00:09 – Meaning

Behind the numbers are some hidden messages for us, and we should think of what that might actually mean to us.

Today we’re going to tell you about the mirror hour 00:09 and its influence on your life.

Mirror Hour – 00:09 General Meaning

Numbers 00:09 say it’s time to take responsibility for ourselves and our lives. To begin with, tell your dear friends and colleagues that from today you will take full responsibility for your life. It is possible that a friend will think of your plan as being ruthless and selfish, though for no reason.

This kind of behavior may seem outrageous to some people, and in any case, they will think you are selfish. Such a statement would make many people feel bad, and they might even think that they were guilty. To be able to manage your life, you have to give up the desire to please others, and their thinking should not touch you.

When we take responsibility, we will learn how good that feeling is, so assuming responsibility in the future will not be a problem.

Now you know that no matter what happens around you, you can always control your feelings. You will no longer give anyone the power to cause you to feel guilty because you will decide for yourself how you see yourself and how you feel about it.

You are now ready to learn from your mistakes, but also to send and receive criticism, without much regard for whether or not the long will be ashamed of some of your actions. It is perfectly okay for each of us to make mistakes, and that does not mean that we are bad people. No one is perfect in this world, and this applies to you too.

You are aware that you can take responsibility for the consequences of your mistakes. Of course, because of your sins, you should not think that you are a bad person, but you should repent either way.

Maybe all this looks like pointless fishing in the dark. For instance, if your kids are asking for pizza and cake all the time, you don’t have to please them all the time.

Of course, you should be responsible for your kids, but you should also not spoil them. No one would tell you that you should take the responsibility of always giving them unhealthy food. This is not even worth discussing.

Young children should be taught that they have the power to make decisions for themselves and that they can feel good about it. In this life, everything is possible in some ways, but first of all, we should take responsibility for our actions.

We can also pass on our knowledge and beliefs to young people. But we cannot experience them instead. They have to go it alone and learn how good responsibility is for them.

What Does 00*09 Mean Spiritually?

The guardian angel corresponding to 00:09 is the Mummy, and his influence period is between 23:40 and 00:09. It brings you mental clarity and symbolizes revelation.

It can also bring you knowledge of the holy realms. It will help your aura to shine and enlighten so that you will be very visible in society because of this.

The mummy is the seventy-second angel, and he is the last in line! But he does not announce the end, but rather says that the new cycle and rebirth can be resumed.

In the skill field, he can give you access to high initiation.


0009 in Numerology

Number 9 shows the exemption from the restriction of the previous forms, which will allow access to a new level of existence. This was the inspiration for all great theologies.

The cult of number 9 is named after Orpheus, who was a theologian, poet, singer, and philosopher. He was an inspired musician who by the sound of his zither calmed the forces of nature, but also enchanted beasts, plants, humans, and gods.

Number 9, as a summary of all previous issues, signifies collective consciousness and connects with persons who are compassionate and altruistic. These individuals will always support projects and initiatives that will bring collective well-being to all.

These persons have a natural inclination, like angelic beings, to work for others and in return expect nothing. They are looking for a way and an opportunity to help and inspire a wide audience, for example, as doctors, artists, teachers.

Some of the persons affected by the number 9 are not aware of themselves, so some may be interested only in their interests.

Number 9 can be fascinating in the environment because it has a great power of attraction. These people know how they can attract the attention of the public with their art, and in doing so they awaken intense emotions.

Also, these people have many interests, he loves multiple people at the same time, but he also loves his freedom.

This is a psyche that carries on difficult events from childhood and always tends to suppress these emotions for reasons not to face them.

What to Do If You See 00:09?

Our body needs oxygen, and we get it by breathing, and we need it to expel harmful gases from the lungs and cells in the body. With physical exertion, our breathing speeds up and we breathe deeper into the air. When we stand still, the frequency and depth of breathing decrease significantly.

Christian faith speaks of the Holy Spirit, the divine breath, or the spirit of God. We are connected with our divinity by our conscious breath, and it also has a connection with our soul. Breathing patterns may change after some painful experiences or prolonged separation.

With conscious breath, it is possible to reconnect with our divine selves. In this way, we can dive into the present moment in the now and here. It has been proven that not only body movements but also emotional and mental states can affect our breathing. When we are stressed, feel pain, or fear something, our breathing speeds up significantly.

Although it may seem natural to you, breath is something of the essence of all life processes in our body. At all times, breathing fills us with vitality and energy. In some cases, breathing can be deliberately affected, but it is usually something that happens spontaneously.

We recommend that you sometimes pay attention to the short breaks you have between inhaling and exhaling. Breathing techniques are popular nowadays that recommend that you hold your breath for a few seconds, and it all depends on the type of exercise you are performing.

To experience your true self, you can use conscious breathing. Being aware of our breath can distract us from other things.

When we concentrate on breathing, we can create an inner space that is calm and in which transformative forces can act smoothly. For a person who has the desire to live a spiritual life, it is necessary for his breath to feel and follow as often as possible.

Feel consciously the air flowing from the organ to the organ, the breasts and abdomen rising and then lowering again. Just one conscious deep sigh directed at your stomach is enough to feel the inner peace. If you are concentrating on breathing, then the flow of numb thoughts will be interrupted.

The results will be better and better after more frequent use of this exercise.

Also, the conscious breath can increase our physical as well as mental capacity. You may get a new idea or you will be thinking about some difficult spiritual tasks.

When we consciously breathe, we can thus enter the silent inner space of ourselves. With the help of this exercise, we can understand that we are living here right now.

There is a room in us that is quiet. There’s nothing in it, it’s like a vacuum, and you should fill it.


When we are able to take responsibility for our emotions, we can also take responsibility for all our actions. This way you can have the freedom to do whatever you want and do.

And only then, when you are convinced of your own responsibility, can you take responsibility for some other person in your life. If by any chance you are unsure of yourself then don’t make any important decisions around this period.

Yet, the number 00:09 will impose some kind of responsibility to you sooner or later. It doesn’t matter if you are married or not, have kids, if you are employed – something will come to you to make you more mature. This will require you to be more ready for emergency situations and unpredictable things.

Some things will happen that will come as a sobering experience. Yet, it will give you a whole new perspective and the idea about the life you want for yourself in the future.

Take care of yourself and do things that make you happy, but never do things without proper thinking.

The mirror hour 00:09 has something in store for you, but you have to be ready for challenges.