00:07 – Meaning

Some numbers come at you by chance, but they are there to draw your attention to what they represent. When you look at your phone, or on a city watch, or any other timepiece, you see numbers, but you also know some numbers stand out – the ones you see frequently.

If the mirror hour 00:07 is one of these numbers popping up in front of you almost every day, then you hit the right spot.

Today, we are going to speak about the mirror hour 00:07 in detail and tell you what, behind the time of the day, these numbers represent.

If you are familiar with astrology and numerology, you already know numbers can bring us numerous messages and act as our guidelines towards a better future.

Stay with us for a couple of minutes and reveal the secret symbolism and interpret the meaning of the mirror hour 00:07 which obviously has something important to tell you.

00:07 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

We guess seeing the same numbers over and over again (00:07 in this case) is deeply intriguing to you. Well, that is right – you should be intrigued by its appearance, as this mirror hour hides a couple of powerful messages for you.

The main reason this number appeared in front of you was to help you sort out some things about your personality. You already know things are not going smooth for a while, as you can’t handle the pressure well as you used to and you are very sensitive about what your family, friends, and colleagues are telling you.

To be honest, even though they are not criticizing you, you get everything they say as something negative and question your worth more and more.

However, you may not be fully aware that your confidence and self-esteem are low now. In this case, the appearance of the mirror hour 00:07 will guide you through a slightly more pleasurable journey, as you are not being affected yet. Either way, this is a life lesson regarding your own thoughts, attitudes, and self-esteem.

Read on further to find out the rest of the messages the mirror hour 00:07 has for you.

What Does 00*07 Mean Spiritually?

When it comes to the mirror hour 00:07, that is indeed related to your soul and mind, you should pay attention to its spiritual meaning, as this can help you overcome trust issues and confidence problems. Most importantly – you should have patience with yourself.

This is the right time to analyze some of your actions and your mistakes, even including mistakes and injustice you committed to yourself. Of course, try not to judge anything, but to learn what you did wrong. Make some space and time to re-think everything, and some of the answers you are looking for will impose themselves.

Now is the right moment to dedicate all of your time to yourself and heal your wounds.

Forget about all those obligations and burdens, as they can wait for a bit now. The number 0007 is telling you that you have a chance to discover and learn some new things about yourself and to become the best you can be.

You will also realize some interesting facts. For example, you may actually realize someone with clear eyes, probably blue is in love with you. Yet, you haven’t seen this before as you were too shy to confess someone could grow feelings for you.

On the other hand, if you are already in a committed relationship or in a marriage, the appearance of the number 0007 can represent your desire to change your job or even a profession.


Well, when speaking of spirituality, the number 0007 has its angel meaning as well. That means a guardian angel is protecting you and guiding towards healing and growth. You have accomplished a lot until now, but, at this moment, your guardian angel wants you to take some time for yourself exclusively.

After all those efforts and hard work, your guardian angel is congratulating you, making you know you always have someone to support you in the toughest times.

If, for instance, you would make a decision to start a new life, you would be able to do so. You have gained so much experience in the past period that you should be proud of yourself. Now, you would be able to blend into any environment.

Yet, the only thing that is left to work on more is – you. The number 7 from 0007 stands for knowledge, inner spirit, but loneliness as well. Maybe you would need some more time and space just for yourself so that you can grow bigger. Staying locked in your shell would only prevent you from making a personal improvement.

Think bigger,  think about yourself, and how you can find a balance between your thoughts and actions.

Now that you are one step closer to understanding all of the messages mirror hour 00:07 has for you, we have a couple more things for you in the following lines.

0007 in Numerology

Knowing numerology is all about numbers, it is logical why we are devoting a full chapter about the number 0007 in numerology to you. First of all, you can see there are three zeros in this number.

However, is zero even a number? Is it possible that it stands for nothingness and that’s it? Scientists have been trying to give the answer to this question for thousands of years. What is your theory about zero?

Zero, according to numerologists,  this number stands for a new beginning. Maybe you are still not on the positive side, but you have a great place to start from. Do you know how many people made their empires starting from zero? Don’t take this as an excuse not to do anything, but as a motivation that you still have the chance to turn your dreams into reality. Even when starting from zero, you can achieve a lot.

On the other hand, the number 7 represents energy, spiritual order, morality, and progress.

Also, some numerologists say the number 7 symbolizes one’s need for perfection. Hippocrates, one of the most famous Greek physicians, told the number 7 hides so many virtues within.

However, if we don’t make an effort to discover them, these virtues will never come out. You have a chance to discover or develop some of your hidden talents, but don’t expect things to go spontaneously. Try to find a clue on how to discover your secret power.

The number 7 is indeed very powerful, and we can relate it to many things, such as the rainbow or notes. Seven different colors make a rainbow, while there are 7 basic notes. Hindu people believe the Sun has seven rays. The number 7 represents while coloring, but the unity of other colors as well.

A couple of more symbols related to the number 7 are represented by churches, spirits, heads, stars, and trumpets. You can certainly connect it to some other things from ordinary life. Have you read the Bible? The Old Testament mentions the number 7 77 times.

In the Old Testament, the number 7 also represents a constant fight between the good and the bad. Devil is trying to deceive us by imitating God, but we should be wise and distinct from the right from the wrong.

If we have a pure heart, we would sense anything that is in contract with our intentions. Believe your instincts when you see the number 0007.

What to Do If You See 00:07?

If you want to make the most out of the appearance of the number 00:07 in your life, then you should take your life in your hands.

Some of the profitable ventures are going to appear in front of you, and you should play your cards smart this time. This number is encouraging to believe more in yourself, as your self-esteem made you skip some great opportunities in the past.

The way you see yourself is now crucial, as the mirror hour 00:07 wants you to be realistic and not to underestimate yourself. Have a strong faith that the appearance of this number brings you positive things and changes relating to your goals, but don’t forget to handle things that are bothering you when you are all alone.

Without solving the internal issues you have with yourself, you won’t be able to reach for the stars. Rethink yourself, your strategy, and – act!


No one can deny numbers carry energies so powerful they can transform our lives completely. This is why we should have faith whenever a number is appearing in front of us – that means it is about to change the course of our life.

Nothing is impossible, only if you know how to channel what you are given with.

Currently, you are dealing with some internal conflicts and you should resolve them first in peace. Take your time for yourself, delay some part of your work, and listen to what the silence says.

The mirror hour 00:07 will certainly guide you towards enlightenment.