever again, because your desire to meet your soul is the goal that is achieved.  It is the permanent spiritual and emotional relationship; it is the start of a life together in a beautiful ambiance, Angels are saying in the important message number 0101.